Denmark Rentals Part 2


This is part 2 of the Denmark rentals listings. I have gathered together 20 of the most popular denmark rentals websites and places for you to use in finding rentals in Denmark. Some of the rental websites cater only to apartment rentals, others to house rentals and some only for students or expats. Some of the sites will require you to sign up and/or pay a fee to access many of the features, like contact information. Others are completely free to use.

Each one has its pros and cons. I have tried to give you a little help in navigating each site and any other information that I think you should know. Some points that are made in the first few sites are applicable for other sites, but the information is not repeated for each site. I suggest you read through all the early descriptions of Denmark rentals.

The sites are not listed in any particular order, so don't assume that the sites at position 1 are better than those at 18. Each Denmark rentals site is different and caters to various groups and types of rentals. Find one or two that work for you.

I suggest you check out each site, before deciding on which one(s) will work best for your needs.  If you dont understand some of the ads, check out the translation of the rental terms or use google translate. Also make sure you understand some of the basics of renting in Denmarkbefore committing to a contract.

10. Boliga: On this site you can search a collection of all the various rentals throughout Denmark and on all major rental companies. When you choose a rental, it will send you directly to their site, so this makes your search easier. One site and get all the others included. Seems to be gaining a lot of attention, so check it out

You can also choose Vælge Alle (choose all), so you can see everything they have to offer. You will need to choose either apartment (lejlighed) or house (hus) to get a list – you can click both to see everything they have.

They also have an option “søgning på kort”, which allows you to see a map of Denmark. On that map there are icons – you put your mouse over the icons and it tells you how many rentals they have in that area. Click on the icon and it will open either a more detailed map with more similar icons or it will open another window and you can view the details by clicking on the “Se praesentation”Note: They have changed their site, so at this time there are no rentals listed, but will keep this information up in case they revert back to offering rentals.

11. ProDomus: This is a new site based in north Jutland / Aalborg and has rentals only in that area. So if you are looking for a place to rent around Aalborg, this could be a good site to check out.

12. BoligFinder: The next site is more of a search enginge for rentals. You sign up with them for FREE and give them your parameters. Every day they send you a list of rentals that may of interest to you. You contact them directly. Gave them a trial run a few weeks ago and seemed to present some good rentals. You can check them out at Bolig Finder

13. BoligMangel: This company s no longer in business.

Don't forget to check out our other Denmark rentals here.

14. Find Din Bolig Nu: Another FREE site is Find Din Bolig, which is easy to use and navigate. Click Lejlighed tilbydes and than click on area of map that you wish to search. All information is in the ad including contact details.

15. Flytteklar: At Flytte Klar, you want to use the menu on the left side of the page. Just click on Udlejes right under the Annoncer heading. This will take you to the main page of rentals. You can now narrow down your search by Sted (area) and/or also by when it was listedIndrykket(today, yesterday, 2 or 3 days ago, a week ago or 14 days ago). In popular areas like Copenhagen you are better off searching for today or yesterday, since these places go quick. But don't forget to check everything because you never know what is still available. At present the site seems to favor rentals in Copenhagen with very few outside of that area.

This may change in the future, but very few outside the 3 major cities of Copenhagen, Arhus and Aalborg.

16. LejeBolig: A favorite of many people, including Danes, is Leje Bolig.

Now there are some really good things about this site and also a few drawbacks. The site is a Danish site, but it can be read in English, since they do have an English version. That does not include the ads which are all written in Danish - have seen one written in English, but it was a house. All instructions and site pages can be viewed in English. That is very helpful.

The Denmark rentals are listed as pictures, so you get an idea of what the rental looks like and there are usually several more inside the ad. Just click on the picture or use the arrow to scroll through more listings until you find something that interests you.

They also have a very comprehensive list of parameters, so you can really be specific about the kind of property you are looking for.

The only drawback is that the contact details are hidden and you need to buy a package to view them. The package is quite reasonable compared to some sites. Starting at 250kr for 4 weeks access and going to 350kr for 2 months access.

I personally enjoy going through this site, it is easy to navigate, the pictures are in the menu, so I can get a quick feel for the type of place. Worth a gander! There is a reason it is very popular.

17. Ledige Lejligheder: Another popular denmark rentals site, where you do need to sign up and get an access code in order to get the contact details. Easy to navigate, but only a few of the ads have pictures. The good news is that they have a much larger selection of Denmark rentals outside the major cities, so if you are looking for a rentals in other parts of Denmark, this could be your site of choice. They only offer apartments, but you may get lucky and find a house occaisionally - check out Ledige Lejligheder.

18. Local Kommune: Finally I have one more suggestion for finding rentals in Denmark. This may be the best way of getting a good place for a reasonable price, yet you will have to be patient and must be living in the area already. Check out the local kommune website pages. Most kommunes have a "bolig" service. The kommune owns blocks of apartments that they rent out. Most kommunes want you to be living in their kommune already in order to get on the list, but they do except people from other areas. The chance of getting on their list if you are outside of Denmark is pretty slim. What usually happens is that you move up on the list as people are placed in apartments.

The top 3 people on the list are sent a letter about the next available place. The top person can decide to rent it or pass it on the next people in line. If none of the 3 people want the rental it is passed on the next 3 people and so forth. You can decline a place and keep your spot at the top, but it is best to have a good reason for refusing - too small, wrong area of town, etc.

So check out the local kommune websites for their "bolig service" or call them and talk with them.

19. Summer Houses: Okay there is one other avenue for Denmark rentals, which I have not really mentioned because it has several drawbacks, but it has become very popular. These are homes which can only be lived in from 1st of April to the 1st of October each year. Many people rent these out in the off season, even though it is really illegal. It has become so rampant in many areas that there is no enforcement because there are exceptions to the rule and the enforcement agencies (kommunes) can not keep up with who is allowed to stay all year and who is not.

My advice is that if you can find a summer home to rent during the allowed time periods and it is a good price, take it, but plan to find something else by the 1st of October.

The other drawback is that most summer houses are basic. No heating or airconditioning, sometimes it is an outdoor chemical toilet, small kitchens, basically sort of rustic. They are mostly way outside the city limits, rarely is there car parking near the house, you have to park in a communal lot if it is a large summer home area. These descriptions are not always the case, but do check them out before renting. Understand what you renting. Summer houses can be found in newspapers, through estate agents / real estate agents / ejendomme mægler.

You can also use and either put in sommerhus or sommerhus udlejes and you will get a plethora of listings for summer house rentals.

20. Forums: You can also visit some forums, where people discuss rentals and have many rentals listed as well. Try these:'s forum

Well you now have an arsenal of sites to check out and places to look for rentals. 

Happy House Hunting!

Remember, if you are looking for more denmark rentals websites, check out the first nine Denmark rentals websites.

danish summer house rental

You can continue getting started in Denmark here or learning more about everyday life in Denmark.

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