Danish Language Schools

There are lots of Danish Language schools including several online ones and even some great home study courses.  Up til 2018, Danish classes were free to expats, yet the government stopped that program since it was too costly. The program has now been reintroduced in 2020, yet with some restrictions.  Students that qualify, will have to pay a refundable 2000kr deposit to take a course. In order to get their money back, they have to finish the course in a certain time, keep absentism to a minimun and pass the test. Depending on how well they comply with those rules will reflect how much of their deposit they get back. 

Which school or course you choose will depend on several factors. Not all schools will offer the free course option, yet most are trying to compete with reasonable prices. 

You should first talk with your kommune about getting the free course, since so many of them either have their own Danish language schools or work with etablished schools. If you do not have that option or can afford the deposit, you can take the next option and contact a local language school known as a "sprogcenter" or "sprogskole".

How to find the right Language School!

 In order to get the right Danish language schools for you, check out their websites and also look for personal reviews.You can check out trustpilot.dk and see if there have been complaints and accolades.   Here are some simple questions you can ask to narrow down your choices.

  1. Does the cost of the course include everything I need to succeed? Are books extra? Handouts? Do I have to pay extra for online access or programs?  Dictionaries?  Find out all extra costs that may apply.
  2. Does the school test you before assigning you a class, so that your experience fits into the best curriculum and level.   Myabe you can read Danish, but speaking is harder. Maybe you got a great ear for languages, but spelling is harder.
  3. What experience do your teachers have? Some schools hiring temps, out of work teachers, sometime people brand new to teaching, while others have years of experience in teaching languages.
  4. What type of testing does the school do? After each level, you and your classmates should have a standard test that shows that everyone is clear to move on. If 1 or 2 people are not ready and they move one with the same class, it can slow down your progress.  The is CEFR test that should be used to control this.
  5. Ask if you can talk to former students about their experience or search on facebook or other social media sites for people who may have taken the course. What was their experience.

Below are some of the best known danish language schools. Do your own research to find out which one works bet for you.  Remember staff and ownership change a lot, so up to date information is the best way to find a good school.

List of Danish Language Schools

Danish Language Schools like LærDansk, have offices all over the country, so look for a location close to you. They often work with kommunes to help expats learn Danish, so I would suggest you contact them first. Same goes with LOF and VUC skoles, which are everywhere.  

And here are those Danish Language schools. In alphabetical order by region. If I miss some and you wish to have it listed, just email me and will update the page.

Copenhagen Language Schools

Campus Bornholm (on Bornholm)
Merkurvej 10/Minervavej 1
3700 Rønne
Tlf. 5690 1830

CBSI Sprogcenter
Hejrevej 10
2400 København NV
Tlf. 8256 5200

CLAVIS Sprogcenter
Nørregade 49
1165 København K
Tlf. 7026 8926

CLAVIS Sprogcenter
Nørre Voldgade 94-96 4. – 5.
1358 København K
Tlf. 7026 8926

Copenhagen Language Center

Valdemarsgade 16

1665 København V

Tlf: 33213131

Copenhagen Language Center

Tøndergade 14

1752 København V

Tlf: 33213131

Høje-Taastrup Sprogcenter
Parkvej 76
2630 Taastrup
Tlf. 4335 3850

KISS Sprogcenter
Peder Skrams Gade 17
1054 København
Tlf. 30304488

Speak Hellerup
Bernstorffsvej 20
2900 Hellerup
Tlf. 3946 3050

Speak Lyngby
Klampenborgvej 221, 3.
2800 Lyngby
Tlf. 3946 3050

Speak DTU/Lyngby
Anker Engelunds Vej 1
2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Tlf: 3946 3050

Speak Frederiksberg

Lindevangs Allé 8-12

2000 Frederiksberg
Tlf. 3946 3056

Sprogcenter Nordsjælland, Frederikssund

Løgismose 2, 1.

3600 Frederikssund
Tlf. 4737 1600

Sprogcenter Nordsjælland, Hillerød
Milnersvej 41 C
3400 Hillerød
Tlf. 4822 7880


A very popular danish language schools

Borgergade 12
1300 København K
Tlf. 33187900

UCplus Sprogcenter, København
Nørregade 27
1165 København K
Tlf. 4487 0166

Vestegnens Sprog- og Kompetencecenter, Glostrup
Skolevej 6
2600 Glostrup
Tlf. 4328 3500

Vestegnens Sprog- og Kompetencecenter, Kastrup
Ved Stationen 7
2770 Kastrup
Tlf. 4328 3570

Vestegnens Sprog- og Kompetencecenter, Ballerup
Malmparken 10
2750 Ballerup
Tlf. 4477 2626

Sjælland Danish Language Schools

AOF Sprogcenter Nordvest
Lundemarksvej 24
4300 Holbæk
Tlf. 5944 0234

Center for Dansk 
Ølby Center 51-53, stuen.
4600 Køge
Tlf. 5667 6660

CLAVIS Sprogcenter, Roskilde
Maglehøjen 6
4000 Roskilde
Tlf. 4173 8100

Guldborgsund Sprogcenter
Thorsensvej 11
4800 Nykøbing F
Tlf. 5473 1750

Kalundborg Sprogcenter
Nørre Alle 27
4400 Kalundborg
Tlf: 59 51 39 45

Lærdansk, Næstved
Kasernevej 20
4700 Næstved
Tlf. 2630 4080

Lærdansk, Ringsted
Nørregade 13 -19, 1.sal
4100 Ringsted
Tlf. 5761 6160

Slagelse Sprogcenter
Sct. Pedersgade 18
4200 Slagelse
Tlf. 5857 5530

Sprogcenter Nordsjælland, Frederiksværk
Torvet 35, 1.
3300 Frederiksværk
Tlf. 4737 1600

