Cities in Denmark

Did you know that most of the major cities in Denmark have made some very informative sites for both tourists and expats! 

Denmark is not a large country, yet being that a major portion of its economy comes from tourism, most of the major cities in Denmark have created their own websites.

For that reason I don't see any reason to reiterate what they have already made available to you. Instead I have listed the major cities below with links to the best sites which can help you learn more about each city.

These sites can be read in English, Danish, German, Swedish, Norwegian and often Icelandic.

Copenhagen / København

Copenhagen is the largest city in Denmark and also the capitol.  Population 1,2 million. The official website is, which is excellent for visitors to Copenhagen. For our take on this vibrant town, check out Copenhagen.



Odense is best known as the home of Hans Christian Andersen, yet it has a steep viking history and as the 3rd largest city in Denmark, (170,000)you will find a vibrant university life there, yet a more tranquil lifestyle than Copenhagen. If you want to low down on Odense, visit the official tourist site at Visit Odense.


My home town is now Aarhus and I can tell you it is a fantastic town. Even though it is much smaller than Copenhagen, it is a good expat place to live. Population 250,000+

If you want to low down on tourist information for Arhus, you should visit or check out, which is the entertainment guide for Aarhus. For other expat information check out Aarhus.


Aalborg, the fourth largest (125,000+) town, is probably best known for their association to the alcohol "snaps" better known as Aalborg Akavit.

And of course their big "carnival" celebration is something worth attending and for any US expats, just south of Aalborg is the location for the 4th July celebrations in Rebild.

The official website for the city of Aalborg is and has lots of good practical information for tourists. If you are looking for expat information, check out Aalborg.

Below is a list of other cities in Denmark with links to their official sites, so that you can explore about each one. I have divided the list into Zealnd / Sjaelland, Jutland /Jylland and Funen /Fyn, which are the 3 main regions. Lolland Falster and other islands are grouped into their respective areas.  There are also areas like Djursland or islands like Samsø, etc. which are not specified here.

Other Cities in Denmark


  • Frederikssund
  • Helsingør  (46,000)
  • Hillerød
  • Holbæk
  • Hørsholm (37,000)
  • Kalundborg
  • Køge  (35,000)
  • Nykøbing Falster
  • Næstved  (42,000)
  • Ringkøbing
  • Roskilde  (48,000)
  • Slagelse
  • Taastrup (33,000)
  • Vordingborg
  • Funen/ Fyn

    Jutland /Jylland

    This is not a definitive list of all the cities, since there are a lot of smaller communities in the Copenhagen area like Glostrup, Rodøvre, Amager, Hellerup and nearly every train station is the name of another town or region. The above list is to give the new expat an idea of which are the major cities in this small country and give you a bit of orientation to where you can find more information.

    You can also find a list of all the kommunes/cities in Denmark at our kommune page. Hope this helps you out.

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    If you found this page helpful, please give a google+ and or a facebook like at the top of the screen, so others can also find this information. Thank you.

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