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Moving to Denmark or planning any kind of international relocation is rarely easy.  That said, if you are relocating to Denmark, you can reduce the hassle with a little planning. Be it a DIY move or a relocation company move, you can make the move easy and mostly hassle free!

Here are my Top Ten Good Tips to get your started. I have done this several times and I promise you that these tips will HELP you.

Note: If you are moving within Denmark, check out changing address in Denmark, so that you do not run into trouble with the authorities.

Ten Tips Before Moving to Denmark

1. Set a target date for making your move. This could revolve around your job start date, school term or other conditions relating to your move. It is best to give yourself at least 6 months to get everything organized before relocating to Denmark.

2. Get a notebook or binder. Use this notebook to write down questions you have about your relocation to Denmark and the answers as you get them. As you gather the information, keep copious notes. Collect addresses, contact information and anything important you find out on your visits and during your research. You will fill these notebooks up quickly as you realize how much you don’t know about your new home. More importantly they will serve you well when you arrive and you need to find that all important information.

3. If possible visit several times before moving to Denmark. This will give you time to research housing, jobs, schools, immigration requirements, transport, shops, etc. Remember, as you gather information, include it in your notebook. You should check the various Danish Kommunes to give you some ideas on where you may wish to live.

4. Decide what you want to bring and what you wish to sell or store. Homes in Denmark are much smaller than a home in the US, so big furniture may not fit so well in your home. Also the more you ship or freight over the more expensive it costs. See our list below of items that we recommend you bring and what to leave behind. When you visit (if possible), check out the shops to see what the cost of new items might be and use that information to compare costs. Most shops have online sites, so price comparison can be done from home.

One MAJOR thing to consider is your pets. Leaving your loved pets behind is a very hard thing to do, but there are worse things to do to them, like 6 months to 1 year quarantines. Learn more about bringing your pets to Denmark.

5. Research your electrical appliances. In Denmark appliances run on 220v/ 50Hz and the plug is a 2 round plug. The TV format is PAL. What about your mobile phones? Are they compatible with service providers here? You can use plug adaptors and convertors. If you decide to use convertors, check out prices at home and abroad before arriving. Convertors in Denmark are very expensive compared to buying in the US or Britain.

Tip: When moving to Denmark, remember things are more expensive in Denmark, but balance what you have to pay for the shipping of items against buying new items. There are many ways to buy things second hand from other expats that are leaving. You can also check out sites like QXL, Craigs List, DBA or Gul og Gratis, Facebook groups. They all have used items for sale. Plus Danish life is also a bit simpler and you may not need all the appliances which you are accustomed to.

6. As you pack, try using boxes about the same size for most of your possessions. This makes it easier to pack or sort in a moving van or container. Remember if your boxes are too big, they become heavy; too small and you can pack very little in them. Of course you will need smaller boxes for heavier items and also larger ones for items that won't fit in the smaller ones. Make sure your boxes are sturdy enough to survive moving to Denmark. Nothing worse than cheap packing boxes - they end up holding broken items!

7. Bringing your own car, motorcycle or other motor vehicle is probably not a good idea. The import duty and taxes on foreign cars is very high and it is rarely cost-effective. More info can be found at cars in Denmark. Consider leasing, renting, buying new or doing without one. The transport infrastructure is very good in Denmark and one can live without a car quite easily. Consider bringing bicycles instead. Read about the pros of cons of bringing your own bike.

8. Open up a bank account and get yourself a Dankort and some Danish cash. If you use a foreign credit card, you will be often shocked by the exchange rate and associated fees. Try to set up your bank account before you arrive, since it can take some time for funds to clear (usually 30 days).

9. Remember to register with your kommune as soon as you can. Wherever you live in Denmark, you are part of a kommune or community. When you register with them, you will get access to your medical services, language courses, and all sorts of other help. See our list of Danish Kommunes.

10. The last moving to Denmark tip is actually the most important tip when relocating to Denmark is to get your paperwork in order. Make sure you have your permits to work and live here. If you don’t have them before you arrive, you can wait a long time before you can get a job or access vital services. Also remember to have all your personal documents with you: marriage certificate, driver's license, bank details (foreign and domestic), former addresses, job information, phone numbers, contacts, anything and everything you think someone might need to know about you. The more information you have, the better. Also, make copies of your information, so that you have a backup of them. (Keep the information safe and secure!)

Note Danish authorities ask for lots of information, and if you don't have it, you may experience delay in getting certain permits, visas, etc.

In any move there are things that you wish you had thought to bring with you. Check out our list of things to bring and leave behind. Hopefully this will be helpful to you.

We have also created a short guide to help you with moving to Denmark.

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