Things to do in Frederikshavn

frederikshavn attractions

If you are looking for things to do in Frederikshavn, I have included a list of places to see, possible activities and and places to rent equipment if needed. Hopefully, some of these ideas will help you plan your holiday or visit to the area.

The list of things to do in Frederikshavn also includes attractions within 50 miles driving distance, like in Skagen and Hirtshals. I have also included activities for Læsø, which is an island off the east coast, which you reach by taking a ferry from Frederikshavn. Well worth a visit - try out the Iceland Horseback Riding on the Beach!

Popular things to do in Frederikshavn

Action House, Industrivej 1, 9480 Løkken is a large indoor amusement park with games, bowling,go kart track and disco. Great for a rainy day activity. Tel.: 99 67 67 10

Bangsbo Fort, Understedvej 21, 9900 Frederikshavn is a fort originally built by the Germans to protect their supply lines to Norway, filled with canons and history about the fort, great views , bunker for children – child friendly tales about Hitler Tel.: 98 42 31 11

Bangsbo Museum and Park,Dr. Margrethesvej 6, 9900 Frederikshavn houses the history of the resistance movement, historical ships, wagons and other memorabilia from the areas history Tel.: 98 42 31 11

Bunkermuseum, 10th Battery, Fyret 2, 9850 Hirtshals is the only remaining intact German bunker from WWII, which includes 3.5 km of trenches and rooms linked to them, very interesting exhibit, Tel.: 96 24 10 50

Craftsman Museum, Mosbjergvej 3B, Bindslev, 9881 Bindslev is a small museum showing the old crafts of shoemaking, joinery and other trades, Tel.: 98 93 89 60

Frederikshavn Kunst Museum, (Art Museum), Parallelvej 14, 9900 Frederikshavn houses a large collection of books and paintings, Tel.: 96 22 56 25

Funhouse, Apholmenvej 40, 9900 Frederikshavn, rainy day things to do in Frederikshavn has to be this indoor activity center for the young children with bouncy castles, games, billiards and other indoor games. Tel.: 98 42 93 50

Fårup Sommerland, Pirupvejen 1479492 Blokhus - this is an amusement park with lots of roller coasters, waterslides, rafting, movie theater, games, etc. that is quite popular with Danish children, lots of activities to keep and adults entertained all day, about 80 km from Frederikshavn, but well worth the hours drive over on the west coast of Denmark.

Gimlegaard, Løkkenvej 461, 9700 Brønderslev is like stepping back in time and learning about how the Vikings lived, Tel.: 41262587

Hurlumhejhuset, Farøvej 2, 9800 Hjørring has lots of activities for the whole family including bouncy castles, arcade games, pool table, air-hockey, 2-storey climbing wall with labyrinth, etc. Tel.: 21 24 20 15

Krudttårnet, Kragholmen 2, 9900 Frederikshavn was the central building in th4e citadel Fladstrand and a strategic military base with canons on the top floor,the tower was used as a base by the naval hero, Tordenskiold, during the Northern War.Tel.: 98 43 19 19

Læsø Saltsyderi, Hornfiskrønvej 3, 9940 Læsø is where you can see a real salt mine in action creating sea salt, Tel.: 98 49 13 55

Minibyen Sæby, Solsbækvej 39, 9300 Sæby . Here craftsmans recreate some of the original homes from around 1900 in 1:10 scale, interesting to walk around the town, P.S. Please do not step on the small people! Tel.: +45 98 46 36 95

Nordsøen Akvaium, Willemosevej 2, 9850 Hirtshal, Europe’s biggest aquarium, Tel.: 98 94 41 88

Wait is that all there is to do here. No,  you can find many more things to do in Frederikshavn here.

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