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When you are changing address in Denmark, you need to follow some simple steps in order to avoid problems and a fine. Yes, you can get fined for not notifying the proper authorities when you move.

It is vital that you notify your local kommune within 5 days of moving. It is best to notify them as soon as you know that you are moving. You can do this online via the borger service website.

They can provide you with a FREE moving pack and answer any questions you might have. You can pick up a moving pack from either your local kommune or post office. If you can find a post office.

In the pack there are some postcards which can be sent free of charge to local business to inform them of your move. There is also a short form which you need to fill out and hand into borgerservice at your new kommune.  For notifying business, it is usually easier and quicker to notify them by email or on their website. Just log in with your account details and follow the instructions.

The kommune will notify the Folkeregister and all the major government offices, that you are changing address in Denmark. If you move from one kommune to another kommune, you will contact the kommune you are moving to and NOT the kommune you are moving from. If you are moving out of the country, contact the kommune you are presently leaving.

When you change address, you will also have the choice to switch to a new doctor, especially if you have moved more than 15 miles away or to another kommune.

You can get a booklet with all the area doctors and do some research before hand. This is one reason it is good to do this early, to give you time to do some research.

After you register, you will be sent a new health card and the old card should either be destroyed or returned to the kommune.

Included in your pack is also a list of other business and services that you should contact. Helpful little packet.

VIP TIP about Changing Address in Denmark

Note: If the Folkeregister is not notified that your address has changed in Denmark within 5 days you will be fined. Do not forget to do this. It is simple and painless - well almost, but it has to be done if you want to live in Denmark.

Some of the other places you may wish to contact when changing address in Denmark are:

  • Utility companies
  • Telephone company
  • Clubs
  • Insurance companies
  • Auto company
  • Banks
  • A-Kasse
  • Schools
  • Employers
  • Dentist
  • Eye doctor
  • Vet
  • Auto breakdown club
  • Church.

Of course the best way to make sure you have contacted everyone, when you are changing address in Denmark is to go through your bills and address book for the past year or two and note all the people and companies you have dealt with and decide who you wish to remain in contact with.

Remember your Christmas card list. It is so easy to forget those we only hear from once a year. You may not get those cards this year if you don't remember to tell them "Hey, I changed address!"

WAIT: Does anyone have a Christmas Card List anymore - maybe you should check your Facebook contacts first. 

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