Samsoe Denmark : The Pearl of the Kattegat

Samsø or Samsoe (in English) is an extraordinarily beautiful island between Jutland and Sjælland in the Kattegat Sea. It has been dubbed the Pearl of the Kattegat for its natural beauty. The major attractions on Samsø is their annual music festival and also the peaceful pace of life.Due to its size, bicycling is an ideal way to get around and see the island. Thatched homes adorn this island and give the island a special feel. Many of the homes are historic treasures, which are still lived in, but have kept their old world charm and character.

With its very tranquil atmosphere, there are many things for those who like the outdoors to engage in. Hiking in Nordy Bakker is very nice, as well as the multitude of clear water beaches. There are so many beaches on this small island, that you are sure to find something that suits your taste and without the huge throngs of beachgoers to compete with. There are sandy beaches, rocky beaches, fishing beaches, child friendly beaches and if none of those suit you, just ask and someone on the island will direct you to a beach that will!

You basically have two choices on how to get to the island. The first is the ferry from Kalundbord, Sjælland which will take about 2 hours. The other choice is the ferry from Hou on Jutland and that will take about an hour. You can take your car and bike on the ferry.

Of course, you can also sail over on your own boat or skydive onto the island, but ferries are usually the most popular way.

Two interesting notes about Samsø is that the island is the first office carbon neutral island. They have there own substanable energy and have been able to achieve a carbon neutal environment. BRILLIANT.

The other noteworthy thing is that Samsø has a unique activity which is not found anywhere else in Denmark and that is the NEW Zorbing or as some call it "rolling down a hill while inside a large plastic ball". Sounds crazy, but it is lots of fun and can not wait to go out there and do it myself on my next trip to Samsø.

Samsoe Zorbing

But there is lots more to do and see in Samsø / Samsoe and you can check out this online Samsø activity brochure for more details. Check out the Guiness World Record labyrinth in Samsoe, which has over 5 km of trails. There is horsebacking riding, kayaking, windsurfing, golfing and you can even explore the wildlife preserve at Stavns Fjord.

Where and what to EAT?

When you go in Samsoe, you will find a lot of great eating places, especially seafood. You can even get some fresh fish down on the harbour. Since the array is a bit to large to mention, why not just take a gander at the online eatery brochure.

Where to stay, when you need to rest!

Now spending a day in Samsø may enough for some people, but this best way to get the most out of this beautiful island is to spend a few days exploring. So instead of commuting back and forth to mainland, check out some of these fantastic Samsoe holiday accomodations.

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