TV in Denmark

TV in Denmark is probably no better or worse than anywhere else in the world when it comes to programming. There is rarely anything worth watching on the normal standard channels!

A few facts.

First Denmark supports PAL encoding and not NTSC coding, so it is usually not worth bringing your own television to use in Denmark unless it is PAL.

Second, all media in Denmark has moved over to Digital format  and does not support analogue.  That said you can use some analogue devices if it uses MPEG by hooking them up to various boxes, antennae or other devices, yet it is really not worth the hassle and expense, since the reception is anything more than fair to good.

Third, all people in Denmark need to have a media license called a licens.  These are issued through the state television network DR (Danmark Radio).  The going rate for a licens in 2020 is 1353kr per year, ($200/£160) which includes use on televisions, computers, phones, tablets, radios and other media devices.

If you think you can avoid a licens, ask yourself these questions?  

Do you use a computer and have online access?

Does your phone have internet access, or is it capable of video?

Do watch tv or streaming content?

Do you listen to the radio?

Well, if you answer yes to any of the above question, you need to pay for a TV licens.

So there really is no way to get around the cost of getting a TV license unless you do not own a TV, radio, computer or phone with internet access.

You will be responsible to contact DR and tell them you need a TV license, if they do not contact you when you arrive. This needs to be done within 14 days of starting to view any type of broadcasts.

You will be issued a Privat Licens, which (2020 prices) costs 676 kr every 6 months. If you think that you can be exempt from the licence you must contact DR Radio and plead your case. Anyone over the age of 18 years of age must have a licens, yet if you are retired you can apply for a discount or exemption from payment depending on your circumstances. 

If you are married in living under same roof, you only need 1 licens per household including any children living in the same household. This does not apply to unmarried people living under the same roof or roommates. Each person than needs their own licens.

A media licens covers your TV in Denmark, computers, radios, phones and other broadcasting devices in your home, car and summer home. Using a phone or computer outside your home is covered as long as you have a license.

What do you get?

For your money you do not get much!

1. The right to use your media equipment like TV, computer and phones to access any type of legal media. (there are some sites that the government has banned, like music download sites).

2. You will be able to see the following TV in Denmark stations: – DR1, DR2, Dr+2, DR3, DR Ultra, Dr Ramasjang,  DRTV, Dr Update, and Folketingen and also there are regional stations like TV2 Fyn, TV2Lorry, TV2 Nord, TV2 Øst, TV2 Bornholm, TV Midt-Vest, TV Syd, TV2 Østjylland - they are only available to you if you are living in their region. 

 These programs are mostly Danish shows, talk shows, documentaries, news and kids programs. a ground package will also contain several Swedish, Norwegian and German stations. It will vary depending on your TV provider and your geographic location.  Personally, I find little to watch or hold my interest on any of the above stations. You can learn more about each station at and

3. You also get access to all the radio programs in Denmark, be they run by the Danish government or independent stations. Many of the stations are now going DAB, so you won't be able to listen to them on conventional radios!

If you want other channels, like TV2 Zulu, TV2 Charlie, Discovery, BBC, etc., then you need to pay extra. You will have to buy a cable package. All of a sudden, you are paying over 500 - 800 kroner a month for your television viewing privileges. And guess what – there are still packed with commercials and programming is not 24/7.

You can view the days current tv in denmark programs here. 

If you want cable tv, you can search for "kabel tv" on and see some of the services available. Some of the top services are  YouSee, Boxer, WAOO, Telia, Stofa and Canal Digital. There are others, some are localized and while others serve all of Denmark. Check around and talk to people, before deciding.

Remember if you do not have a license for your TV in Denmark, you are breaking the law and you will be fined.

If you need more information about getting a TV license, contact DR License at or on Tlf: 3520 3040. 

List of available channels for TV in Denmark

The list below is an updated list of all the possible tv in Denmark channels at this time. Not all providers will have them all, so if you have some you just NEED, check out the various providers. Also remember you can sign up for other streaming programs like Amazon, Hulu, You Tube, etc and either use chromecast or tv mirroring to watch it on your own tv

