Frederikshavn Attractions

There are more Frederikshavn attractions than just those you will see in the tourist brochures. You will just have to take the path less traveled and search out some of the attractions below.  There is something for everyone, including sportsman, children, the golfer or maybe just some pampering and downtime.

Most Relaxing Frederikshavn Attractions

Need some pampering? Health and Wellness Spas

For the ladies, one of the top Frederikshavn attractions is to visit one of the well known relaxing spas and resorts, where one can spend a few hours or days relaxing, getting pampered.  Men are welcome too, but I know it is not too popular with the "dudes".

The top places are:

Den Syvende Himmel, Tordenskjoldsgade 3, 9900 Frederikshavn Tel.: 98 41 00 13

Elly Krogh’s, Vesterø Havnegade 45, 9940 Læsø, Tel.: 98 49 94 15

Hotel Viking Aqua Spa and Resort, Frederikshavnsvej 72, 9300 Sæby, Tel.: 98 46 17 00

Læsø Kur, Vesterø Havnegade 28, 9940 Læsø, Tel.: 98 4913 22

Romulus, Skallerup Klit , Nordre Klitvej 21, 9800 Hjørring, Tel.: 99 24 83 52

Room One, Havnepladsen 1, 1., 9900 Frederikshavn, Tel.: 31347666

Ruth’s Wellness, Hans Ruthsvej 1, 9990 Skagen, Tel.: 96 21 02 34

Active Frederikshavn Attractions

How about Swimming?

One of the best Frederikshavn attractions  is to go swimming!

There are 30+ excellent beaches, ranging from shallow, child friendly to beaches perfect for bird watching, kite sailing or fishing. Get a list from the local tourist office and decide which is best for you and your family.

P.S. When on the beach, always look for the Blue Flag, which is a sign that the beach is clean and safe. Also look for the beach marker on the beach that you are going to be using. Make a note of it, so in case there is an emergency, you can call, give your bech marker location for the authorities to get to you quicker.

The signs are near the dunes, are rectangular green signs with white numbers and are usually very visible from the beach.

There are also indoor swimming pools for those days when the beach may not be ideal.

Try out these options:

Scanic Stena Hotel, Tordenskjoldsgade 14, 9900 Frederikshavn has a large warm water indoor pool with slides, wave machines, water canons and much more, Tel.: 96 20 28 27

Frederikshavn Swimming Pool, Tordenskjoldsgade 14, 9900 Frederikshavn Tel.: 96202827

Vandhuset Park Vendia, Børge Christensens vej 4, 9800 Hjørring

Løkken Sportscenter, Søndergade 42, 9480 Løkken Tel.: +45 98991424/

Hotel Skagen Badeland, Tranevej 108, Hulsig, 9990 Skagen is a subtropical water park with slides, canons, sauna, trukish baths and more, Tel.: 98487222

Vanland Atlantis, Skallerup Klit , Nordre Klitvej 21, 9800 Hjørring, is a large waterpark with slides, waterfalls, saunas, wading pools and more, Tel.: 99 24 84 00

Maybe you need more horsepower - Horseback riding

Include horseback riding as one of the Frederikshavn attractions you must try!

Horseback riding is very popular way to have fun and see the countryside. There are several places that offer horseback riding in the Frederikshavn.

One of the unique features of riding horses in this area is that you will be riding the Icelandic horses, which have their own unique gait. Try out one below:

Fædrelandet, Fædrelandsvej 2, 9940 Læsø , where if you are experience, you can actually explore the island on horseback by yourself, Tel.: 61 35 67 29

Krogbækgård, Storhavevej 8, Byrum, 9940 Læsø, Tel.: 98491505

Langagergaard, Kandestedvej 76, 9990 Skagen Tel.: 98487890

Lerbæk Ridingclub, Skagensvej 195B, 9900 Frederikshavn Tel.: 98423988

Læsø Iceland Riding Center, Egegårdsvej 4, Byrum, 9940 Læsø Tel.: 98491439

Palles Rideskole, Løkkensholmsvej 9, 9480 Løkken Tel.: +45 98991373

Saga Horses, Nørlev Strandvej 391, Nørlev, 9800 Hjørring Tel.: +45 98 96 84 27

Skallerup Kilt Riding Center, Klithusegården, Klithusevej 116, 9800 Hjørring, Danmark Tel.: +45 30 70 54 23

Stald Nordkap, Nordkapvej 8, 9881 Tversted, Tel.: +45 28 28 14 24

Ålyst Turridning, Depotvej 30, 9981 Jerup, Tel.: 30250914

Have a need to explore, then Bicycling is for you!

Here is another Frederikshavn attractions for children, which is always popular is bicycling.

If you want some activity, then why not hop on a bike and take one of 9 bike trails traversing the area and see everything at a leisurely pace. You can get bike routes at the tourist office and they also assist you in renting a bike.

Bike Rentals:

First choice are the free city bikes, which can be located near the tourist office and around town. Just drop 10 or 20 kroner into the slot to release the lock and than off you go. When you return the bike to a proper location, place the lock back in and the coin is returned to you. ABSOLUTELY FREE! Please only use within city limits.

If you want something a little better to ride or want to go further afield, try out these places:

The tourist offices have their own bikes for around 80 kroner per day.

Below are a few other places you can try out.

