Expats in Denmark

There are many groups for expats in Denmark, so any expat in Denmark should be able find friends and contacts.

Being new to Denmark can be very hard on many expats, especially if they are not working, accompanying spouses or staying home with children. It does not take long to feel isolated and lost in your new country. That is why it so helpful to be able to contact other expats and socialize with others.

Over the past few years the expat network community has grown by leaps and bounds and you should be able to find a group near you. Even if you live outside of Copenhagen!

Below is a list of groups for expats in Denmark, that I know about and will add others as I hear about them. If you have a group that is not listed, please inform me and I will include it.

Groups are listed alphabetically and not in order of size or importance, so please read through the whole list and find one that will suit your needs best.

Hey, you can join them all if you like and fit into their criteria. And if you have the time! Remember some are free to join, while others have membership fees.

Expats in Denmark Groups Contact List

All Canuck is an expat social networking group for Canadians expats in Denmark. Membership is free and is run by volunteers. They have a blog site which lists upcoming events usually held in Copenhagen. Check them out at . Site is in english and french.

The American Club: The purpose of the Club is to foster goodwill between the people of Denmark and the United States, and to promote and encourage mutual interests of the two nations. With around 400 members, The American Club in Copenhagen cultivates business, professional, social and cultural relationships among Americans, Danes and other members of the international community in Denmark. Application is require and there is a 400 kroner per year membership fee for individuals.

American Women's Club in Arhus: The club was founded in 1991 to strengthen contact between Americans, those with ties to the U.S.A. And women from other English speaking countries . Socializing and speaking English are important to the members, but the club also serves as a support group and an important source of information about Danish culture. As of 2015 the website is not active, so not sure if they still meet.

Copehagen International Rotary Club / CIRC is a rotary club in Denmark which consists of equal part Danes and Expats. The language spoken is English and consists of business professionals, who meet and network each Monday evening to help each other and give advice. Must apply for membership. Runs like most Rotary Clubs and you can also access other Rotary Clubs in Denmark via their website.

Danish Irish Society: The aims of the society are to develop social and cultural relations between Ireland and Denmark and celebrate the Irish National Day (Saint Patrick’s Day). Mission: Organize and promote social and cultural events of Irish interest. Vision: To be an active supporter of Irish social and cultural events in Denmark. Free to be a member, newsletter cost 100kr per year.

Danish Belgium Association / Dansk Belgisk Selskab: The Belgian-Danish association was established in 1924 to promote the cultural, industrial and trade relations between Denmark and Belgium. All Belgian expats in Denmark and members of their families and other interested persons who want closer contact with Belgium and Denmark are welcome as members of our association.

Expat in Denmark: The ultimate aim of Expat in Denmark is to make Denmark a more attractive place to work, to live, and to stay. By setting up and maintaining national, regional and local expat networks, we hope to benefit both companies that hire foreign professionals, the foreign professionals themselves as well as their accompanying families.

Expat Lolland Falster Every month, on the last Wednesday, Galleri Heike Arndt hosts a small get-together for expats in Denmark and danes with global minds living on Lolland Falster. This site has been down for a while, so if anyone knows if the group still meets, let us know and will update their link.

Holstebro International: If you are an expat living in or around the Holstebro Municipality, you should check out this new group. They are a group of foreigners who get together on a regular basis for all sorts of different activities and meetings. We try to organize events that are also children friendly. Free to join.

Indians in Denmark or IID is a group with a strong force to reckon with in Denmark and hopefully in all of Scandinavia. A group that can stand up for Indians if need should arise, and also a group that offers every Indian in this region, the power to face any adverse situation to his or her professional and social life, caused by any political or social situation. Membership fee of 50 DKR.

International Association Struer was founded deccember 14th 2009. The associations aims are: "to use athletic, cultural, and social activities to enhance awareness of international society, to promote, Struer's international environment, and to strengthen community cohesion across linguistic, national and ethnic lines".

International Christian Community is an international church based in Copenhagen. It is interdenominational english speaking church representing almost 50 expat nationalities from all walks of life, and exists to help members get in touch with God, and others.

International Community Arhus is here to support international employees and their families during their stay in the Aarhus region. Our venture to create social and professional networks to the benefit of expats in Denmark encompasses a wide range of events, seminars and online activities. We also offer support to companies in their efforts to recruit and retain international employees. Membership is free.

International Society is a community for internationally minded people working or living in the area of Herning & Ikast-Brande Kommune. We share our experiences on how to overcome cross-cultural barriers and help newcomers to integrate faster in our community. The society organizes activities for expats in Denmark including international workers, students, their accompanying family members, international Danes, companies and everyone who is open to becoming a part of a social network.

