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There are plenty music festivals in Denmark and they cater to all music tastes. From the very large to the smaller intimate family type affairs.

Denmark loves their music festivals and there is one in nearly every part of the country during the 3 months of summer. Does not matter if you like rock, folk or jazz, Denmark has a music festival to suit your taste. Most of the festivals are 2-3 days and are family events where you can camp and "hygge" with 1000s of other Danes enjoying the summer weather.

Many of the festivals are located near beaches, so it is easy to cool off in the surf. There is lots of camping, except in the the festivals in Copenhagen, where you will need hotel accomodations, so plan early.

It is rare that you are allowed to bring your own drink and food, so read up carefully on the rules before heading out. Also get your tickets early since most of the festivals do sell out and usually pretty quickly.

People have their favorites and often buy tickets for next year as soon as they go on sale.

Below is a list of the largest and most popular music festivals in Denmark each year. This does not mean that there are not other music festivals, there are many smaller and local events throughout the year, but these are some of the best or most popular.

Enjoy your summer.

Before attending a festival learn how to avoid making this major music festivals in Denmark mistake. This could save you a huge fine and lighten your luggage too!

Music Festivals in Denmark 2016

June through August is the busiest time for music festivals in Denmark. That is not to say that there are not a few going on at other times of the year, but here is a run down of some the big Festivals going on in Denmark.

VinterJazz Festival 2016 , February 5 to the 28th, in Copenhagen.   For 3 weeks there are jazz performers performing in various venues around Copenhagen. More information at  

Spot Festival 2016, April 28 - May 01, located in Aarhus in Jutland, more information can be found at

Vesterbro Festival is usually held in mid May, but have nothing about it so not sure if it still exists. located in the heart of Copenhagen at Halmtorvet in Vesterbro. Just west of the main train station. If anyone knows more about it let us know and will post the details.

Pop Revo Festival 2016 May 20 - May 21. This is a new one for me, but it is a festival that celebrates alternative pop. It is being held in Aarhus, Jylland. More information at

Jelling Musik Festival 2016, May 27 – May 29, located on the west side of Jelling near Jelling Camping. Jelling is about 8 km west of Vejle, there is bus and train service available. Concert dates are May 27 through May 30. Tickets can be obtained via their website

Skive Beach Party 2016, June 2– June 4, located near the harbour in Skive, which is about 1.5 hours northwest of Arhus. More information at

Northside Festival 2016 June 17 - June 19 in Aarhus, Jylland. More information at

Copenhell Festival 2016 June 23-25 in Copenhagen, more information at

Kløften Festival 2016 June 23th to June 25th, is located in Haderslev (which is halfway between Aabenraa and Kolding in Jutland. There are bus connections, closest train is in Vojens (about 12 km east of Haderslev). More information at  

Thy Rock Festival 2016 in Thisted, Jutland June 24 and 25. More information at

Tinderbox Festival 2016 June 23rd to June 25th in Odense. Held in the Tusindårsskoven. More information at

Roskilde Festival 2016, June 25 to July 2, located in Roskilde is the largest music festivals in Denmark. More information at  

Nibe Festival 2016, June 29 to July 2, located in Nibe, which is about 20 km west of Aalborg and the concert is located right on the coast. Lovely location. More information at  

Skagen Festival 2016 June 30 to July 3, located as far north in Denmark as you can get. If you can not make Roskilde Festival than Skagen is a good alternative if you are in Jutland. More information at  


Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2016 , July 1 to July 10, in Copenhagen. (my personal favorite music festival in Denmark). For 10 days there are jazz performers performing in various venues around Copenhagen. More information at  

Vig Festival 2016, July 7 to July 9 located in Vig which is south of Nykobing S in northern Sjaelland. Bus and train connections from Copenhagen. More information at

Samsø Festival 2016, July 20 to July 23, located on the island of Samsø, which is just southeast of Arhus. You will need to take a ferry over to the island from either Hov in Jutland or from Kalundborg in Sjaelland. This is a very small music festivals in Denmark with mostly Danish Artists. More information at  

Langland Festival 2016, August 04th to August 06th located in Rudkobing, Langeland. More information at  


Ringsted Festival 2016 July 30th to August 01 located in Ringsted is another great concert that is growing by leaps and bounds, more information at

Skanderborg Festival / Smukfest 2016 August 3 to August 7 in Skanderborg, tried to get this held twice, but the citizens of Skanderborg refused to hold it two weekends in a row, more information at 

Tonder Festival 2016, August 25 to August 28th, located in Tonder, which is southern Denmark near the German border. Train and bus transport is available. This is folk festival. More info at

Now there are many more smaller music festivals in Denmark and concerts and if you listen to your favorite radio stations, they will mention them and mention them. They never stop promoting them! If you want more information about life in Denmark click here.

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