  • 24 Nordjyske 
  •  3+ 
  •  3sat 
  •  6eren 
  •  7eren 
  •  Al-Jazeera 
  •  Animal Planet 
  •  ARD 
  •  Arte 
  • BBC Brit 
  •  BBC Earth 
  •  BBC Entertainment 
  •  BBC Knowledge
  •  BBC Lifestyle 
  •  BBC World News 
  •  Bloomberg  
  • Blue Hustler 
  •  Bommerang 
  •  Canal 9 
  • Cartoon Network 
  •  CBS Reality
  •  Cmore 
  • Cmore Action 
  •  Cmore 
  • EMotion 
  •  Cmore Extreme 
  •  Cmore First
  •  Cmore Hits 
  • Cmore Kids 
  •  Cmore Series 
  •  CNBC
  •  CNN 
  •  Dansk Filmskat 
  •  Das Erste 
  •  Discovery Science 
  •  Disney 
  •  Disney Jr.
  •  Disney XD 
  •  DR Syn 
  •  DR1 
  •  DR2 
  •  esSports TV 
  •  Eurosport 1 
  •  Food Network 
  •  Fox+ 
  •  France 24 
  •  God TV 
  •  HBO Nordic 
  •  History Channel 
  •  History2 Channel 
  •  Investigation Discovery 
  •  Kanal 4 
  •  Kanal 5 
  •  Kanal 6 
  •  Kika
  • Min Bio
  • Motorvision TV          
  • MTV        
  • MTV Rocks         
  • My Zen TV          
  • National Geographic         
  • National Geographic        
  • National Geographic Wild         
  • Netlfix         
  • Nick Jr.         
  • Nick+      
  • Nickelodeon     
  • Nicktoons          
  • Nordisk Film          
  • NRK1         
  • NRK2          
  • NRK3          
  • Outdoor Channel          
  • Pixel TV          
  • SBN        
  • Sport Live          
  • SVT Barn          
  • SVT1          
  • SVT24          
  • TLC          
  • Travel Channel          
  • TV2         
  • TV2 Charlie         
  • TV2 Fri          
  • TV2 News          
  • TV2 Norway          
  • TV2 Sport          
  • TV2 Sport X        
  • TV2 Zulu          
  • TV3         
  • TV3 Max         
  • TV3 Plus          
  • TV3 Sport          
  • TV4 Sverige         
  • TV5 Monde         
  • Uptown Classic           
  • Uptown TV         
  • Vaisat Nature           
  • VH1      
  • VH1 Classics         
  • Viasat Explore        
  • Viasat Film        
  • Viasat Golf           
  • Viasat History          
  • Viasat Series         
  • Viasat Ultra          
  • Viasat Ultra HD         
  • Xee    
  • Xtra Disney      
  • ZDF 

Finding a TV in Denmark provider.

Finding a TV provider is personal choice, so I can not tell you who is the best. I personally have YouSee / TDC and have checked around about switching at times, yet the hassle involved in changing and the cost savings is usually so minimal that it has not been worth it.  Check what the various providers can offer. Actually they are pretty much the same run of the mill .. it is just the prices that vary a little.

There are so many different packages available from various companies like YouSee, WAOO,  Boxer, Telia, and Canal Digital. Since these offers change so rapidly, it is hard to give good advice on who is the best. YouSee is probably the most popular, but also one of the most unpopular. If you see a good offer on tv in Denmark, jump on it and you can always switch later on.

The best advise I can give you, is when you get an offer you like, get it in writing and than check your first statement to make sure you got exactly what you asked for and at the right price. Some companies love to add little additional things for "FREE" for a trial period and than suddenly you are paying a large fee for something you never ordered. (This is just from personal experience and talking with other people.)

There are lots of stealth taxes, which they never tell you about (hidden in the small print so read carefully) and not sure you can do much about them, since many are government taxes and fees.

Many of the companies will have packages where you get TV, Internet and phone all in one package. Again, beware and research the best packages. Go to several shops and talk to the various providers.

A good idea is to go to the phone shops and stores that sell TV and see who they recommend. They often know of the best offers around and may even be doing a promotion with one of the providers.

Start with Telia and YouSee and than you have an idea of what the main providers are offering and their costs.

Talk to other people and see who they like. Sometimes you are limited by your location, so it is important to do a bit of research before jumping on the first tv in Denmark offer you see. 

Personal Note: I enjoy having HBO Nordic, Viasat and Netflix, since they offer good movies, lots of TV series and documentaries. They are all about 100+  per month, so you can choose one or two of them. Some even have a free one month trial, so you can experiment and find what you like best.  Remember if you buy a package via someone like YouSee or Boxer, you can include your streaming providers like HBO, Netflix, Viaplay, Disney and others. Have not seen Hulu or Amazon in their packages, but they may come

Check out the tv in denmark providers that let you choose your own channels like Boxer and YouSee. You pay a set fee for some many stations and you can change them once a month. So you may choose 20 channels and decide that 2 of them are not for you, so after 30 days you switch them for 2 others and you can do that every 30 days for each station.   I have that with YouSee.  For a few months I may have HBO, but than switch it out for Netflix. Very flexible and get a bit of variety instead of the same channels each month.

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