The International Women’s Club of Copenhagen is a philanthropic, non-political and non-profit making organisation. The objectives are to welcome and assist newcomers and their families to Denmark. Also, to enhance the members’ knowledge of Denmark through tours to historical and cultural sights, lectures on topical issues and other activities and support philanthropic projects, especially those of an international nature. Membership per application only.

JCI (Junior Chamber International) is a membership-based nonprofit organization of 200,000 young people ages 18 to 40 in 5,000 communities and more than 100 countries around the world. Each JCI Member shares the belief that in order to create lasting positive change, we must improve ourselves and the world around us. We seek targeted solutions to the unique problems in our communities to build a better world, creating global impact. Membership fee 1800 kr per year.

LINK : The Ladies' International Network København is a voluntary network of women from countries all over the world who gather through LINK to build a social network. LINK is purely social and informal in nature - our aim is to aid members in developing their circle of friends and contacts through joint activities and shared interests. Membership fee 300kr per year.

Lemvig International: Are you a new expat in Lemvig, or would you like to expand your personal network? We have informal meetings and activities in other languages than Danish. Any language is allowed, and everyone is welcome. As the Danish saying goes, "En fremmed er en ven som du ikke har mødt endnu" (A stranger is a friend you haven't met yet), so don't be a stranger, and join our group. 21 members

NytNetværk Sønderborg: This is a mentor program for expats in Denmark and sponsored by the NytNetværk Sønderborg Mentor programme. Their aim is to help new immigrants get jobs and further their education. They also help expats gain a better understanding of norms and values in the Danish work place. Mentors are all volunteer Danes with strong roots and connections. Website is only in Danish, so use google translate for a better understanding.  Webiste is down at this time but you can try https://expatviden.dk/da/Initiativer/CaseFolder/NytNetvaerk-Soenderborg.aspx or contact   info@nyt/netvaerk.dk.               

NZ Vikings: Northern Europe’s #1 Kiwi network! – We provide a network for the NZ community here in Denmark and greater Scandinavia. Whether you are an individual, a family or associated with a business, our goal is the same; to connect you and your friends, family or business partners with the network of kiwis currently residing in Scandinavia. Throughout the site we hope you'll find a topical and constant source of information regarding kiwi activities, events and goings' on within the kiwi community in Denmark and Scandinavia.

PANGEA – Copenhagen International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual Network is a sociopolitical group of expats in Denmark, which main aim is connecting expats living in Copenhagen (the Öresund) either for a short period or for good.is an international network for living in Copenhagen.

Serate-Italiane: They are a group of expats in Denmark from different ages, countries, and backgrounds who enjoy meeting based on on a common interest in the Italian culture. Membership is free. Site is in Italian. Does have translations links but they work on some of the content.

Southern Cross Club is a social club for Aussies and Kiwis living in Denmark. Their goal is to provide members with a network, organise get-togethers and events where, as a club, expats can have some fun and keep in touch with what's going on downunder. Membership is 100 kr per year.

Struer International Living is a reception unit for foreign employees and students in the Municipality of Struer. The aim of Struer International Living is to develop the profile of the municipality of Struer as an open municipality that welcomes everyone regardless of nationality. Among other things, it is based on the assumption that we need to create networks and involvement among local volunteers, associations, local businesses, the municipality and the newcomers. Their website is down at this time, yet you can search for them on facebook under their name.

U.S. Women’s Club of Fyn / USWF was founded by a small group of women in 1984. Since then, we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know hundreds of members and their families – strengthening ties and making a difference in our community. The club seeks to strengthen contact among Americans living on Fyn, provide information and encouragement to English-speaking newcomers, create opportunities for sharing American holidays and traditions and reach out internationally by supporting organizations that children. Membership 275 per year.

Project Working and Living in Horsens & Hedensted has been established to welcome international workers, expats in Denmark and their families to Horsens and Hedensted and as a help to make the work and life conditions easier and more attractive. Therefore, this web site is a guide on how to get a good start as an international family in Horsens and Hedensted. (looks like their webpage has been taken down, so not sure if the project still exists. You need to contact the kommune for more information.)  

The project Working in Lemvig is here to help foreign expats in Denmark who have chosen to work in the municipality of Lemvig. Events and information meetings are reguraly held for internationals living in Lemvig and the surrounding areas. (looks like their webpage has been taken down, so not sure if the project still exists. You need to contact the kommune for more information.) 

Worktrotter is a network of international professionals aimed at making the settling process in Denmark easier.

Aarhus Internationals is a social network, run by volunteers, for international professionals working in and around Aarhus. International graduate students (msc.phd) or mature students at Aarhus University are also very welcome to join. We also have a number of local Danes who have lived abroad and enjoy a international culture. Expats in Denmark hoping to practice their Danish/English  language skills are particularly welcome! 

You can find more helpful information for expats in Denmark here.

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