Shops in Denmark

Each category below lists the major shops in Denmark in each of the various niches. I am not trying to recommend any particular place for you to shop or dissuade you from other places. These are just the places that I know to be the most popular or largest retailers in Denmark.

You can make your own personal decisions and opinions on each place. Often, you may have one of two of these places conveniently located near you.

I have included the website addresses of each chain, so that you can look at their webpage and get an idea of their prices and also type of merchandise that they sell.

If you have not already looked at shopping terms, you should check it out before venturing in to any store and purchasing goods. Could save you some aggravation and money too.

When we first moved to Denmark, we did not know where to look for certain items and if this list had been available it would have saved us some searching and maybe even some money and shopping mistakes. I hope this lists of shops in Denmark will be a benefit to those you need it.

There is also another page on FYI Denmark where I try to keep you up to date on some special shopping offers, discount clubs and promotions. So once you finish here, hop over to see some budget shops in Denmark.

Shop in Denmark hours and info

Shopping hours in Denmark are from 10:00am to 5:30 PM as a general rule, but there are many many exceptions. Big chain stores are often open from 8AM to 10PM in the evening in major cities (for example Bilka) and some grocery stores also stay open late.

Always assume it is 10-5/6 until you know otherwise. Most stores are closed Sunday, except once a month where they can stay open on the first Sunday of each month and every Sunday in December.

In 2012, all grocery stores were first allowed to be open on Sunday to help cut down on food wastage. Supposedly lots of food was being tossed on Saturday evenings and the government wanted that to stop - so now they can stay open and sell that expiring food!

Since the "blue law" was revoked in October 2012, many stores have increased the hours in the evening to 8PM or 10PM. It is now much easier to get to the stores before they close. As one business owner told me recently, when talking about shops in Denmark hours. He said "When a competitor increases his hours than they have to do the same in order to compete. So more and more businesses are opening earlier and staying open later."

To save money considering joining a shopping union. More information can be found at shopping unions. Also know your shopping rights and learn about other helpful shopping tips here.

Grocery Shops
in Denmark


These are major grocery shops in Denmark, you will find one of these places close to where you are. Unless you are way out in the country.

Netto Discount grocery chain, simple store layout, no frills, low prices,

ALDI Discount grocery chain, probably the lowest prices in Denmark, no frills

Rema1000 Discount grocery chain, which is my favorite grocery store for value,

Dagli Brugsen This is a moderate price range grocery store, which is part of the Coop group.

Super Brugsen This is a large version of Dagli Brugsen and carries a bit more than groceries, including clothes and home items.

Kvickly This is one of the larger chains of food shops in Denmark and they are very modern and have a large selection of items often including a bakery, clothes and household items.

Kvickly Xtra This is a larger version of Kvickly and carries a much larger selection including bicycles, furniture, garden supplies and groceries.

Fotex A large chain which includes food, clothes and household items. Their stores are more moderately priced compared to some others.

Fakta A large chain which includes both groceries and household items. Moderately priced.

Irma This is probably the top of the line grocery store chain in Denmark if you dont include some of the large Department store markets. They have a very high standard of items and it is a bit of status symbol to shop at Irma.

Bilka This is a large chain very similiar to Wal Mart or ASDA, they carry groceries, clothes, home furnishing, electronics, auto, etc.

These are the major players in the grocery store market. That is not to say there are not others, but these are the major players in Denmark.

Note: Many of the stores are supplied by the same company and have similiar items, but the prices may vary. The Coop group supplies the following stores: Dagli Brugsen, Super Brugsen, Kvickly, Kvickly Xtra, Irma and Fakta. Dansk Supermarked supplies these stores: Bilka, Fotex and Netto.

Home Furnishing Shops
in Denmark

The shops in Denmark that cater to household goods, often carry other items too. Stores like Kvickly Xtra, Bilka, Fotex, Fakta and Super Brugsen will have many household items including furniture, appliances and electronics. They are similiar to America's Targets or Wal Marts or Britain's ASDA chain.

The list below deals mostly with shops exclusively selling household goods, especially furniture.

IKEA This is probably the best known chain of stores and since they are worldwide now, you are probably familiar with their wares. Pack flat, self service, good prices, you assemble at home.

This is a upscale furniture store, where the quality and prices are a bit higher than the above chain, yet it is also very popular. Very designer friendly and unique items. Good bargains can be found there. Check out their sales.

BIVA is another discount furniture chain which is in close competition with IKEA when it comes to prices, they sell a large assortment of furniture,

IDE Mobler – is a furniture chain with more upscale furniture and prices that reflect it, but they do have quality and the prices are not outrageous

Daells Bolighus A discount furniture chain with several shops throughout Sjaelland mostly. They carry a wide variety of furniture. Mostly pack flat design. (they have no locations in Jylland)

Illums Bolighus This is a very nice store with designer household items. They have 2 locations - one in Copenhagen and one in Arhus. You will need some deep pockets when shopping here.

