Understanding the Train Zones

travel zones in copenhagen

Understanding the train zones in Denmark is necessary to master the public transportation system. The zones apply to all aspects of the public transportation infrastructure- buses, trains, metro.

Since the zone map to the right is a little small, you can either download the image by right clicking on the Map and saving as a pdf file which you can open using Adobe Acrobat. It is the same as the picture on the left, but it is a much easier to follow. You can click on the picture, which will take you a larger version of the map.

The white lines are the dividing lines between each zone. The white numbers are the zone numbers. The black names are names of the various train stations. So by looking at the map, Zone 1 is in the central part of Copenhagen/ Kobenhavn. Zone 4 includes the airport and Tarnby. Each zone in Denmark has a corresponding number. The farther out you go from the city center the higher the numbers go. There are exceptions to that, but if you look at the map, you can see there is a sort of ring extending out from the city center.

Zone 1 incorporates the city center, Zone 2 goes from Amarken (along the southern coast) to Hellerup (on the northern coast).

When get past Zone 2, you get into the 30s. These zones are smaller than Zone 1 and Zone 2. You can see that Zone 30, 31, 32 and 33 are about a 1/10 the size of Zone 2.

There are 4 zones in the 30s, 4 in the 40s, 5 in the 50s and so forth.

The zones apply to both the trains, buses and the metro.

You will have to learn where these train zones are on a regular city map in order to understand which zone you are in. You can also look at any bus sign, which has the zone number printed on the card attached to the sign.

Avoiding the hassle of figuring out travel zones!

If you are on a visit to Copenhagen, I really suggest you get a City Pass ticket. A small City Pass costs 80kr for 24 hours and 150 kr for 48 hours. This will allow you to travel in Zones 1 through 4, which are the major zones from the airport and the main city center. Can explore most of Copenhagen easily in those zones.  There is also a larger pass that takes in Zones 1 - 99, which costs 160kr and 300kr (24hr/48hr). That covers most of Sjælland. 

The passes are also available in 72, 96 and 120 hour periods. The card goes into effect as soon as you use it the first time and than expires in the 24 or 48, etc. time period that it is valid for. There are 2 ways to get the pass. Either via the DOT app on your phone or you can buy it in the ticket machines found at the major train stations.  Check out CITY PASS DOT in your favorite app store or you can also order online here.

Bonus with the City Pass:  If you are traveling with young children under 12, you can take 2 of them with you FREE on your ticket.   

Remember a ticket from Airport to Copenhagen is 36 kr each way. So why not pay an extra 8kr and  be able to take the bus, train and metro around the city for the next 24 hours.  All visitors should try riding the metro - it is a hoot. Also try the harbour bus over to the Opera House. All included on a city pass. Never been on our city buses or trains - well hop on with your city pass. Walking is great but you will get tired and a bus ride home at night is better than walking over cobblestones when you are all partied out. What a deal!

Planning Your Route and Counting Zones

Planning your trip can be a bit complicated and  experience will be the best teaching tool you can have. If in doubt, ask at the main station ticket office. Before you get on a train, bus, metro or any type of public transportation, it is vital that you have the right ticket for your trip. A wrong ticket will get you a fine of min. 750kr  and on top of that you will still have to buy a new correct ticket.  Ask people at the station for assistance if in doubt. Most people in Denmark, especially in Copenhagen speak english and will assist you in buying the right ticket. Do not plan to buy a ticket on the train or metro from a conductor- they do not sell tickets, yet they will give you a fine for not having one.

Tip:  If on holiday and staying for a few days to sightsee and relax, than think about getting the Copenhagen Card so your travel is covered.  If just staying for a short time, a 24 hour ticket may also be a good choice. You can check at the airport ticket office for the best option for your specific needs. I can not stress enough how important it is to have a CORRECT TICKET for your public transportation. The conductors DO NOT take excuses.

Don't forget to check out some of the other helpful transportation tips listed below to round out your travel education around Denmark.

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