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Thinking of becoming an expat in Denmark? Well than FYIDenmark can help you make that transition. We are NOT a moving company or job agency, nor do we provide personal services to those who are coming to Denmark to explore a new life. FYI Denmark is an information portal, where we try to provide relevant information, links and guidance to help you along your path to integration in Denmark.

FYI Denmark, Expat  in Denmark information for people who are either moving or already living and working in Denmark. Every move abroad is full of surprises – good and bad – and it does not matter how much you prepare, there will always be something unexpected. That does not mean you cannot do some due diligence and make the transition much easier.

From one expat to another, we want to help you settle in and enjoy life here. Denmark has a lot to offer and the more you know, the quicker you will overcome the Culture Shock and begin to feel like this is your home.

First, let me tell you that Denmark is a great country to live and work, yet it is also rated as the second hardest European country to settle in among 64 other countries that participated in a recent study.

Below you will find our most popular pages that expats find most useful to making their expat lives in Denmark easier and include links for more detailed information which may be needed for your personal situation.  Read the information and check out any of the relevant links (some may be in Danish, so use google translate if needed), so that you can make well informed decisions.

As you come across various challenges, learn patience, especially when dealing with the government, both local and national.  Come back often and you will learn more and some things that seemed impossible will make more sense.

I would suggest you start with either the Everyday Life overview page or the Getting Started in Denmark guide. Both pages are jammed packed with vital information and links. Or you can just browse and use the search boxes to find the things you are must in need of knowing or looking for.   

Welcome to Denmark!

General Denmark Information

Before you get started as an expat in Denmark, maybe you would like to learn a little bit about your new home. A little bit of background knowledge will help you acclimate yourself and your family to this wonderful country. Read more here.

Getting Started as an expat in Denmark

Getting off to a good start with your move to Denmark by following the advice and going through the right channels. Crucial mistakes can derail your expat life and have costly delays.  Learn more here.

Finding Housing in Denmark

Housing is probably one of the hardest things to find as an expat in Denmark. The lack of available apartments and housing can be a daunting task, even for Danes.   These articles will help you navigate the housing market and hopefully get you that place you want and get it quickly. Read more here.

Mastering the public transportation system in Denmark

Public transportation in Denmark is very good, yet mastering its many nuances can be an overwhelming task and many people give up. Let us help you understand how easy it can be, it just a bit of guidance and you will soon be zooming around Denmark without any trouble or worse "huge" fines for being unaware. Start off right ... click here.

Finding a job in Denmark

As an expat in Denmark, it is always best to have a job lined up before you arrive in Denmark.  It is easier to get a residency permit, bank account and housing and other things if you are employed. If you are looking for work, than let us give you some advice on how to find work when you come to Denmark. We do not hire people or accept any kind of job applications via this site, yet can direct you to Danish job sites, advice on unions and much more- read more.

Understanding the Danish Healthcare System

Health care is a right to all citizens in Denmark and as an expat you can also expect to have access to good health care, yet if you do not go about it the right way, you may find yourself in a situation where you are not covered or can not get the right care. Protect your health by learning how the health care system in Denmark works. Read more here.

Everyday life in Denmark

Everyday life in Denmark can be exhilarating and challenging. In order to get the most out of your expat life in Denmark, learn how everyday life works - from shopping to leisure activities, education to holidays and much more. We try to help you understand what life in Denmark is like for Danes and how you, as an expat in Denmark, can be part of it and make it part of your life too. Learn how here.

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FYI Denmark Expat Information

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What every expat in Denmark needs. Without this you can not exist in Denmark.

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Halloween has another name - Fastelavn.

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