Buying a Bicycle in Denmark

Buying a bicycle in Denmark can be easy or quite frustrating, depending on your needs. You are now wondering do you need a bicycle and how do you go about buying one. I have several good shopping options for you.  I suggest you read this whole page, since there are some things you will not think about when buying a bicycle, which could really affect you positively or negatively!

Transportation costs in Denmark are quite high, so purchasing a bicycle is a great investment. You can usually earn your investment back in a few months, where a car can take years to earn back. Prices are high for a good bicycle, but you will soon learn to love your bicycle. Your feet will definitely thank you!

1. Buying a bicycle in Denmark or bringing one from home?

If you plan to be bicycling while living in Denmark, you will have to consider the cost of a bicycle. The normal cost of a good commuter bicycle is 4000 - 5000 kroner. You can find them cheaper, but expect to pay that for a new quality city bicycle.

You may wish to bring your own bike from home. I recently brought a new Trek back from America, which cost me about 1/4 the price of the same model here in Denmark. Even with the cost of taking it with me on the plane was nominal.

That said,  that may NOT be the best option if you are looking for a good bike for commuting, taking your children back and forth from daycare.  Denmark has a FANTASTIC selection of commuter bikes that you wont see elsewhere. There are also lots of good used bikes for sale in local papers and auction sites.

The problem with bringing your own bicycle from home, is that it may not be suitable for the weather in Denmark. Most of the bicycles from the US do not have enclosed housing for the gears, more durable paint, stocky frames, etc.  The Danish weather, cobblestone streeets, commuter bicycle parking and daily use can easily ruin your bicycle in a few months of riding around Denmark.  You are better off with a Danish bike, if you are planning to use everyday. 

buying a bike in denmarkNew City Bike Denmark

2. Buying a bicycle NEW.

If you are buying a bicycle in Denmark, than shopping around can really pay off. First decide what you require in your bicycle. Is it just for weekend rides? Do you want a racing bike? Do you need to take your children with you? Are you going to be shopping on your bike? Is it going to be parked outside of your apartment or can it be stored inside?

I always recommend that you visit several bicycle shops and view what is on offer. There are bicycle shops all over Denmark. You will find many of them in the city center, so just keep an eye out. If you can not found one, look under "cycler" + your city in google and there will be lots to choose from. Now a reputable dealer will give you lots of advice and choices. If you can not find anything within your budget, you can check out shops like Bilka, Kvickly, Fotex, Harold Nyborg, Jem og Fixx, etc.  They also carry bikes, but their quality is not quite as high, but the prices are much less. For example, I have bought several bikes at Harold Nyborg and they have been perfect for my commuting needs.

These are several types of Danish bicycles you can choose between: Herrecykler, Damecykler, MTB / mountainbikes, Racercykler, Elcykler, Christinia, Børnecykler, Ladcykel, Liggecykel, Foldecykel, Bycykler, Longjohn. You can search for their images on google images and get an idea of some of various types of bicycles available for purchase.

3. Buying a bicycle. Used.

buying a bicycle denmarkOld Fashion Danish Bike

There is a very good market for used bicycles and you can find lots of bicycles for sale that have been preowned.  Many bicycle shops sell both new and used bicycles.  There are some things you should look into before buying ANY used bicycle.

  1. Check out the frame and wheels and make sure that they are not bent. Good idea to hold the bike off the ground and spin the wheels. See if the wheel wobbles - look at brake pads and side of wheel as it spins - you can see if the distance fluctuates as the wheel spins.
  2. As you ride the bicycle, check for rattles. Are the handlebars loose? If you release your hands will the bike continue straight or does it veer off to the side?
  3. When pedaling- is it hard to pedal? If so, the bearings could be worn.
  4. Make sure the bike has reflectors, front and back lights and front and back brakes, which are all needed to make the bicycle legal. If it does not have it, you will need to install them before it is legal to ride. Bicycle fines are expensive!
  5. Look at all the parts and see if they are worn. Chains, brake pads, pulley wires are good places to see how worn out the bicycle is. If they all show lots of wear than the rest of bicycle is also worn.
  6. When buying a bicycle in Denmark there are 2 things you MUST check, especially if it is used. Look for rust. Check everywhere for rust. If the bicycle is showing signs of rust DO NOT BUY IT! Unless it is really cheap. It won't last long and there are probably other things wrong with it.
  7. The last thing to check is if the bicycle is stolen. Bicycle theft is probably the most prevalent crime in Denmark. Thousands of bicycles are stolen in Denmark each year. You can either get the original purchase receipt if in doubt or take the bicycle serial number to the local police station and have them check the registry.  It is against the law to buy a stolen bicycle in Denmark, so it is best avoided. Ignorance is not an excuse - do due diligence and check it out.

Where to buy a bicycle in Denmark?

Buying a bike in DenmarkTransport Bike Denmark

As I mentioned above, there are plenty of bicycle shops in any town in Denmark. Even small towns have bicycle shops. That should be your first stop, if for no other reason to familiarize yourself with the various types of bicycles and find what will suit your needs.

Than you can pursue other shops like Harold Nyborg, Bilka, etc. as also mentioned above. Now, if you are buying a bicycle used, than you can check out these places.

  • DBA, the Blue Newspaper, or Den Blå Avis. This is online selling site. People put up ads on this site for anything that they have for sale. You check under cykel and you will find lots of ads for bicycles. You can search for your local area and than go visit them and bargain for the best price.  Beware that many of these bicycles could be stolen, so check them out carefully before buying one and getting in trouble later.  Generally people are quite honest, but since there are really no checks on DBA, you have to be wary.
  • A similar site is Gul og Gratis and there are several auctions sites in Denmark too.
  • If you live in Copenhagen, you might want to check out Second Hand Bikes, which sells only second hand bicycles. Their site has an English version, so easy to figure out.
  • A new project has launched in Copenhagen Universities, where a student is given a FREE bicycle to use while attending school. When they leave university the bicycle is donated and sent to Africa for children to use so they can commute to school. These are similiar to the city bikes but have company logos on them and sponsored by local businesses. Check with your university if interested.
  • Another great place to buying a bicycle in Denmark is your local police station. They have auctions several times a year for bicycles that have been reclaimed or found. Check for your local station dates here.
  • Other good places to find a used bicycle in Denmark is at loppemarked or flea markets. Major cities have flea markets all the time and by visiting these markets there is a good chance you can find a decent bike for a good price.
  • Also check out the local expat blogs and sites, which often have adverts for people who are moving and need to sell their bikes and other goods.

bicycling-denmarkBicycling in Denmark


When buying a bicycle in Denmark, it is not much different than buying anything else. Do your due diligence, check out the market, know your budget and do not jump on the first good offer. There are LOTS of bicycle for sale and they are not hard to find. If you do not know how to check out if a bicycle is in good condition, invite a friend along who knows something about them. Buying a used bicycle that needs repairs can quickly add up to the cost of getting a brand new bicycle.

When you do get a bicycle, you want to make sure you have a good lock or even two locks. I have the traditional Danish lock on my bike, but also carry a chain to secure it to posts or fences if possible. Next get insurance on your bicycle. Many home insurance policies will cover bicycle theft. Especially if you get a new bicycle - make sure it is covered by your insurance company. If possible store your bicycle in the cellar of your apartment building or inside. Storing your bike out in front of your building is a common practice, but it is quite common for those bicycles to be stolen too!

Hope this information has helped you in buying a bicycle in Denmark. If you know of any other good resources, please share them with us. Learn more about bicycling in Denmark here.

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