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The weather in Denmark is anything but predictable.  The best way to prepare for the weather in Denmark is too remember that it can be cold one day and hot the next. You want to do what the Danes do. Dress in layers. More information below on that. The official Danish weather website is , where you can find 2, 3-9 and 10-15 day forecasts. Yet, do not take these forecasts too literally, since on average they are usually wrong. Seen many forecasts for heavy rain and suns shines all day! Many times the forecast will show rain, sun, overcast skies all on the same day. It as if they are trying to cover all the bases. In defence, we are surrounded by water and lots of factors can change the weather quickly.

By dressing in layers, you can remove or add on as needed. It can be quite chilly in the early morning, but by midday it could be t-shirt weather.

Wearing a t-shirt, with a shirt over it, a light sweater, than a weather proof jacket. Always have some sort of rain wear with you, since it can drizzle for hours. Hard rain is not as common as a persistant drizzle.

If you carry an umbrella, try to get one that collapses, so you can store it in your backpack or knapsack when not needed. This will also prevent you from putting it down somewhere and forgetting it. There are so many lost umbrellas in this country!

As a general rule. Winters are usually mild (not in 2009 and 2010), summers are rarely hot, but warm and very delightful.

Rain is quite common, so be prepared. It is usual for it to rain at least once every 3 days on average. Of course in the winter, it can be sleet or snow.

Winters are dark and dreary with sunrise at 9AM and sunset at 4PM, while summers are light and cheerful, with sunrise at 3AM and sunset about 11PM.

I love the Danish summers ... rarely very hot, but warm enough to sun bath, go to the beach and enjoy the garden.

Your average temperature is 16 degrees Celcius in the summer. (That is about 61 degrees Fahrenheit). Average winter temps are right at freezing point.

There are pros and cons to the weather in Denmark. Being so far north, we get some wonderfully long summer days: from about 3am to 11pm, while in winter we get some long dark nights from about 4 pm to 9 am in the morning. You can go months without seeing sunshine if you work indoors! Winter depression is a major issue in Denmark!

Weather in Denmark Seasons

The weather in Denmark consists of 4 seasons, even though some may think it is only 2 sometimes with winter running late into Springtime and Summer can sometimes feel like winter has come early.

Spring starts in March, where you can usually get about 4 hours of sunshine a day and ending in May where the suns now shines about 8 hours a day. There is usually a lot of rain at this time of year and things are really getting green and beautiful. Temperatures range from 45 to 60 during the daytime hours.

The Summer season from June to August is the best time of year with lots of sunshine and long days. Rain is common, but it can also be dry for long periods. Average day temperature is 65 to 75. Some summer days reach into the 80s, but rarely into the 90s.

Autumn in Denmark is from September through November, where the temperatures can be mild during the days, but quite chilly at night. Daytime temperatures are usually in the 50s. The days are getting much shorter and all the greenery is changing to autumn colors and than slowly vanishing all together in November. November is the time of year, that people start complaining about the dreary Danish weather as the approach of winter looms in the near future.

The Danish winter is a "hot topic" among Danes and expats. Most expats put the winter weather in Denmark as one of the things they hate most about Denmark. The Danes think the same thing too, but they seem to just accept it. The winter days are short, cold nights, almost always at freezing or below.

Day temperatures are usually in the 30s and the skies are gray and dreary. Many people suffer depression during this time of year and it is not uncommon to hear about colleagues who are out on sick leave due to winter depression. (personally I am sure I believe that illness, but physicians actually diagnose people with it!)

Average temperature in Denmark is around 50 Fahrenheit. Coldest month is usually February, while July and August are the warmest. Nights are often chilly even during the summer months, but especially during the winter months, when the wind can really reduce the chill factor.

Clothes for the Danish Weather


In order to be comfortable with the weather in Denmark, it is important to learn that dressing in layers is of utmost importance. Wearing outer clothes that are waterproof and wind resistant can make your life so much more comfortable.

For example a light windbreaker that is also waterproof is a great item to have on during Autumn months and even to have along on nights out, when getting home late can be a bit cold.

Danes wear lots of sweaters and scarves. You will see Danes wearing thin scarves even on warm days. It is almost a fashion statement.

Jackets with removable lining are great since they can be used in the heavy winter cold, but also for the cooler weather in Autumn without having to buy an extra coat.

Comfortable shoes are also a must and they should be able to handle water. You will be walking a lot in Denmark and stepping in water puddles is a part of daily life.

Invest in some good weather gear before coming over. Clothes are very expensive in Denmark and bringing them from home may save you a fortune.

Remember the weather in Denmark is influenced by many of ocean streams and can change quite quickly.

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