Denmark Rail Pass

There are a lot of different Denmark Rail Pass options for both residents, expats and tourists. If you are planning on using the public transportation system in Denmark on a regular basis, than you really need to look into getting one of the many different Denmark rail passes.

There are several type of passes and depending on your needs, you can usually save up to 50% of your travel costs when you use a pass versus a regular ticket.

Passes can be bought at the train stations ticket counters or at many 7-11 stores located at the train stations. Most passes can be renewed online after you have originally gotten your first pass.

Passes come in many forms. For those who do not have a regular need for transport, you should check out getting a klippekort, which is explained here.  FYI: Klippekorts are due to expire on June 30, 2015.

Below are a list of passes, their uses, conditions and costs as of January, 2015. Of course prices change so often, that you should check the official DSB site for exact prices.

Periodekort or Pendlerkort

Below are several monthly Denmark rail passes which are pretty much the same except for a couple of minor exceptions. They are known as monthly passes. Periodekort, Pendlerkort og Erhvervskort. You must be at 16 years old to have one and the pass has a min travel period of 30 days and max of 360 days. All these public transportation passes are valid on city trains, buses and metro in Copenhagen Hovedstaden area.


The Periodekort is probably the best Denmark rail pass and most common pass. You can get yourself a monthly pass that is good for at least 30 days or up to 365 if needed. You decide how long you want it. The longer the time the cheaper per day, but also more money upfront.

What you do is decide which city zones you need to travel in.  You can choose from as little as 2 zones (which is the min. up to all the zones).  See zones for a map and guide to finding out what you need.

If you go to DSB's Webshop, you can actually put in the zones you want and the period you plan to use the pass. It will also show you what the per day cost is, so you can compare that to buying a normal ticket or klippekort.

P.S. If you do at least 3 roundtrips a week on your pass than it will pay to have one.

For example a monthly pass for zone 1 and zone 2 will cost 360 kroner for 30days, which works out  12 kr per day. If you only plan to make 20 round trips during that time, you would need 4 klippekort at 150kr each for a total of 600kr. If you only make 24 trips / 12 round trips on a klippekort you have paid as much as a monthly pass. Buying a single 2 zone ticket at 24 kr would allow you 15 one way trips before a pass would pay off. 15 x 24 = 360.

On the other hand if you are traveling every workday and a few times on the weekends and night, it could easily add up to 60 trips per month. On a klipekort that would be 900 kroner and 1440 on single tickets.

A denmark rail pass is definetely worth the cost. On the pass you have unlimited travel for the period you pay for in the zones you requested. Must be at least 16 years old.

Getting Your First Denmark Rail Pass: In order to get your first period train pass, you will need to go to the DSB kiosk at the train station or one of the 7-11 stores.

You will need to bring a passport size photo with you for the first time you order. After that time you just renew your pass. The page with the photo remains the same and the pass in the left window is changed out when it expires. See above image.

Remember when you choose your zones they must be connected or have a shared border. For example you can not choose Zone 1 and zone 30, since you would have to travel through zone 2 to reach the other zone.

You can renew online and you should, since you will get some rebates and gifts, especially the first time you renew. Can also renew at the ticket vending machines. Just enter your card number and follow the on screen instructions.

Pendlerkort Rail Pass 

There is a similiar type Denmark rail pass if you travel alot throughout the country. If you commute from Copenhagen to Odense everyday for work, consider getting this pass. You will save a lot of money.

It is called the DSB Pendlerkort.  You again decide on which routes you want your pass.

These type of passes are usually bought for travel outside the main Copenhagen zonekort.

You have to cross at least one travel zone to get this pass. FYI: There are city zones and tariff zones. Tariff zones are larger areas throughout Denmark.


Flexpass: This is an unusual pass and I still do not know anyone who ever bought one, but it may work in some situations. This is non-specific person pass. Means anyone can use it at any time during the period it is valid.  You can choose either a 7 or 30 day pass. Choose how many zones - 2 up to 8 zones or all zones. You can share the pass with as many people as you like. Only one person can use the pass at a time. Exception: Two children under 16 can travel on one pass. Min price is 245kr for 2 zone 7 day pass.

Work Plus Pass

This is another Denmark Rail pass which is directly linked to the company you work for. Your company can sign up for the WorkPlus scheme and than their employees save up to 50% off their travel.

You can use this in conjuction with either a  periodkort or pendlerkort - same passes as mentioned previously. The only difference is the price. You get a tax deduction since the price is deducted from your pretax earnings.

If you are interested in this pass, contact your company personnel department or HR, who can give you more details.

FYI: This is a tax deduction scheme, so if you travel more than 35 km back and forth to work everyday it may not pay to use this scheme, since you will have to opt out of your normal travel tax deduction.

You may wish to talk with your accountant or SKAT before signing up.


This  Denmark rail pass is similiar to a the periodekort or you can also get it as a klippekort, where you get five round trips per card.  So you can choose to have a montly pass or klippekort and save money over the single ticket price.  This is for those who travel to Sweden over the Øresunds Bridge. Many people choose to live in Sweden and work in Copenhagen. The reason for this is that the cost of living in Sweden is much better than in the Copenhagen area.  What you save on rentals and cost of food in Sweden, can making commuting well worth the short train ride across the bridge. And with this pass, it is even better.

Travel is valid from Copenhagen Hovedstaden area to Skåne area in Southern Sweden.

Denmark Rail Passes for Students

To apply for the passes below you will have to be between the age of 16 to 26 or on SU (student support). 


An Ungdomskort or Education card is a pass for young people.

The first type card is called a Ungdomskort 16-19 år og ikke studerende, which means if you between 16-19 and not a student you can get pass so you can travel around Denmark cheaply. You get unlimited travel in your tariff area and than up to 50% off travel outside that area. Cost is about 20 kr per day. You can read more about it here.

