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There are plenty of gas stations in Denmark and you won't have to travel far to find one, but be prepared to be pay more, since prices are usually much higher than the rest of Europe. There are 9 major chains of gas stations in Denmark including Shell, Statoil, Ingo, OK and  Q8. Here is a list of the major players and links to their sites.

Note: You should be aware of the prices as you drive along, so you can spot a bargain when they come along. Here is the list of the major gas stations in Denmark by chain. You can click on any of the images and it will take you to their homepage with a list of all their locations in Denmark. To learn more about using petrol stations and how to insure you get the cheapest price, check out tips on gas stations in Denmark.

If looking for a gas stations, remember to ask for a tankstation, which is the danish phrase for gas station or petrol station.

shell gas stations in denmark

Shell is probably one of the few brands of gas stations in Denmark, that expats and visitors will recognize by name and logo. They have been in Denmark since 1913 and have a wide and varied working relationship with Denmark.

Their headquarters are in A/S Dansk Shell are in Nærum, just north of Copenhagen.

They can be contacted at:

A/S Dansk Shell, Nærum Hovedgade 6, 2850 Nærum

Tlf: 33 37 20 00

Circle K is one of the major players with over 300 gas stations in Denmark. Their stations are popular because they have kiosks or shops on their premises.

This makes it a good place to get petrol as well as stock up on coffee, food, drinks and other assorted sundries. They often have promotional offers when you tank up, so keep an eye out for their specials.

Also, if you do not familiar with using the self serve pumps, there are always store attendants that can assist you. Have found that they all speak some English. (at least enough to get you fueled).

Their home office is in Copenhagen at:

Circle K Danmark, Borgmester Christiansens Gade 50, 2450 Copenhagen

Tlf: 70 101 101
Q8 gas stations in denmark

Q8 with nearly 250 stations in Denmark is another major player.

Again they have stores attached to their petrol stations, so you can always pick up a snack or beverage.

They have pretty good prices, but always check around if possible.

Their home office is located in northern Zealand.

Q8 Danmark, Banevænget 13, 3460 Birkerød

Tlf: 70 12 45 45

F24 gas stations in denmark

F24 is the winner in 2 categories.

They are the smallest of the major chains with only 71 gas stations throughout all of Denmark, but they ALWAYS have the lowest prices.

There has not been a single time, where I have not found them to beat their competition hands down.

The problem is that there are so few of them, that it is often a far way between stops at F24.

They are part of the Q8 family and share their corporate address.


Kuwait Petroleum (Danmark) A/S, Banevænget 13, 3460 Birkerød

Tlf: 70 24 24 24

OK gas stations in denmark

OK gas station is probably the most interesting of the major players since they own nearly 700 stations throughout Denmark. That is not the interesting bit.

This is - The station is not owned by a corporation, but by 20,000 of their customers and small businesses owners.

They also have a program where you can support your local sports club. When you get a OK Gas Card, they give a percentage of each of your purchases to your local sports club to pay for equipment, training and uniforms.

Hey, you are going to buy gas anyway, why not get a kickback and help your children.

You can also use their mobile phone service and earn extra time when you purchase petrol.

OK Benzin is located in Jutland in Arhus. (what a change from Copenhagen)

OK Benzin, Åhave Parkvej 11, 8260 Viby J

Tlf: 70 10 20 33


INGO  is considered to be one of the gas stations in Denmark that consistently has good prices.

They are now part of the Statoil family, but still continue to offer lower prices. (lowish)

They also now offer bioethanol enhanced gas in both the 92 and 95 octane brands. With 71 stations in Denmark, they are a common site in most major cities.

Their home office is in Copenhagen at:

INGO, Borgmester Christiansens Gade 50, 2450 København SV

Tlf: 8020 8088

UnoX gas stations in denmark

UnoX has nearly 300 stations in Denmark and their prices are usually lower than most of the other major gas stations in Denmark.

The reason for this is that they are all self serve stations with no shops or amenities.

You drive in, pay and pump. Simple, quick and easy. But no frills - not even restrooms. They do have a carwash at most of them.

Their home office is at:

Uno-X Automat A/S, Buddingevej 195, 2860 Søborg

Tlf: 7012 5678

YX gas stations in denmark

A little history is probably in order here. Texaco and Hydro were 2 gas station chains in Denmark back in the 80s and 90s. In 1995 they merged to form Hydro Texaco.

In 2006 another group called Reitangruppen bought the company and changed the name to YX. They are also part of the UnoX family.

There are 73 stations throughout Denmark. Contact them via UnoX.

Uno-X Automat A/S, Buddingevej 195, 2860 Søborg

Tlf: 7012 5678

Go On gas stations in denmark

This next chain is a bit new, starting back in 2010. They are called Go On and they have a unique concept. They build there pumps in containers, so once the tank is dug, a crane comes in an places the container on top of the tank and hooks everything up. Voila instant gas station.

These gas stations are being placed mostly as part of the Spar grocery chain. Smaller shops in the country can now have a gas station as part of their business.

Obviously it is going well, since they are reportively adding a station a week to their family. At present there are 33 stations operating. Update: Now 73 as of January 2015.

Their offices are in Jutland:

Go On Gruppen, Niels Bohrs Vej 17b, 8660 Skanderborg

Tlf: 97 84 10 32

Electric Car Charging
LPG Gas Stations in Denmark

Okay, that is probably a bit misleading since electric stations do not sell gas, but wanted to get your attention. If you are driving an electric car in Denmark there are plenty of places to charge up. In Denmark charging stations are called ladestander (charging stands) or ladepunkter (charging points).

First you need to know what type of hookup you need. There are four types: IEC Type 1 and Type 2, CHAdeMO and a Combo2. Once you know that, you can look up where there are charging stations.

 Instead of listing all of them, I want to direct you to two great site that have up to date information on all the new charging places. Since new ones are opening all the time and I do not have to time to research each week, better you go to Clever or EON stations. These site also have apps for your phone, so that you can easily locate the nearest station.

LPG Stations are far and few between in Denmark. At present there are only 5 stations in Denmark located on Fyn and Jylland. None on Sjælland at this time. You can find locations here.

Remember to know your driving rules and how to avoid traffic fines in Denmark.

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