Golf in Denmark


So you want to play golf in Denmark! No problem.

Denmark may not be the first place you think of when considering a golfing holiday, but you may think differently aftering reading this article.

Denmark has a great variety of courses, good variety of golfing fees, excellent package holidays and a unique season, which all combine to make Denmark an excellent choice. So below you can learn more about golf in Denmark and get on the green quicker!

Denmark has a growing reputation due to the fact that many Danish golfers are showing up in international tournaments and helping Denmark become better recognized as a golfing destination.

With courses all over: Golf in Denmark has made it easier to find a course that suits your needs.

First Denmark has various types of golf courses, suiting everyone from the pro to the family. These include seaside courses, park courses and of course the rugged woodland courses which can be quite demanding. Many of courses will also have practice areas including driving ranges, putting greens and bunker sites. You want to look for the Golf Label Denmark scheme which assures you that it is a good course that meets high standards.

Download the quality labeled golf in Denmark brochure

Even though golf in Denmark can be a bit cold and windy at times, the golfing season is pretty much an all year round activity. You may not wish to play in January and February, but there will plenty of people who want to and do play during that time. The greens are usually really good in early spring due to the climate and it is a popular time to tee off! The winter greens are usually open from November to April and they are quite good to play on even if the weather can sometimes play havoc!

Many of the top golf courses have agreements with local hotels and can provide some excellent golfing packages. It does no matter if your taste runs to an exclusive 5 star hotel or you like the more basic hotel or even a hostel. There a golf packages for every category and they can either be found through the local tourist board or ask at the hotel before booking. A package deal can save you a good bit on the green fees and even set up equipment rental if necessary.

Green fees in Denmark range from 150 to 600 kroner, depending on the type of course, 9 or 18 hole, day or weekend and of course the quality of the course. Generally speaking, for 150 kroner you can play on a good 9 hole course during the week, where it will go up to 180-200 on the weekends. An 18 hole course will be about 200 on weekdays and 300 on weekends, but this can vary by 50 to 75 kroner depending again on how popular the course is. The two most expensive courses are in northern Zealand and costs 450 to 600 kroner to play on their international course.

Many of the Danish golf courses are hosts to many of Europes largest golf tournaments and many have been built by world renown architects like Martin Hawtree and Anders Amillon.

Best Courses for Golf in Denmark

Before deciding to play golf in Denmark on any of the below listed courses, it is best to contact the club for their information on fees, membership and other regulations.

Aalborg Golf Club

Jægersprisvej 35, Restrup Enge, 9000 Aalborg

Tlf: 9834 1476


at Limfjorden, about 10 km from Aalborg. This is a European Championships open park golf course and highly recommended. Always in excellent condition. Yellow CR 71.1/slope 129; 5,760m.

Breinholtgård Golf Club

Breinholtgård Golf Center, Kokspangvej 17, 6710 Esbjerg V

Tlf: 75115700 Fax: 75115512

is located just north of Esbjerg. It is an attractive park course with reasonable and extremely difficult golf holes. Nice club house, friendly atmosphere. Yellow CR 72/slope 127; 5,850m.

Copenhagen Golf Club

Dyrehaven 2, 2800 Lyngby




is located north of Copenhagen. This is the oldest golf course in Scandinavia and is unusual in the fact that it is actually part of Dyrehaven which is home to hundreds of red deer. Yellow CR 71.6/slope 136; 5,760m.

Esbjerg Golf Club

Sønderhedevej 11, Marbæk, 6710 Esbjerg V

Tlf: 75269219



An international championship golf course with both links and park holes. Host to the European Championships and several professional tournaments. Beware the sea winds can make this course very challenging. At present 27 holes. Yellow CR 71/slope 124; 5,730m.

Falster Golf Club

Virketvej 44, 4863 Eskilstrup

Tlf: 54438143



is located in southern Denmark on Lolland Falster and is a very good quality course. Not a busy course, friendly and a well-tended and well-designed forest course. Yellow CR 72.0/slope 126; 5,950m.

Furesø Golf Club

Hestkøbgård, Hestkøbvænge 4, 3460 Birkerød


Tlf: 4581 7444


is located in northern Zealand with an exciting course including several holes of "international standard" offering great difficulity and appeal to many pros. Holds many international tournaments. Yellow CR 71.0/slope 131; 5,710m.

Gilleleje Golf Club

Ferlegård, Ferlevej 52, Ferle, 3250 Gilleleje

Tlf: 49 71 80 56



located along the coast at the top of Zealand. This is a very attractive and popular course with several holes of international standard. Hosts many important professional tournaments. Yellow CR 71.1/slope 129; 5,870m.

Helsingør Golf Club

Gl. Hellebækvej 73 3000 Helsingør

Tlf: 49 21 29 70

is one of golf in Denmark's best courses and is located in the town of "Hamlet" or Elsinøre. More Danish champions have come from this course than any other in Denmark. A very difficult narrow, impressive, well-tended championship course. Not particularly long, but tricky with lots of narrow, forest-lined fairways. Yellow CR 71.0/slope 136; 5,610m.

Hillerød Golf Club

Nysøgårdsvej 9, 3400 Hillerød

Tlf:4826 5046

is located north of Copenhagen in Hillerød. This open park course, has Denmark’s best par-3 hole and several beautiful forest holes. Slightly undulating with a varied and interesting layout. Several important tournaments. Yellow CR 70.8/slope 136; 5,450m.

