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If your move includes bringing pets to Denmark, you will need to get a PET Passport. The Pet Travel Scheme is a scheme which allows animals to travel easily between various member countries without undergoing quarantines.

The Pet Passport is nothing more than an official document from your vet that includes information on your pet. Before bringing pets to Denmark, you will need to have your pets checked out and given certain shots before they can travel.

The reason for the PET scheme is to help prevent diseases, especally rabies, from being brought into other countries and to help prevent having to put pets into long-term quarantine in kennels. Many pets don't survive quarantines or they might suffer long-term ill effects after being released. Most pet owners prefer to keep their beloved pets from such a fate!

In order to get a PET passport, your pet will need to be microchipped. This is a simple procedure and does not harm the animal. The chip is embedded with an unique number identifying your pet and this number will be on all their medical records.

When you enter or leave a country with your pet, they will be scanned at the point of departure and at the point of entry. The chip and paperwork must match up for the pet to be allowed in.

The requirements for bringing pets to Denmark under the PET Passport scheme are as follows:

  1. ISO microchip implant under the skin of the pet. Must be ISO compliant
  2. Vaccinated for rabies at least 21 days prior to travel and not more than one year.
  3. Treatment for ticks and fleas within 24 hours of departure.
  4. Confirmation from your vet that the pet is fit to travel and does not suffer from any illnesses.
  5. Your vet must be approved to provide such certification.
  6. Pet must be verified to be free of rabies.

If your pet does not meet these regulations, they can either be put in quarantine or sent back to the country of origin. (both at your expense). Last course of action can be putting your pet down if you do not agree to one of the above options.

Also remember these things:

  • Have all your vaccination records available for viewing when bringing pets to Denmark. They may never be viewed, but if you don't have them ... they won't be allowed in and could be quarantined.
  • Your pet must travel in a secure container. This can be a pet carrier or special travel crate. The animal must be able to stand up inside the container you use. If you are bringing a large dog, is must be able to not only lie down comfortably, but to stand up without being hindered.
  • Talk with your vet about sedation. Ours recommended that we not sedate our cats; she told us about natural pheromones that work with some animals. Also check with your airline carrier about their rules concerning bringing pets to Denmark. Some airlines do not allow sedation due to adverse affects under air pressure.
  • Airlines will carry your pets as cargo, so they can fly with you and not be sent on another flight. Always book your pets ahead of time, since some airlines have restrictions on how many pets can be on a single flight. Right now only Kastrup Airport and Billund Airport can be used for entry under the PET scheme. If you entering at other airports, you should contact a Control Enforcement Officer through the The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration International Trade Division on 0045 3395 6000, and they can give you more advice.
  • You also need to check with your carrier (plane, train, boat, etc.) to see if they accept pets. Not all carriers will transport pets and you also need to be aware that your port of entry must be able to process your pet. If you enter a country at a small port or airport, they may refuse your pet if they don't have the scanner or necessary authority to allow pets into the country.

TIP: It is important to check with your local vet as soon as you know that you are going to be bringing your pet to Denmark. It can take several months to get all the paperwork, vaccinations, chips, rabies checks, etc., done. The sooner you know what is required and how long it will take, the easier it will be on you and your pet. Remember the time restraints on vaccinations. Too early is not good and too late is not good. Planning is important.

Microchips are good for life, so the earlier you do that the better - it is always a great way to find your pets again if they ever get lost. Now back to moving to Denmark advice or continue with the getting started in Denmark guide.

I hope this information on bringing pets to Denmark has been helpful. Since regulations can change, you should check the Danish government website on bringing your pets to Denmark.

How about insurance before bringing pets to Denmark?

If you are bringing pets to Denmark, it is a very good idea to get both travel insurance and health insurance for them when in Denmark.

Let me tell you that going to a veterinarian here is mega expensive. With insurance, you will only pay the first few hundred kroner and than the rest of the bill is paid by the insurance company. If your dog is very ill, you are easily talking about 1000s of kroner for a medical treatment.

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