Cykelgaarden, Søndergade 6, 9300 Sæby rents bikes at 70 kroner per day. Tel.: 98 46 14 10

Cykelhandler Alfred Pedersen, Vestre Strandvej 4, 9990 Skagen rents bikesTel.: 98442528

Hirtshals Cykeludlejning, Vestergade 4 , A, 9850 Hirtshals rents bikesTel.: 98942196

Jarvis Ny Cykel, Vesterø Havnegade 29, Vesterø, 9940 Læsø rents bikes on the island, Tel.: 98499444

Skagen Cykeludlejning, Sct. Laurentii Vej 22, Banegårdspladsen, 9990 Skagen a complete bike rental serviceTel.: 98441070

Skallerup Klit Super Cykel, Skallerup Klit , Nordre Klitvej 21, 9800 Hjørring rents bikes including free maps and route guides Tel.: +45 99 24 83 99

Tversted Cykeludlejning, Bindslevvej 50, 9881 Tversted Tel.: 98931500

Vigsoe Bicycles for Hire, Dybet 4, Lønstrup, 9800 Hjørring, Danmark Tel.: +45 98 96 01 58

Many hotels and camping sites also offer bike rentals, so don’t forget to check especially if you are staying there.

Rather spend your time on the green ... Golfing

For the golfing enthusiasts, the top rated of all the Frederikshavn attractions is GOLF!

For those into golf, you will find 10 major courses that you can play, while you send the children off to one of the 4 minature golf courses. Or vice versa if you are so inclined.

Golf courses in the area are:

Frederikshavn Golfklub, Oddervej 60, 9900 Frederikshavn Tel.: 98 43 55 89 – 18 hole par 72

Hirtshals Golflkub, Kjulvej 10, 9850 Hirtshals Tel.: 98949408 – 18 hole

Hjørring Golfklub, Vinstrupvej 30, 9800 Hjørring Tel.: +45 9891 1828 27 hole course – very challenging

Hvide Klit Golfklubben , Hvideklitvej 28, Bunken, 9982 Ålbæk Tel.: 98489021 – on the coast so the winds can play havoc

Løkken Golfklub, Vrenstedvej 226, Postboks 43, 9480 Løkken Tel.: 98992657 – 18 hole

Læsø Seaside Golfklub, Prof. Johansensvej 2, Østerby, 9940 Læsø Tel.: 98498400 – 18 hole course

Sindal Golfklub, Volstrupvej 135, Hørmested, 9870 Sindal Tel.: 98934422 – 18 hole

Sæby Golfklub, Vandløsvej 50, 9300 Sæby Tel.: 98467677 – 18 hole par 72

Vennebjerg Golf Pay and Play, Fruemøllevej 35, 9800 Hjørring Tel.: +45 9896 8279 – 12 hole course

An alternative on those bad weather days is:

Adventure Golf, Grønnevold 1, 9800 Hjørring, an indoor course on simulators, 12 hole indoor course and a 12 hole outdoor course, Tel.: 9892 1770

There is also mini-golf/crazy-golf at these locations:

Nordstrand Minigolf, Apholmen 40, Frederikshavn 98 42 93 50

Skiveren Camping Minigolf, Niels Skiverensvej 5-7, 9982 Albaek 98 93 22 00

Vesterhavsgolf Skallerup Klit, Nordre Klitvej 21, 9800 Hjørring

Maybe Fishing is more your speed!

Fishing is of course a large part of life in this area and one of the popular Frederikshavn attractions for visitors.  You are welcome to join in.

You can fish from some beaches, peirs, go deep sea fishing, fishing in the streams and there are even put and take parks.

Types of fish available in the area are Flounder, greying, salmon, pike, Zander, Lavaret, trout, perch, yellow eel, turbot, sea trout, plaice, cod, mackerel, garfish, dab and flatfish.

Denmark has many rules about fishing to insure their preservation. Please check out the rules for where, when, how big, what type and preservation periods for fishing at the local tourist office. They can supply you with guides and rules.

Can't get enough water? Go Canoing, boating, kayaking

All sorts of boating activities are available along the coast and there are plenty of places that will not only teach, but also rent equipment, so it is not necessary to bring your own boats along.

I suggest either using:

Uggerby Kanofart, Skagen Landevej 849, 9800 Uggerby Tel.: +4598975304


Voerså Boats and Canoes, Østkystvejen 344, Voerså, 9300 Sæby Tel.: 98 46 00 51

Other options are to visit the harbours and there you will find several places that rent various types of boats, including canoes, kayaks and sailboats.

You may even come across some other Frederikshavn attractions around the harbour.

Tourist Attractions

Here are some of the top tourist attractions in Frederikshavn with links to each one so you can read more about them. Do not want to duplicate tourist brochures.

Bangsbo Museum: WWII museum which is quite interesting. Make sure you go to the fort.

Frederikshavn Art Museum. For art lovers or for those who need a break from too much of the activities above.

Fiskerklyngen is a old part of Frederikshavn that has authentic buildings from the 1800s along cobbled streets. Located next to the train tracks on corner of Fiskergade and Strandgade.

Knivholt Hovedgaard is an old 1900 manor house which is the venue for many area attractions. See how the Danes lived back in the 1900s.

As you can see there are plenty of Frederikshavn attractions within a hours drive. Hopefully some of these tips will help you when you vist. There are more typical things to do in Frederikshavn here.

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