The second type is called Ungdomskort Studerende på en videregående uddannelse i Danmark or for students in higher education.  Gives you unlimited travel between your home and places of education plus 50% discount on travel outside those areas. Cost is about 20 kr per day.  More information at ungdomskort.

The third type is Ungdomskort Elever på en ungdomsuddannelse i Danmark or students in secondary higher education. You again need to apply to make sure your education allows you to get one of these passes. If you do than you have the same travel restrictions as above.  Cost is about 12 kr per day.  More information is found here

You can apply for the above cards at or watch video below. It is in Danish, but maybe you can get the gist of it. Especially if you are a student.

DSB Wildcard: This is not so much a Denmark rail pass as a discount card. You buy a membership for 185 kr per year (2015 prices) and than you get these type discounts

This discount card will give you:

  • 50% off all your train travel Monday to Thursday and Saturday,
  • 25% off all your train travel Friday and Sunday
  • discounts at various stores like 7-11
  • discounts on concerts and special events and much more

Tourist Denmark Rail Passes

For the tourist there are 3 main passes that might interest you. But for most tourists, they are probably best served with a klippekort. (of course they are scheduled to be eliminated by June 30, 2105).  Check out your options below. These can all be ordered online so you have them before you arrive in Denmark.

Klippekort can be bought at the airport if you arrive during normal office hours. They are not open in the evening.

Flex Pass: This is a montly pass which can be shared by other people too. Only one person per pass. It is not person specific, so you can pass it on to other people to use when you are not using it or leaving the country. Valid for 30 days.

Copenhagen Card:The most popular tourist pass is the Copenhagen Card, which not only gives you unlimited transport in the Copenhagen downtown area, but free access to amusements and museums, plus lots of discounts. Well worth checking out how valuable this pass is for visitors. See more at Copenhagen Card.

City Pass, which gives the person unlimíted travel in the 4 major zones 1,2,3 and 4. With this Denmark rail pass, you can travel around Copenhagen and back and forth from the airport. The pass is valid either 24 hours or 72 hours. This is from the time you klip the pass. It is not a day to day pass, but based on a 24 time clock. Click the pass at 3:10pm on a monday and it expires at 3:09 PM on Tuesday. You must be finished with your travel at that time. Price is 80kr for 24 hours and 200 for 72 hours. Children are 1/2 price. Pass is only good for one person traveling at a time, but you can share it with someone since there is no photo attached.

24 hour Ticket: This is ticket which you can use for 24hours in all the city zones. When you are ready to start your first trip, you clip it like a klippekort, which puts a date and time stamp on the card. Now you have 24 hours of unlimited travel on buses, trains and metro. Just make sure you keep the card with you at all times to show any conductors or ticket checkers. 2015 price is 130 kr.

FYI: The difference between the 24 hour ticket and 24 city pass is price of course, but also with the city pass you are limited to the 4 zones, while with the other one you can travel in all the zones within the Hovedstaden area.  For most people the City Pass is all they need since they will not travel outside the 4 zones.

Other Denmark Rail Passes

Most of these passes will not apply to my readers, but you never know so here are a few more.

Børnehave Pass: This is a pass that børnehaver (day care centers) can purchase so they can take their children on field trips. A pass is good for 3 adults and 15 children or 4 adults and 20 children. Children must be under the age of 7. Not valid on some holidays. Price starts at 2410 for 6 months.

Skoleklassekort (School Class Pass)

Similiar to the above pass but for school age children. The pass entitles 2 adults to travel with up to 30 children under the age of 18.  Valid only during the hours of 0900 - 1500 weekdays. The pass is valid for a year and costs 10.070,00 kr.

There is also a pass for school trips and group passes.

There are also children's versions of most all the adult tickets mentioned above and at the tickets page.

Pensionist Kort (Retired Person). If you are 65 or older you can apply fora Pensionist Kort which will give you travel for very little money. If you are 65, this is a must have versus tickets.

They are so cheap. There are some travel restrctions and rebates are normally 50% off. For example a 3 months travel pass for all zones is only 560 kroner. A bit over 6 kr per day.  For a similar 3 zone pass it is 430 kr.

There is also an early retirement pass or Efterlønskort, which entitles those who have taken early retirement to get the same above discount travel pass.

Group passes for groups of 3 to 7 people and for groups of 8+.

There are Denmark rail passes for taking your bikes (bikes are free on the S trains) on intercity and other trains.

Rebate tickets for handicapped travelers

Most of this information can be found on DSB's website, yet it is in Danish.

Final Thoughts

For those who travel to various places and not on a regular route, it might be worth your time to check in to the Rejsekort, which is basically a discount card. You use it everytime you buy a ticket and you get a rebate on the ticket price.

There are many benefits to this pass including that you get good rebates on your travel, can share the pass with friends and family and it is easy to top up via the internet. Read more about it at Rejsekort. Use google translate to read the page in English.

If you are forgetful, you may not wish to use a rejsekort, because you have to remember to check in and check out constantly or you will end up owing money or losing money. Been a lot of problems with the system in the news lately, I would not recommend you using it until you are very familiar with the transport system.

DSB has a whole range of discounts and denmark rail passes, so if you do a lot of travel using public transport and not sure if you are getting the best pass, stop by the stations and ask about a pass that will fit your needs. They are usually very helpful if you catch them at non peak hours.

Remember you can now take your bicycle with you on the  S-Tog city trains without having to pay extra.

Hope this answers some of your questions about Denmark rail passes and how to use them.

If you found this page helpful, please give a google+ and or a facebook like at the top of the screen, so others can also find this information. Thank you.

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