Ticket Prices

Here is a list of current ticket prices for rejsekort and single tickets in the Copenhagen area. These are not the prices for other cities like Aalborg and Aarhus. Please check out that information on our city pages.

Note: This page was updated  December 2018.

Also, if you are going to be living in Denmark and using public transport alot, you may want to check out some of the special passes available.

Now here are your klippekort prices:

  • A regular 2-zone ticket price bought from a machine will cost 24.00 kroner. If you use a rejsekort, the cost is 15 kroner.
  • A regular 3-zone ticket bought from a machine will cost 36.00 kroner. If you use a rejsekort, the cost is 20 kroner.
  • A regular 4-zone ticket bought from a machine will cost 48.00 kroner. If you use a rejsekort, the cost is 26 kroner.
  • A regular 5-zone ticket bought from a machine will cost 60.00 kroner. If you use a rejsekort, the cost is 32 kroner.
  • A regular 6-zone ticket bought from a machine will cost 68.00 kroner. If you use a rejsekort, the cost is 38 kroner.

  • A regular 7-zone ticket bought from a machine will cost 76.00 kroner. If you use a rejsekort, the cost is 43 kroner.
  • A regular 8-zone ticket bought from a machine will cost  84.00 kroner. If you use a rejsekort, the cost is 48 kroner.
  • An all-zone ticket bought from a machine will cost 130.00 kroner. IThis pass is valid for 24 hours from the time it is activated and is good for zones 1 through 99.
  • Any ticket bought for a child is half the above prices. This includes tickets bought from ticket machines and rejsekort tickets.
  • There are many other ticket prices and options including 30 day passes (pendelkort) and Flexkort (7 day and 30 day passes).  If you are traveling in more than 9 zones, there are fares for those too in the official DSB site or check the rates on rejseplanen.dk.
  • You can also buy a city pass which is good for 24 hours and includes zones 1,2,3 and 4 which covers all of Copenhagen and the outlying suburbs.
  • There are also travel cards (pensionistkort) for retired people or seniors, which are 3 month passes and are at greatly reduced prices. There are some peak travel time restrictions and must be 65 or retired to obtain this pass. Prices range from 420 to 840 for a 3 month pass depending on number of zones you wish to travel witin.


Rejsekort and Mobile Travel Apps Ticket Prices

You can also check for any updated prices at DSB Priser or at www.dsb.dk.  I try to keep the information up to date, but DSB loves to raise/change their prices. They want more people to take public transport, but they keep making it more expensive, so many people are back to their cars or bicycles.

Since physical klippekort are now a thing of the past, most people use the new rejsekort system, but there are also several phone apps that can be applied to buy tickets. You can find them in your apple, google stores or google the transport company and app. There you can also get mobile klippekort

Movia ...... www.moviatrafik.dk

Metro ...... www.m.dk

DSB ..... DSB Ticket Prices

If you want to plan or look for the best route from point A to point B, try www.rejseplanen.dk. It is in Danish, but has an English version too.

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