Himmerland Golf & Country Club

Centervej 1,9640 Farsø

Tlf: 9649 6100


south of Limfjorden is Denmark’s only golf in Denmark course with 36 holes, and Europe’s only par-6 hole on a championship course. Two varied, slightly rolling courses. Golf academy and excellent facilities. Yellow Old course CR 67.5/slope 119; 5,390m, Yellow New course CR 73.3/slope 129; 6,100m.

Hjarbæk Fjord Golf Club

Stavildvej 2, Lynderup, 8832 Skals

Tlf: 8669 6288


Located south of Limfjorden with 27 holes on a seaside golf course. Soft rolling hills and strong winds at times. CR: Nord-Syd 71.4/72,9 Slope 132 Men Slope 128 Women

Holstebro Golf Club

Brandsbjergvej 4, 7570 Vemb

Tlf: 9748 5155


in the north western part of Denmark, a wonderfully rolling forest course where the marvel of beauty is as great as the pleasure of playing golf. A total of 27 holes. Host to several major championships and always very well tended. Yellow CR 70.7/slope 127; 5,600m.

Hvide Klit, Golf Club

Hvideklitvej 28, 9982 Ålbæk

Tlf: 9848 9021


This is the northern most golf course in Denmark and can be challenging with the winds coming off the Kattegat. Yellow CR 71.7/slope 137; 5,870m.

Nordbornholm Golf Club on Bornholm

Spellingevej 3, Rø, 3760 Gudhjem

Tlf: 5648 4050


is the golf course where Mother Nature has been a true master. Rock formations create excitement and atmosphere around the hilly fairways which wind their way through a picturesque forest. Popular green fee course. Yellow CR 70.0/slope 131; 5,370m.

Rold Skov Golf Club

Golfvej 1, 9520 Skørping

Tlf: 9682 8300


in Central/North Jutland, laid out in one of Denmark’s biggest and most beautiful forest districts. A golf in Denmark course which is not particularly long, but demands much thought. 13 holes with lakes and streams. Yellow CR 72.4/slope 139; 5,850m.

Royal Oak Golf Club

Golfvej, Jels, 6630 Rødding

Tlf: 7455 3294


in central South Jutland. A fairly new course, both open and park, always in excellent condition. Their former greenkeeper was headhunted to Valderrama. Good green fee course with every facility. Yellow CR 72/slope 131; 6,090m.

Rungsted Golf Club

Vestre Stationsvej 16, 2960 Rungsted Kyst

Tlf: 4586 3444


25km north of Copenhagen, where the train station is situated right next to the club house. One of the old fashionable courses which is full of atmosphere. Slightly exclusive, but always in perfect condition. Interesting and elegant park course. Host to the European Championship, professional tournaments and Tiger Woods’ performance in Denmark. Yellow CR 71.2/slope 129, 5760m.

Samsø Golf Club

Besser Kirkevej 24,8305 Samsø

Tlf: 8659 2218


on the small island of Samsø in the Kattegat. A terrific golf in Denmark experience on a course with natural rhythm and beauty, and a rolling landscape with panoramic views of the sea. Not many visitors. Yellow CR 70.7/slope 131; 5,600m.

Sct. Knuds Golf Club

Slipshavnsvej 16,5800 Nyborg

Tlf: 6531 1212


An interesting course located right next to Storebælt Bridge on Funen. A mixture of challenging forest holes and absolutely fantastic holes at the water’s edge. Yellow CR 71.9/slope 131; 5,810m.

Silkeborg Golf Club (This is where I prefer to golf!)

Sensommervej 15c, 8600 Silkeborg

Tlf:8685 3399


This is my favorite golf in Denmark course located in the heart of Jutland in Silkeborg. A very large attractive international forest course. Almost all the holes are situated in the middle of charming Danish hardwood and pine forests. The Danish golfer Thomas Bjørn has recently renovated the course. Yellow CR 71.7/slope 131; 5,860m.

Simon's Golf Club

Nybovej 5, 3490 Kvistgaard

Tlf: 4919 1478


is a Martin Hawtree course located 30km north of Copenhagen. This is a new open park course and is well known as the host of the Danish Open. Yellow CR 72.2/slope 137; 5,790m.

Skjoldenæsholm Golf Club

Skjoldenæsvej 101, 4174 Jystrup

Tlf: 57 53 87 00


an open park course located in western part of Sjaelland with several beautiful and spectacular holes. Very popular green fee course, hosts many company outings. Yellow CR 71.5/slope 128; 5,980m.

Søllerød Golf Club

Søllerød Golfklub, Brillerne 9, 2840 Holte -

Tlf: 4580 1784 -


is just outside of Copenhagen. This is a love or hate course due to it's hilly and open course which makes great demands on the golfer. Several important professional tournaments. Yellow CR 72.5/slope 134; 5,870m.

Sønderjyllands Golf Club

Golfbanevej 3, 6360 Tinglev

Tlf: 7468 7525


is just north of the Danish/German border, laid out in an open forest area. Another one of Denmark’s popular green fee courses. Always well-tended and with a friendly atmosphere. Hosts both professional tournaments and the big Golf Tour Sønderjylland. Yellow CR 71.0/slope 126.5; 5,770m.

Vejle Golf Club

Ibækvej 46 7100 Vejle

Tlf: 75 85 81 85


is located on the East Coast of Jutland, one of golf in Denmark’s most hilly and difficult courses. With deep ravines, lakes and forest-lined fairways. At present 27 holes. Host to international professional tournaments. Yellow CR 71.9/slope 133; 5,700m.

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