Frederikshavn is located in northernmost part of Jutland on the eastern coast. The area is known as “The Land of Light”, since it has more hours of light than anywhere else in Denmark due to its northern location.

It was formally known as “Fladstrand”, a fishing village, which later became a military stronghold during the Thirty year war. There are many attractions commemorating the area's history of fishing and military prowness.

The Frederikshavn area encompasses much more than just the township. When visiting you should visit the countryside to see places like the dunes of Rubjerg Knude and Råbjerg Mile, featuring unique landscapes not found anywhere else in Europe.

You can take a short ferry ride to the island of Læsø, which is off the east coast. Venture south and explore the wonderfully fragrant beech forests. And of course, there are plenty of BLUE Flag beaches for your bathing and sporting pleasure.

To the north in Skagen are some of the prettiest beaches in Denmark and the home of the most beautiful sunset in the world. (well that is what has been reported)

From the harbour you can catch a ferry either to Læsø or travel to Oslo, Norway or Goteborg, Sweden.

The Frederikshavn area attracts many artists, due to the unique light and the plethora of manor houses, churches, monasteries and beautiful landscapes. It is easy to find plenty of activities to entice the whole family.

Below are a few other areas around worth exploring.

Places of Interest in Frederikshavn

Beaches of SkagenBeaches of Skagen

Skagen (about 30 miles north) is the most northern city in Denmark and is located in the area called “The Top”. Great beaches, landscapes, beautiful lights especially during the winter months. Gammel Skagen is a very popular spot at sunset, reputed to be one of the beautiful in the world?

Sæby (10 miles south) is the home of Henrik Ibsen, playwright who created “The Lady from the Sea”, which is the town’s landmark. A very quaint old town with traditional yellow washed houses.

Sindal (20 miles west)is a popular spot for those who wish to enjoy nature with great biking trails, canoeing and rambling. Centrally located for easy exploring “The Top of Denmark”.

Læsø (90 minute ferry ride)– is an island off the east coast of Jutland, measuring only 118 square kilometres it is easy to explore, but don’t let it small size dissuade you from visiting. There is lots to see and do for everyone. The ferry ride is an enjoyable 90 minutes each way.

Try their Norway lobster – yummy – visit the salt factory or see one of the only remaining “brown honey bee” colonies still existing. Take a horse drawn carriage ride to Hornfiskrøn

Hirtshals, Hjørring and Løkken are also great destinations featuring some great beaches and/or shopping.

There are lots of other attractions and things to do in Frederikshavn - it is a great place for a short break or even a weekend visit to relax.

There are also lots of festivals and activities throughout the year in the “Land of Light”, so check with the local tourist office for a calendar of events.

Tourist Offices in the Area

tremast-frederikshavnTremast Sailing Ship

As usual, when visiting a new city, it is always best to visit the local tourist office. In Frederikshavn it is located downtown across from the ferry port. You can park in the ferry lot and cross over on the bridge. The tourist office is located at the bottom of the escalator.

Frederikshavn Tourist office is located at Skandiatorv 1, 9900 Frederikshvn Tel.: 98 42 32 6698 42 32 66

Other locations are in:

Hirtshals, Nørregade 40 / Tlf.: 98 94 22 2098 94 22 20

Hjørring, Østergade 30 / Tlf: 72 33 48 7872 33 48 78

Løkken, Harald Fischers Vej 8 / Tlf.: 98 99 10 0998 99 10 09

Sindal, Jernbanegade 8 / Tel.: 98 93 66 9398 93 66 93

Sæby, Krystalgade 3 / Tlf.: 98 46 12 4498 46 12 44

Tversted, Østervej 10 / Tlf.: 98 93 11 2698 93 11 26

Skagen,Vestre Strandvej 10 / Tlf.: 98 44 13 7798 44 13 77

Lønstrup, Strandvejen 90 / Tlf.: 96 25 22 2096 25 22 20

Aalbæk, Centralvej 4a / Tlf.: 98 48 86 5598 48 86 55

Læsø, Vestreø Havnegade 17 / Tlf.: 98 49 92 4298 49 92 42

To learn more about what to see while visiting Frederikshavn area, check out our Frederikshavn attractions guide or check out some of the other great cities in Denmark to visit.

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