4000 kroner dentist bill for 13yr old


My daughter, a Danish citizen was handed a dentist bill for over 4000 kr. We have dental insurance, and was told that our daughter can visit our dentist for free. Apparently that is not the case with private dentists. She was charged that amount for two fillings. She is 13 yrs old. Unless we have been lied to, private dentist in Denmark is not free for children. We were told only the school clinics are free, by our dentist.

My experience would lead my to believe that the stuff written here about free dentist for children, is not exactly correct information.

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Mar 21, 2019
Dental care for children in Denmark
by: Charlie

Dental care is free for children in Denmark, but if you do go to a private dentist you need to talk to them about any possible fees. Your daughter can get FREE dental care at her school or can get referred to a dentist via her school.

If the dentist does not have an agreement with the kommune you can be liable for 35% of the cost. If you choose a privat dentist for your children and you want reimbursement for part of the payment you must contact the kommune before you go. Call your local kommune for assistance in your above situation and see if they can help.

Some due diligence on your behalf should be taken. This site is not meant to be an all inclusive site with ALL the answers. This is a guide for you to use to help expats navigate getting into Danish society.

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4000 kroner dentist bill for 13yr old 
My daughter, a Danish citizen was handed a dentist bill for over 4000 kr. We have dental insurance, and was told that our daughter can visit our dentist …

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