Transportation to Denmark

Sorting out your transportation to Denmark can be a bit tricky. Even though Denmark is not a major travel hub, there still exists a large and vast array of transportation options from most major European countries. And it is increasing yearly with lots of smaller carriers from Europe.

Below I have listed the most popular and some lesser known routes into Denmark.

There are many options, but the main ones are air, train and boat.

Airline Transportation to Denmark

Getting to Denmark is not hard, since Denmark has several major airports, including Kastrup Lufthavn in Copenhagen, Billund Lufthavn in central Jutland, Aarhus Lufthavn in East Jutland just outside Aarhus and Aalborg Lufthavn in northern Jutland, Odense HC Airport, plus several other smaller airports which serve mostly private and corporate airlines.

Kastrup Airport in København will be the major transportation to Denmark entry point for most visitors, since about 20 million people fly in and out of Kastrup every year.

The major airline of Denmark is SAS. Other major carriers are KLM, Lufthansa, British Airways, BMI, Delta, Continental, Easy Jet, Singapore, Sterling and many more. At present over 50 airlines fly to and from Kastrup. You can see more at Kastrup Lufthavn in Copenhagen, which includes flight times and arrivals, a map of the airport and almost everything else you could want to know.

Before you leave the airport to head downtown to Copenhagen, check out this handy tip. It can save you 50% before you even get to Copenhagen, so it's well worth a look. Save 50%.

Arriving in Copenhagen is usually a snap, with customs and security quick and hassle-free (unless you are trying to be deceitful and then you can be in for the long haul). Check out Customs Regulations  before you pack and head off for the duty free shops.

FYI: (When planning your flights out of Denmark) If your flight takes you via England (UK), check your arrival and departure airports in the UK. Often you will fly in to Gatwick Airport and out of Heathrow Airport or maybe Stansted Airport and Heathrow Airport. Please be aware that the bus ride from one airport to another is quite expensive and can take over an hour or two. Some flights arrive so late in England you will need to overnight, and you do not want to overnight on a bench at the airport or spend a few hundred pounds for a hotel.

There are many direct flights to Denmark, but you may end up in Jutland instead of Zealand. Check out airports like Arhus and Aalborg for some competitive fares.

Monarch Airlines is flying from Fort Myers,Florida, USA to Aalborg, Denmark. Cimber Airlines flies from Billund,Jutland, Denmark to both London and Dublin. And there are many other, so compare the cost of flying to Jutland instead of Zealand for your trip to Denmark.

My personal preference when flying to the States is to fly via Amsterdam or Frankfurt. Airport transfers are easier, and flight times are better (especially the layovers). Of course, that all depends on your own schedule.

When flying to/from the United Kingdom, check out Easy Jet flights from Stansted. There may also be some great deals from Manchester and Birmingham airports. Many British flights land in Billund, Aarhus or Aalborg too.

Here is a list of all the airports in Denmark:

Kastrup Lufthavn in Copenhagen

Billund Lufthavn in Mid Jutland

Aalborg Lufthavn in Northern Jutland,

Aarhus Lufthavn in East Jutland

Ronne Lufthavn on Bornholm

Odense Lufthavn on Funen

Karup Lufthavn / Midtjyllands Airport in Northwest Jutland

Below are some of the smaller airports, which cater mostly to small commercials flights, charter planes and private planes.

Sonderborg Lufthavn in Southern Jutland

Roskilde Lufthavn in mid Zealand (west of Copenhagen)

Maribo Lufthavn on Lolland Falster (this is not the official airport website)

Vojens Lufthavn in Haderslev / South Jutland

Vamdrup Lufthavn or Koldingegnens Lufthavn in Kolding / Mid Jutland

Esbjerg Lufthavn in mid Jutland on the west coast.

Skive Lufthavn in northwest Jutland

Stauning Lufthavn in Ringkøbing west Jutland

Thisted Lufthavn in Thisted northwest Jutland

Sindal Lufthavn at the top of Jutland (most northern airport in Denmark)

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Looking for a more unusual way to get transportation to Denmark. Maybe something that doesn't create such a huge carbon foot print? Well check out

Transportation to Denmark by Boats or Ferry


International Train Travel

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