I agree with Kate, I'm still confused

by Sarah

I'm also confused, the same as Kate. In the US, the number of rooms is different than the number of bedrooms in real estate.

In rentals, the number of bedrooms is displayed. What kate is asking is, when we see Number of Rooms on danish listing sites, does that mean the number of separate BEDROOMS, or a total COUNT OF ROOMS including Kitchen, living room, dining room, etc. For example, if I see a listing for a unit with "3 rooms", am I looking at a unit with a kitchen, a living room, and a bedroom? Or am I looking at a unit with 3 bedrooms and other rooms such as kitchen and living room assumed?

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Dec 28, 2017
Apartments vs. houses
by: Anonymous

In apartments the listed number of rooms is all the bedrooms+living rooms+dining rooms, think of it as all the rooms you can furnish freely, bathrooms, kitchen, hallways are never counted, and those are the rooms you really have no choice about what to do with. If you buy a house, the listed number of rooms is just the rooms you meant to be for someone to sleep in, whether it be you, your kids, or simply for guests, so no living or dining room is counted. (small rental houses, like "rækkehuse" and such are done as apartments)

Oct 07, 2017
Understanding rentals in Denmark
by: Charlie

Hi Sarah,
It can be very confusing, so I will try my best to enlighten you. When a listing says 3 rooms that can mean several things. It can be mean 3 bedrooms or it can mean 1 bedroom and either a living room and dining room or two other similiar rooms. The only way to be sure it to look at the schematic drawing on the listing. It is called the "plantegning". A værelse is a bedroom, while a stue is a living room or possibly a dining room. (usually denoted as spisestue). Kitchen and bathrooms are not designated in the number of rooms. You should always check the plantegning so you can get a good idea of the size of each room and what else is included. Separate kitchen or part of the "stue". Bathroom? Not all apartments have bathrooms. I know several people who have to go the basement of their building to use the shower or bathroom. Not fun! Make sure bathrooms have a toilet and shower area. Sometimes shower is above the toilet area and it is like a cramped wetroom. Again not ideal or very fun to use. To get a better idea just google plantegning and look under images.


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I agree with Kate, I'm still confused 
I'm also confused, the same as Kate. In the US, the number of rooms is different than the number of bedrooms in real estate. In rentals, the number …

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