Danish Bicycle Traffic Signs

Why learn about the danish bicycle traffic signs? Cause if you don't it can cost you alot of money in fines!

Since most people who come to Denmark, will at one time or another ride a bicycle, it is important to know that there are traffic signs that apply to cyclists. Once you know the rules of bicycling, you must be sure to know what traffic signs apply to you.

Below you will find some Danish bicycle traffic signs that every motorist and cyclist should know before heading out on the roads in Denmark. The signs shown below apply to cyclists, yet all motor traffic signs also apply to cyclists. So make sure you follow the law to avoid getting a fine.

Please remember that in Denmark:

Motorists must yield to cyclists and pedestrians.

Cyclists must yield to pedestrians.

Also learn the rules of bicycling in Denmark - not just the Danish bicycle traffic signs!

Common Danish Bicycle Traffic Signs

bicycle path signIndicates this is a bike path

Danish Bicycle Signs #1:

The blue sign with a bicycle symbol on it means that this is a bicycle path. You should ride your bike on it instead of on the road.

Cars and mtorcycles are not allowed on these roads.

no-bikes-allowedNo Bicycling Allowed

Bicycle Traffic Signs #2:

If you come across a sign with a diagonal red line crossing over a bicycle, that means it is unlawful to take a bicycle along this route.

Look for a bicycle path or alternative route.

bicycle traffic allowedWarns Motorists the Cyclists Allowed

Danish Cycle Traffic Signs #3:

This triangular red sign with white background showing a bicyle is a warning to motorists that bicycles may be using the road or crossing the road. So motorists should be aware. This also means that cyclists may travel on this road, since there is no bike path available.

Two Way TrafficBicycle Path with 2 Way Lanes

Danish Traffic Signs #4:

You will find this sign on bicycle paths. The double arrows indicate that bicycle traffic is coming in both directions. So watch out ahead of you and keep your bike to the right in order to avoid any collisions.

Pedestrian and Cycle PathShared Path- Pedestrian & Cyclists

Danish Bicycle Traffic Signs #5:

When you see symbols for two modes of transportation on one sign, it means that the path can be used by both. You are sharing the path so take heed and be courteous.

Shared Path - DividedShared Path but with seperate lanes for each

Danish Bicycle Traffic Signs #6:

The only difference between the above two signs is the line down the middle. The line means that it is still a shared path, but each mode has its own path. Please stay in your appropriate lane to avoid any confrontations or accidents. Since the bicycle is shown on the left side of the sign, cyclists should be on the left and pedestrians should keep to the right.

Path Shared with HorsesBicycle Path Shared with Horses

Danish Bicycle Traffic Signs #7:

Here the sign indicates that there are pedestrians, bicycles and horses all using the path, but it is shared and there are no clear paths. Walk, cycle or ride your horse carefully.

Walking Street Traffic SignPedestrian Street - No Bicycling Allowed

Danish Bicycle Traffic Signs #8:

This sign which reads "Gågade" means it is a walking street and you are NOT allowed to ride your bicycle on that street. You must get off the bicycle and walk it until you get off that street. These are usually posted in busy shopping centers and streets with lots of boutiques.

Dead End Street - Bicycle PathDead End Street - only bike path continues

Bicycle Traffic Signs #9:

This is an interesting sign, which you would probably assume means dead-end street. You can partially correct. It is a dead end street for motorists, but there is a bicycle path for you.

Dead End StreetDead End Street - no exit

Bicycle Traffic Signs #10:

Now this is a dead end sign. So if you see this sign, you will have to find another way to get to your destination. There is no exit here.

no motor vehicles allowedNo motor vehicles allowed

Bicycle Traffic Signs #11:

If you see this sign, please note that motorbikes (including a scooter) and cars are not allowed. But beware that many scooters still use these paths illegally - so always watch out for motorbikes on cycle paths!

no traffic allowedNo traffic allowed

Bicycle Traffic Signs #12:

If you come across this sign, do not enter. It means that no traffic is allowed including cyclists. I have usually found these where there is construction or a private road.

These are the most common Danish bicycle traffic signs you will see for bicyclists, but there is one other traffic device you must be aware of: THE TRAFFIC LIGHT.

Yes, the traffic lights are also for bicyclists. So if you are traveling on a regular road and not the bike path, you must obey the traffic lights. If you cross on a red, you will get fined, just like a car. So be aware.

Also, in many cities you will find a separate traffic light just for cyclists. Notice the bicycle icon on top of the traffic lights. These lights are lower than the lights for cars, so cyclists can easily see them.

If the light is red on your traffic lights and the street ones are green, do not go. You might just get into an accident. Follow your traffic lights. Again, pay attention and do not get fined. It happens all the time. There is no slack given to cyclists!

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