Danish Alphabet

danish alphabet

The Danish alphabet is derived from the Indo European languages and is part of the Germanic languages. It using the standard English alphabet plus 3 extra vowels not found in the English language.

They are: å/æ/ø. They can also be written this way or this way☺: aa for å, ae for æ and oe for ø.

For example: Århus or Aarhus; træ or trae (tree); København or Koebenhavn
A few things to remember – Danish is very gutteral, with many sounds made in the back of the throat. Vowels are sometimes not pronounced at all in some words. Try listening to audiotapes or just listen to the Danes and learn as you go. If you are only visiting, don’t worry too much about it. If you are planning on living here, I highly recommend classes. (See the reference section.)

Here are some more helpful tips on the Dansk alphabet:

A is pronounced as the "a" in “father”.

Æ is pronounced as the "a" in “fact” or the "e" in “met” depending on the word!

Å is pronounced as the "a" in “talk” – a little bit harder.

E is pronounced as the "e" in “eye”.

I is pronounced as the "ee" in “bee”.

J is pronounced as the "y" in "year".

Ø is pronounced as the "e" in “fern” (but not really). It is probably the hardest letter for an Anglo to learn. It is difficult to clarify the sound; you just have to practice. You can also think of it as sounding like the "u" in “burn” or the "i" in "bird" -– just try to make the sound come from your throat.

Y is pronounced more like the letter "u".

Ch is like a hard "ch" in "check".

SJ is pronounced like "sh" in “ship”.

NG is pronounced like the "ng" in “fling”.

Helpful Tip: Try putting the letters in google translate using the Danish to English translation boxes. Than in the bottom right corner click on the microphone icon and hear the pronunciation.

. Put in just one letter at a time, so that you can hear it clearly.

If you do not have the option of changing your keyboard to include the Danish alphabet, you can employ the shortcuts listed below. You hold down the alt key, click on the + symbol and than type the number. When you release the ALT key the letter will appear. Try it and see if it works for you.








Keyboard Shortcut

alt + 145

alt + 146

alt +0248

alt +0216

alt + 134

alt + 143

Dansk Alfabet / Danish Alphabet

The Danish alphabet or dansk alfabet. The letters are followed by the prononciation in Danish. Letters like C, Q, W, X and Y are not very common in Danish words. You usually find them in words that have been taken from other languages and adopted into Danish words. For example: campingvogn (means a caravan or winnebego type vehicle, taken from the english word camping and the danish word car).

If you want to learn more about prononciation and get a feel for the sounds, check out

Here is how the Danish alphabet sounds

A a - a

B b - be

C c - se

D d - d

E e - e

F f - æf

G g -ge

H h - hå

I i - i

J j - jåd

K k - kå

L l - æl

M m - æm

N n - æn

O o - o

P p - pe

Q q - ku

R r - ær

S s - æs

T t - te

U u - u

V v - ve

W w - dobbelt ve

X x - æks

Y y - y

Z z - sæt

Æ æ - æ

Ø ø - ø

Å å - å /aa

If you want to learn more about prononciation and get a feel for the sounds, check out Speak Danish or MutltiDansk where you can hear various prononciations of stories, numbers, etc..

Try practicing using the Danish Alphabet with these useful Danish Phrases.

Want to learn more about the Danish Lanuage, how about Danish Numbers and Time - yes they are different.

Here are some good sources for teaching yourself Danish before you get to Denmark.

Talk Now Learn Danish: Essential Words and Phrases for Absolute Beginners - This CD-ROM contains essential words and phrases for absolute beginners. It is basic, but a really good foundation for those who just want to learn how to get started.


Colloquial Danish: The Complete Course for Beginners - an introduction to spoken and written Danish. Includes a course book containing dialogues, grammatical notes, exercises and cultural information, together with two cassettes with recordings of some of the dialogues and exercises.

***Very good course!


Teach Yourself Complete Danish (TY Complete Courses) - Are you looking for a complete course in Danish which takes you effortlessly from beginner to confident speaker? Whether you are starting from scratch, or are just out of practice, Complete Danish will guarantee success!


Gyldendal's English-Danish and Danish-English Mini Dictionary A modern and comprehensive dictionary with over 40,000 entries. Plasticised paperback cover to ensure it lasts and even a small phrasebook section in the middle.

Gyldendal is the most respected and comprehensive Danish/English Dictionary. Don't settle for less.


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