Ferries in Denmark

There are lots of ferries in Denmark (known as færger or bilfærger in Danish), which will help reduce your driving time and expenses. It is often cheaper and quicker to take a ferry, than to pay bridge tolls and petrol costs.

Many of these ferries are actually quite short and may only cross a mile or two of water between two points of land, but you would have to drive maybe another hour if they didnt exist.

There are presently 21 different major ferry lines servicing Denmark, most within the country but a few also go to Sweden, Poland, Great Britain, Norway and Germany. Not all the smaller companies are included in that list. Check out International Ferries

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Ferry Companies in Denmark

Here is a list of the 21 Ferry Companies that operate all the ferries in Denmark.

When booking a reservation on any of the ferries in Denmark, it is always best to use the website versus calling them. If you call they will quite often tell you to make the reservation online. You can actually get better prices online than calling.

Also make sure you understand how early you need to arrive before departure. If you arrive late, you will have to wait for the next ferry.

Below I will give you the various routes and which company services those routes.

Anholt Færgefart www.anholtfergen.dk / Tlf:8632 3600

Barsø Færgen www.barsoefaergen.dk / Tlf:73 76 88 0

Bornholms Trafikken  (now part of Mols Linien) / Tlf: 89 52 52 53

Color Line www.colorline.dk / Tlf:99 56 20 00

DFDS Seaways www.dfdsseaways.dk / Tlf:33 42 30 82

Fjord Line www.fjordline.dk / Tlf:97 96 30 00

Færgen Bitten www.faergen-bitten.dk / Tlf:74 45 28 00

Færgeselskabet Vestsjælland www.faergevest.dk / Tlf:58 19 53 11

HH Ferries www.hhferries.dk / Tlf:49 26 01 55 (now part of Scanlines)

Læso Linien www.laesoe-line.dk / Tlf:9849 9022

Mols-Linien www.mols-linien.dk / Tlf: 89 52 52 53

Romø-Sylt Linien www.syltfaehre.de / Tlf:73 75 53 03

Samsø Linien www.samsoetrafikken.dk / Tlf:7010 1744

Scanlines www.scanlines.dk / Tlf:33 15 15 15

Små Færger www.smaa-faergerne.dk / Tlf: 96 84 08 38

Stena Lines www.stenaline.dk / Tlf:96 200 200

Venø Færgefart www.venoefaergefart.dk / Tlf:97 86 80 44

Ø-Færgen www.oefaergen.com  / Tlf:6261 2307

Aeøfærgerne www.aeroe-ferry.dk / Tlf:62524000

Aarø www.tunoefaergen.dk / Tlf:86 55 34 41

Ferries in Denmark / Routes and Lines

samsø ferrySamsø Ferry

Here is a list of all the various ferries in Denmark routes, where a ferry is the most direct route. You can click directly on the route to take you to the booking page for more details.

I have included codes next to the port names to help you understand where the various towns are located in Denmark.

(J) will mean Jutland, which is on the west part of Denmark on the Jutland Penninsula.

(S) means Sjaelland which is the eastern part of Denmark where Copenhagen is located and the majority of Danes live.

(N) means Nykobing Falster, which is the southern island below Sjaelland.

(F) is for Funen/Fyn which is the island between Sjaelland and Jutland, where Odense is located.

(A) is for Als, which is in the southern part of Denmark, just north of the border.

(L) is Langeland which is between Als and Nykobing Falster.

(LL) is Lolland, just west of Nykobing Falster.

If it says ((I), that means it is one of the many small islands off the coast of Denmark.

(B) is Bornholm, which is a large island east of Denmark.

Please remember to check the map of denmark to find out where the ferries in Denmark are traveling from and to.

Bøjden (A) - Fynshav (F) - 50 minutes

Køge(S) - Rønne (B) - 6 hours

Ebeltoft (J) - Sjællands Odde(S) - 45 minutes

Tårs(L) - Spodsbjerg(N) - 45 minutes

Århus(J) - Kalundborg(S) - 40 minutes

Århus(J) - Sjællands Odde(S) - 65 minutes

Ballebro(A) - Hardeshøj(A) - 10 minutes

Barsø Landing(J) - Barsø(I) - 15 minutes

Esbjerg(J) - Fanø(I) - 12 minutes

Frederikshavn(J) - Læsø(I) - 90 minutes

Fur(I) - Branden(J) - 4 minutes

Grenaa(J) - Anholt(I) - 2 hrs 45 minutes

Hals(J) - Egense(J) - 5 minutes

Hou(J) - Samsø(I) - 50 minutes

Hou(J) - Tunø(I) - 1 hour

Mellerup(J) - Voer(J).......... Udbyhøj Færgefart I/S - 4 minutes

NOTE: The Mellerup/Voer Ferry is the oldest ferry in Denmark and it is an actual cable ferry. You are pulled across by a cable. Very unique and worth the ride. Hey it is only 15 kroner each way - so if you are in the area - have a go!

Mors(I/J) - Thy(J) - 5 minutes

Rønbjerg(J) - Livø(I) - 20 minutes

Snaptun(J) - Endelave(I)   - 1 hour

Snaptun(J) - Hjarnø(I) - 10 minutes

Thyborøn(J) - Agger(J) - 10 minutes

Udbyhøj Nord(J)- Syd(J).......... Udbyhøj Færgefart I/S - 5 minutes

Fynshav (A) - Søby(L) - 70 minutes

Aalborg(J) - Egholm(I) - 5 minutes

Aarøsund(J) - Aarø(I) - 10 minutes

Assens(F) - Bågø(I) - 29 minutes

Faaborg(F) - Lyø - Avernakø(I) - 1 hour 10 minutes to Lyø

Faaborg(F) - Søby(L) - 1 hour

Svendborg(F) - Skarø-Drejø(I)- 30 minutes

Svendborg(F) - Ærøskøbing(I) - 1 hour 15 minutes

Hammerbakke(S) - Orø(I) - 5 minutes

Havnsø(S) - Nekselø(I)  - ?

Havnsø(S) - Sejerø(I) - ?

Holbæk(S)-Orø(I) - 30 min

Hundested(S)-Rørvig(S) - 25 minutes

Helsingør(S)-Helsingborg, Sweden

Kalundborg(S) - Samsø (I) - 50 minutes

Stigsnæs(S) - Agersø(I)

København(S) - Hven(Swedish I)

Stignæs(S) - Omø(I)

Sølager(S) - Kulhuse(S) - 8 minutes

Bandholm(LL) - Askø(I) - 25 minutes

Kragenæs(LL) - Fejø(I) - 15 minutes

Kragenæs(LL) - Femø(I) - 50 minutes

Stubbekøbing(N) - Bogø(I) - 12 minutes

Rudkøbing(L) - Marstal(I) - 60 minutes

Rudkøbing(L) - Strynø(I) - 30 minutes

Venø(I) - Kleppen(J) - 4 minutes

ferries in denmark

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