Jysk or Jysk Sengetoj as many people know or call it, is a large chain of shops in Denmark,  which cater mostly to the bed and bath household items including beds, and some household furniture. You get some of the best prices in Denmark there. Quality can vary from cheap to very good. Worth a look!

Now there are many more shops in Denmark dotted all over the country, but I hope this gives a good start into knowing what these shops are when you either come across them or need to find something. This is not an exhaustive list and if you wish to add one that I missed to the list just drop me a line.


Home Improvement/Hardware
Stores in Denmark

Bauhaus Is a large home improvement chain from Germany. They stock building supplies, garden, lighting, paint, tools, etc. Very large warehouse style store.

Silvan Is very similiar to Bauhaus in their stock, yet they are more like a store than a warehouse.

Stark Another building supply store, sizes and stock vary, but usually very good customer service.

XL Byg A popular building and home improvement type store.

Jem og Fix This is a discount building / hardware type store. Not as large as the ones above, but the prices are usually lower, but selection is also limited. Worth visiting, but won't find everything you need for your building needs.

Harold Nyborg Not really a home improvement store, but a catalog type store. They carry a large variety of home items, tools, automotive, paint, pets supplies (no food), etc. and their prices are very low. I love this store and shop there often.

P.S. Many of the home improvement stores have "thursday" sales in the evening. They close their doors at 5PM and reopen at 7PM or so and have large clearance type sale prices until about 10 or 11pm. Watch your postbox for flyers on these sales. Not always on Thursdays, but it seems the majority of them are held on that day /evening. Have found many bargains and well worth attending. Got paint that was normall 699kr for 150kr, got a new postbox for 100kr (normally 599) and so much more.

Some other popular hardware stores are Bygma, which caters to mostly professionals, and a new one which was mostly online has now opened several physical locations and that is Davidsen Byggemarked.

Appliances and electrical goods
stores in Denmark

There is an assortment of appliance stores around and many of them sell a large range while others are more limited to major appliances.

El Giganten is probably one of the largest electrical shops in Denmark and appliances retailers in Denmark. They sell everything from TV's, computers, kitchen appliances, washers and dryers, vacuums and small appliances. There after Christmas sale is a good time to shop - FANTASTIC bargains but the crowds are a bit insane.

Computer City Well you guessed it they sell computers and computer related merchandise

Punkt1 They sell mostly kitchen appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, stoves, washers and dryers, but have a selection of small appliances too. No computers, tv or music equipment.

Skousen Is very similiar to Punkt1 and often get the two confused. Seem to have pretty much the same selection of goods.

Expert is a large chain handling mostly electronics like tvs, computers, telephones, cameras and game consoles.

L'Easy is a bit different than most electronic stores since they also rent equipment. They have special payment plans for buyers who can not afford some of the appliances they need.

Power  is another popular electronics stores with a large varied selection.  They promise to have the lowest prices and their warehouse and online stores have same prices.

Stores like Bilka and Kvickly also have small appliances and televisions, but the assortment is not as extensive as the above places.

Other Shops in Denmark

Matas is a chemist or drug store, where you can find makeup, medicine and an assortment of health related items.

Flugger Farver and Sandolin are popular paint stores, where they have quality paint and larger assortments than you will find at the home improvement stores.

Bog og Ide is a stationary store (that is right it never moves around), which has a selection of books and stationary supplies (paper, pen, notebooks, etc.)

Imerco and Kop og Kande are again two stores which seem almost identical to me. They sell upscale kitchen accessories and electrical goods. They are both great stores with some unique very Danish style designs.

THansen is a automotive style store which sells automotive parts and accessories, mopeds, bicycles, tires, etc. We got our electric bicycle there and were very pleased with the price and service.

There are also many other smaller shops in Denmark and independant stores like small local green grocers, discount chains like Søstrene Grene and Tiger and genbrug shops (charity and second hand stores. You will discover these as you meander around town, but at least now you know what stores to be on the lookout for when shopping for something in particular. You can find locations of these stores by just googling them.

TIP If you walk by a store that says "Isenkram", that is a type of hardware store. Sort of a catch-all type store. It has some hardware, lights, small appliances,kitchen accessories, home goods and all sorts of wonderful things . They are fun to go in, because they are just full of useful stuff. If you need something, stop in and ask. You might just be surprised.


Internet Shopping in Denmark

w There are lots of great shops in Denmark on the internet and most of the major retailers have internet shops for example Bilka and El Giganten, where you can order online and get things delivered.

Here are some Denmarks top online retailers:

Here are some other popular sites:

  • CDON for music, film,games, etc.
  •  - almost anything in the world!
  • Saxo for books, music, film, ebooks, etc.
  • Billetnet for online ticket sales
  • Coolshop for computer games and gaming accessories
  • DSB for train tickets
  • Kino  for movie tickets
  • Wupti a lot of electronics and white goods
  • Nettorvet  - COOP shopping club
  • Proshop computer and components, software
  • EDBpriser for computers and electronics
  • Gylendal a book club

You can also shop on some of the aution sites like QXL, DBA and Gul og Gratis.


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