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FYI Denmark - Expat in Denmark

Thinking of becoming an expat in Denmark? Well than FYIDenmark can help you make that transition. We are NOT a moving company or job agency, nor do we provide personal services to those who are coming to Denmark to explore a new life. FYI Denmark is an information portal, where we try to provide relevant information, links and guidance to help you along your path to integration in Denmark.

FYI Denmark, Expat  in Denmark information for people who are either moving or already living and working in Denmark for the first time. Every move abroad is full of surprises – good and bad – and it does not matter how much you prepare, there will always be something unexpected. That does not mean you cannot do some due diligence and make the transition much easier.

At FYI Denmark, we have tried to include as much practical information to help people make this transition easier. Since we do NOT represent any government agency, our advice is from our own and other expats practical experience and knowledge of the Danish system. Any legal matters regarding Visas, Residence Permits, taxes, etc. need to be taken up with the government agency. This website is a guide to help you find the right information and learn how to live and work in Denmark.

Who is an EXPAT? An expat or expatriate is any person who is moving from their home country to another country to live and work. Being an expat can involve a lot of lifestyle changes and learning many new ways of coping with everyday life. For many expats in Denmark, just mastering the transportation system is a nightmare. We can help you with that and soon you will be traversing the country like a natural Dane.

From one expat to another, we want to help you settle in and enjoy life here. Denmark has a lot to offer and the more you know, the quicker you will overcome the Culture Shock and begin to feel like this is your home.

First, let me tell you that Denmark is a great country to live and work, yet it is also rated as the second hardest European country to settle in among 64 other countries that participated in a recent study.

There are many reasons for that poor result, yet a lot of it comes down to the way Danes have grown up and their attitude towards to making new friends.  Danes grow up with their life long friends and often do not welcome many new people into their tight social circles. You can read more about it here. Another reason is an obvious one and that is language and social customs. These are all hurdles that can be overcome, yet if you are expecting lots of friends and easy conversation in your native language, you will be in for a surprise.  Danes are friendly and helpful people, yet there is a certain barrier between being friendly and being your friend. Making friends with the Danes takes time, yet you will find many other expat in Denmark, who are willing to be friends and soon you will build up your own social circle and that will include Danes. 

Below are lots of various tips, including  things you Need to do and things you Should do in order to get your expat in Denmark life off on the right foot. FYIDenmark can not guarantee this is all you will need to do, since everyone's life will be different and have various needs and desires. Many things will be determined by your job and where you reside in Denmark. Also some people will be more financially constrained than others, while some people may be here for an education and others for retirement.  There are hundreds of pages of information on FYIDenmark and we try to add new information quite often. Some information can change quickly, so the advice given is just that - advice and guidance.  We can not promise that everything is up to date, especially when rules and regulations can change from week to week.

Read the information and check out any of the relevant links (some may be in Danish, so use google translate if needed), so that you can make well informed decisions. You will come across many obstacles and will have to learn patience, especially when dealing with the government, both local and national.  

So let’s get started.  I would suggest you start with either the Everyday Life overview page or the Getting Started in Denmark guide. Both pages are jammed packed with vital information and links. Or you can just browse and use the search boxes to find the things you are must in need of knowing or looking for.   

Welcome to Denmark!

P.S. If you have any helpful advice, please contact us and share your tips and ideas. Every expat in Denmark has something to offer, and by helping each other we can make life here so much better. Expat life is difficult, but others have done it and so can YOU!

Popular Expat in Denmark Pages

Getting Started

Let's start by telling you some of the steps you need to take, if you have decided to become part of the Denmark expat experience.

Public transportation is one of the hardest things to master as an expat and we cover all forms of transportation from bicycles to trains and everything in between.


Finding a home

Learn about the type of housing available in Denmark and also some common terms you will find in announcements and contracts.

If you do not already have a job in Denmark, than your priority should be to get a job as soon as possible, since many things depend on working status.



Denmark has a great public health care system, which is based on you paying your taxes, so see what you get and do not get for your kroner!

Everyday Life

Here is an idea of how life as expat in Denmark works and some helpful tips to get control of the various facets of living in Denmark.  Take a look.

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