Sprogcenter Furesø
Hvedemarken 3-5
3520 Farum
Tlf. 7235 5050

UCplus Sprogcenter, Skovlunde
Mileparken 12 A
2740 Skovlunde
Tlf. 4447 617

UCplus Sprogcenter, Greve
Frydenhøj Allé 73
2670 Greve
Tlf. 4487 0165

North Jutland Language Schools

AOF Nord Frederikshavn Sprogcenter
Hangaardsvej 5
9900 Frederikshavn
Tlf. 7213 2310

AOF Vendsyssel
Kornumgårdsvej 16
9700 Brønderslev
Tlf. 9890 3275

Jammerbugt Sprog- og Kompetencecenter
Gammel Landevej 70, Birkelse
9440 Aabybro
Tlf. 7257 7777

Lærdansk Thisted
Munkevej 9
7700 Thisted
Tlf. 5373 6211 

Sprogcenter, Aalborg
Kastetvej 26
9000 Aalborg
Tlf. 9931 5813

UCplus Sprogcenter Farsø
Lille Torv 1
9640 Farsø
Tlf. 4487 0190

Midland Jutland Language Schools

You will notice that many of the schools have the same website, since they run Danish language schools in different communities. You only need to apply to the main office and they will help you find which school location is best for you. You may live in one kommune and work in another one and it would be better to attend the school close to work rather than home.

CLAVIS sprogcenter  
Ingerslevs Boulevard 3
8000 Aarhus C
Tlf. 4173 8100

Lærdansk Herning

Merkurvej 101, 1. Sal
7400 Herning
Tlf. 9626 1726

Lærdansk Århus-Syddjurs
Hovedgaden 61, 1.
8410 Rønde
Tlf. 5219 9566

Lærdansk Ringkøbing-Skjern
Vasevej 24
6950 Ringkøbing
Tlf. 9648 2828

Lærdansk, Favrskov
Lindevej 6
8370 Hadsten
Tlf. 6026 8407

Norddjurs Kommunes Sprog
Torvet 3
8500 Grenaa
Tlf. 8959 1000

Sprogcentret Holstebro
Danmarksgade 13 C
7500 Holstebro
Tlf. 9611 3900

Sprogcenter Randers
Vestergade 34
8900 Randers C
Tlf. 8915 7700

Sprogcenter Skive
Hjalmer Kjems Allé 4
7800 Skive
Tlf. 9915 5757

Sprogcenter Viborg
Vævervej 10A
8800 Viborg
Tlf. 8787 4687

Sprogcenter Midt, Skanderborg
Grønlandsvej 5
8660 Skanderborg
Tlf. 7625 9925

Sprogcenter Midt Horsens
Emil Møllers Gade 30, 2. sal
8700 Horsens
Tlf. 7625 9925 

Sprogcenter Midt, Silkeborg
Kejlstrupvej 99D
8600 Silkeborg
Tlf. 8680 5563

Danish Language Schools in Southern Jutland

AOF  Dansk Esbjerg
Hededammen 5
6705 Esbjerg Ø
Tlf. 7610 6350 

AOF Dansk Vejen
Jacob Gades Allé 8b
6600 Vejen
Tlf. 7610 6375 

AOF Dansk Varde
Murtfeldts Plads 5, 1.
6800 Varde
Tlf. 7610 6370 

AOF Dansk Ribe
Tømmergangen 5
6760 Ribe
Tlf. 7610 6375 

AOF Sprogcenter Aabenraa
Ramsherred 27,1.
6200 Aabenraa
Tlf. 7462 6286 

Give-Grindsted Uddannelsescenter
Engvej 1
7200 Grindsted (2 locations)
Tlf. 7971 5000 

Give-Grindsted Uddannelsescenter
Hjortsvangen 3
7323 Give (also in Billund)
Tlf. 7971 5000 

Lærdansk, Glamsbjerg
Nørregade 44A
5620 Glamsbjerg
Tlf. 5219 9065 

Lærdansk, Middelfart
Østre Hougvej 101
5500 Middelfart
Tlf. 6038 2022 

Lærdansk, Odense
Østergade 32
5000 Odense C
Tlf. 6313 6313 

Lærdansk, Svendborg
Viebæltet 5
5700 Svendborg
Tlf. 5336 8050 

Haderslev Sprogcenter
Bygnaf 14, 1.sal
6100 Haderslev
Tlf. 7434 7900 

Sprogskolen Kolding
Ågade 27
6000 Kolding
Tlf. 7979 8300 

Sprogcenter Vejle
Klostergade 4
7100 Vejle
Tlf. 7681 3800 

Other Language Options

Dansk Bureauet - is a more high end intensive training and is geared more to professional language students, yet you may wish to check them out if it sounds like your cup of tea.

Multi Dansk - this is an online site run by Silkeborg Kommune, yet it is undergoing lots of changes and not fully functional. 

Net Dansk - another online language portal

 Speak Danish - an online tutorial portal

If you know of other schools which are not included in the above list, please let us know so we can keep updating the list for any expat who needs to find a school near them. Recommendations or comments about schools are also welcome. 

While you are waiting to get started with your lessons, you might want to give yourself a headstart with some of these tips:

Danish Language - Danish Numbers - Useful Phrases - Danish Time - Danish Alphabet - Danish Vocabulary

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