Relocating to Denmark:
Expat Relocation Tips


When I was first relocating to Denmark, I learned a lot of things the hard way and wish I someone had given me some of these tips to smooth the way.

So, I thought I would pass these ideas along to you and help your relocation run a bit smoother. We did all these things on our last move and it made a big difference.

First, here is a short practical list of things to do before relocating to Denmark.  We have also compiled an excellent moving guide and planning guide to help guide your relocation to Denmark.

Spread the Word – “I’m Relocating to Denmark” : It is very important to let everyone you deal with know that you are relocating, including friends and family, of course.

More important are all the financial institutions and other businesses you deal with: credit card companies, banks, loan companies, insurance agencies, subscription magazines, clubs, newspapers, charities, department stores, doctors, dentists, optometrists, the government offices (tax obligations and refunds), etc.

Everyone will have his/her own unique list, and the best way to make sure you contact everyone is to go through your bills for the last year or two and see with whom you still do business. Also, check your address book and email accounts.

Many people forget to notify the Internet sites with which they do business. If you shop online, have you updated your address with those companies? This can be done when you get to Denmark, but it is best to try and get things like this done before you arrive.

Keep a list of those you have contacted so you can update and double-check. If you get a bill that is past due because it could not get to you overseas, there can be a hefty late penalty fee!

Before relocating to Denmark, get change of address forms and send them out early.

Tip: When filling out a change of address card at the post office, you may wish to leave a local forwarding address with someone you trust. They can sort through any mail and forward just the important pieces.

Before we did that, we got lots of junk mail forwarded to us and had to pay extra for mail that was just immediately recycled.

Tip: Did you know that it might be illegal to take something out of your home country if that item is being financed or has a loan / lien against it; for example, bringing a car you’re still making payments on? Check with your finance company to see if it is legal to take certain items when relocating to Denmark. This can include furniture, jewelry, etc., so make sure.

More Relocating to Denmark Tips 

Money, Money, Money Transfer money to a bank in Denmark a few weeks before relocating to Denmark, so that you know that you have funds available when you arrive.

It can sometimes take weeks for a check to clear, and you do not want to be unable to withdraw funds.

Also, leave funds in your bank at home, so you can pay any outstanding debts without having to do it from Denmark (which will be an additional expense). Having Internet banking at home and abroad can alleviate many of these hassles.

Most companies in Denmark pay their employees via direct deposit, so you might not receive a check. If you don’t have a bank account, you won’t get paid. Learn more about banking in Denmark.

“Give ’Em Power ” Give someone you trust at home “power of attorney” over your affairs. Having someone who can sign for things at home and take care of business matters so you don’t have to fly home from Denmark can be a lifesaver.

Leave copies of important documents like passports, birth certificates, bank records, insurance policies, etc., with a trusted friend in case of problems. If you have a safe deposit box, P.O. box or storage units, give them keys so they have access to them.

What’s Up, Doc? Get medical insurance for you and your family. Denmark does not provide free medical to all expats arriving in Denmark, and you have to prove that you are covered. Also, bring copies of your medical and dental records, including medicines you need or take, medical history, doctors’ names and contact information (email addresses, too).

Is It Legal? Denmark customs is not very strict, but there are some things which are illegal to bring into Danmark. Certain plants and foods are not allowed.

Since the list changes often, you should always check with Danish customs to see what is banned. Simple things such as plants, seeds, and certain foods can get you into trouble. Don’t be naïve when relocating to Denmark – if in doubt, check.

Get Covered Just like the advice above regarding medical insurance, you should make sure you have coverage for your car and home. Get a letter of recommendation from your insurance company – especially if you have a good record – and also your home insurance company.

Most Danish insurance companies do not check foreign / expat records and just give you a higher premium. If you have a letter of recommendation from home, it might be possible to save some money.

These are just a few of the things that many people relocating to Denmark forget to do and often wish they had thought of before boarding that plane.

You should also read "What to Bring to Denmark” and learn what many people forget to bring and later wish they had and also what they brought with them that they wish they hadn’t!

I also suggest you read and follow out relocating to Denmark get started guide, which will help you overcome many of the obstacles an expat facing when first coming to Denmark.

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