Helsingor or Elsinore is the home of Kronborg Castle, Hamlet and the resting place of Holger the Dane. No visit to Denmark is complete without a visit to Elsinore, but there is more to see and do than just visit Kronborg.

Helsingor or Elsinore (in English) is the home of the famous Kronborg Castle, the setting for Hamlet and the resting place of Holger the Dane. No visit to Denmark is complete without a visit to Elsinore, but there is more to see and do than just visit Kronborg. Helsingor lies on the northeast coast of Sjaelland, an hour's train ride from Copenhagen. Across the Oresund is Helsingborg, Sweden, which can be reached by a short ferry ride.

When you visit Helsingor, your first tourist stop will probably be Kronborg Castle. Here you can view an impressive array of masterpieces and the dank and damp casements. Kronborg Castle is the setting for Shakespeare's Hamlet, but it is also the resting place for one of Denmark's greatest legends - Holger the Dane - who is laying in wait to protect Denmark. Legend has it, that if Denmark is attacked, Holger will rise from his resting place and defend Denmark.

Once you have toured the luxurious grounds including the moats and bastions that form the fortifications of Kronborg Castle, I would suggest you venture into town and walk along the narrow cobblestone streets and visit the shops housed in half-timbered historical buildings. There is a feeling of really walking back in time. During the summer months you will find a lot of cultural events happening around the Toldkammeret including concerts, street performers, exhibitions and even a children's festival week.

Helsingor also houses three very popular museums: The Oresund Aquarium, The Danish Maritime Museum and The Danish Museum of Science and Technology. The Oresund Aquarium or Oresundsakvariet is located just north of Kronborg castle and is a 20-minute walk from Helsingor train station. The aquarium is also a teaching school, so it is often crowded with children and students. Entrance fee ranges from 35 - 55 kroner. FREE entrance if you have the Copenhagen Card.

The Danish Maritime Museum is also known as Soefartsmuseet is located on the Kronborg grounds, but will soon be moving to a new location on the docks. The museum houses a large collection of maritime memorabilia. Perfect for those who have an interest in the sea and the men who made their lives sailing them.

The Danish Museum of Science and Technology / Teknisk Museum is probably one of my favorite museums, since it has such a large array of "toys for men". Everything from automobiles, planes, bicycles, motorbikes, electrical appliances, science experiments and much much more. Over 8000 square meters of interesting technology - nothing very modern, but fun to see how things have changed over the years. Entrance fee is 50 to 60 kroner, unless you use the Copenhagen Card and than it is FREE. In the summertime, the beaches north of Helsingor are quite famous for the fabulous bathing opportunities. The best are along the west coast off the Kattegut, about a 30-minute bus ride from Helsingor.

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