English Books in Denmark

How many times have I found myself looking for English books in Denmark to buy!

I love to curl up with a good book on those cold winter evenings?

I can easily spend an afternoon engrossed in a good book. Now, I personally enjoy fiction and find it easier to get into the lives of fictional characters than those of non- fictional. I do enjoy non-fiction, but it seems to take more concentration and sometimes history is just a bit too depressing.

The problem with being an English speaking expat is finding books to read in English. I can read Danish, but it is more work than relaxation. I read Danish books when I want to work on my language and reading skills. So when I want to relax, I do so with a book written in my native language. Don't you?

Books in Denmark are not cheap -- usually about 100-150 kroner for a new paperback and about 60 kroner for a good used one. That is not to say you can’t find them cheaper – it is just harder.

Below are some ideas for finding books in Denmark without having to pay ridiculous bookstore prices!

So instead of worrying about the rain, snow and cold winds of winter, pick up a good book and wile away the hours and enjoy life in Denmark. 

Finding English Books in Denmark

There are many places to find english books in Denmark. You can start by visiting the new and used book stores in your area. Copenhagen, Arhus, Aalborg and Odense all have large university populations, which helps stimulate the need for English books, more so than in other parts of the country. Most of them do stock some English novels. 

Next try looking at some of the auction style sites in Denmark.

  1. QXL: is a good Danish auction site to find English books. It does not offer an English version, so you may wish to use google translate to make the site easier to understand. You can copy and paste the complete page url into google translate and get a English version back.
  2. DBA: Den Blå Avis started as  free paper that has lots of things to buy.  It is now an online site owned by ebay yet it is not an auction site.  People can list ads for free on this site and sell to anyone. There are no fees nor feedback so site is run on trust.  This is a great resource for finding bargains on all sorts of things, including furniture, household goods, electronices, automobiles, clothes, etc.. They do have a section for books.  Search for either engelsk bøger or english books.
  3. Gul og Gratis: Similiar to DBA is Gul og Gratis, which is also an online site, which is very good. You can find many various things on this site and there are some ads in English as well as Danish.

Auction sites outside of Denmark that are also good, especially if you buy in bulk and get bulk shipping.

  1. Amazon.co.uk - buying from Amazon can be expensive with shipping costs, yet it is a great site for finding hard to find books
  2.  Ebay UK. Since it is in English, it is easy to find what you want and postage rates from the UK are low enough to make it worth buying, especially if you buy several books. You also do not have to pay import duty since it is part of the EU. You can also use other ebay sites like Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.
  3. Ebid is another auction outlet for obtaining other language books.
  4. We have reopened our little book shop again. With over a few thousand books, we have decided to sell again on the Danish market.  A lot of our books are specialized, but if interested check out some of the books below. It will take a bit of time to get them all listed, so check back and see what is new. All our books are listed on DBA and many are on Gul og Gratis, search for english books.

Main Book Page


Lovemaking Guides

Motivational Books Page 1

Motivational Books Page 2

Motivational Books Page 3

Motivational Books Page 4

Schaum's Outline Series

Science Fiction Books Page 1

Science Fiction Books Page 2

Science Fiction Books Page 3

Self Improvement Books

Speakers, Books for Professional

Other places to sort your books are:

  1. Your local library. More and more Danish libraries are increasing their stock of English literature. Even if they are not in stock in your town, they can often be ordered from other libraries. All libraries in Denmark have a book sharing scheme.
  2. Expat sites and groups: Many expat groups have things for sale when they move or clearing out stuff. Worth checking them out.
  3. Genbrug shops (charity shops) are everywhere in Denmark. Their selection is often old and limited, but we have come across many good books in our travels.
  4. Flea markets, garage sales, etc. - on most weekends you can find flea markets called loppemarkeder. They are fun and interesting places to roam for goodies and bargains.
  5. Online bookshops. Try out some of the online bookshops like SAXO.com or www.pensum.dk.
  6. Finally if all else fails, contact us directly on the contact page - we always have stacks of good quality used english books for sale.

Remember, when buying anything within the EU, you can avoid paying import taxes. Anything from the US or outside the EU will require you to pay import duty, so calculate that into your purchase prices.

english-books-denmarkStacks of English Books in Denmark

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