Lila Christensen M.A.,M.B.A.

by Leila
(Christiansen, Lakebay, Wa USA)

I am 100% Danish the first person in my family to be born outside of Denmark. I live in the United States and I fly my flag the square one on the front of my home. since I have read this article I now we'll take it down at Sunset Andre Place it at Sunrise I did not know that was a rule, very sorry to have broken it now that I know I will not ever do so. I consider myself a Danish person living in the u.s. not a US person. I do not fly the American flag on any occasion as I am completely against what the US government does and is about. I hope that I am within all respectful rules of the Danish flag which I love like I love my mother country I have been to Denmark 4 * for an entire summer each time while growing up to visit my family who is all in Denmark I have no relatives left living in the US so I have no family here whatsoever and feel no obligation to the United States of any kind I would leave this country immediately if it were possible for me to collect my pension elsewhere such as in Denmark but I seriously doubt that I would be able to because my pension comes from the state government where I worked as the therapist providing assistance in therapy to the very most dangerous and difficult individuals in Washington State for over 25 years I had to medically retire early when I was attacked and nearly killed by a criminally insane patient at the state insane asylum where I was working. from reading the article I understand that as long as I remove the flag respectfully in the evening and r fly it at sunrise am within the rules? I certainly hope so because as I say I love the Danish flag and my motherland and the last thing I would ever want to do is be disrespectful to either. please let me know if I am correct in in these beliefs My email is xxxxxxxxxxx please email me if I am wrong to correct me so that I do not do anything inadvertently disrespectful to the wonderful Danish flag or the country my motherland Denmark that I love very much ice shanty for your time in this matter. :-)

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It's true that you don't need the passport to cross the borders but, you do need a passport to identify your self to a police officer if they ask you.

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