Home Furnishing Shops in Denmark

There are many home furnishing shops in Denmark, yet not all have physical stores nor are they well known. To find the best  prices and quality, check out some of these shops. Some have physical stores, while others only have online shops.  Below I have divided them into several categories, yet many will fit into more than just one area, so take some time to browse and compare. There are many great items that add extra bit of Denmark into your new home.

Home Furnishing Shops

Home Decor - Decorative items

The shops below sell all sorts of home furnishing items. Everything from knick knacks to furniture, so it is easier for you to visit their websites and take a browse.

Cammabo - Interior design products

De 9 Muser - interior art and handicrafts

DesignGaragen.dk - interior design articles

Egesgaves Brugskunst - products for the home

Fenomen.dk - inerior design products

Hvalsøe Design - handmade wooden items for the home

Hw-homeware.dk - hardware stores

Illux.dk - wall decorations

KræZen.dk - interior design products

LforLiving.dk - glass, barstools, jewelery, art

Maggies.dk - interior products

ModernHouse.dk - handicrafts and interior art

ModernRoom.dk - items for the modern home

Mostersskur.dk - decorations and interior home products

Nordlyhome.dk - designer home furnishings

Packhouse.dk - interior design products

RAW58 - unique home organization products

Recreation Styling - decorative home products

Sille & Sylvester - a little of everything for the home

TrendyLiving.dk - interior design products

Vidua - sustainable stainless steel home products

Ziito - clothes racks, shelving and mirrors

Zoy.dk - shelving and storage

BOXdeLUX - storage units for the home

White Goods, Kitchen

These shops cater mostly in large white goods like refrigerators, ovens, washing machines and dishwashers, yet you can also find many other appliances and household items here.

Clinicawater - water faucets

DomoTech.dk - kitchen machines

Elgiganten hvidevarer - Denmark largest electronics and white goods store

HvidevareShoppen.dk - white goods and kitchen machines

Kai Berntsen ApS - kitchen appliances and lamps

Kitchn.dk - design your new kitchen

Ounoma.com - specializing in kitchen knives

Quickparts.dk - the place to find spare parts for your white goods

RelovedCPH - kitchen and bathroom products

Skiftselv.dk - household appliances

SousVide.dk - kitchen appliances

WiStore.dk - hardware store, ironmonger

Heating, Stoves and Ovens

Below are some companies that sell various types of fireplaces, ovens and heating options for your home. Denmark frowns on open fireplaces yet they love their environmentally friendly heating options.

Bio-pejse.dk - Furnaces for your home heating needs

Biopejs Shop - Furnances and supplies for home heating

Biopejs-butikken - Heating and furnances for the home

DBVVS - pellet stoves

Fyr-selv.dk - supplies for heating ovens like pellets and wood bricks

Pejsen.com - home heating fire ovens

Tjenestetorvet - heat pumps

Building Supplies , Windows, Doors

The stores here are not necessarily home furnising shops, since they cater more to home remolding and repairs. I hope you will remember them when you need home repairs.

3byggetilbud.dk - Get 3 Free Building Estimates -

10-4 online byggecenter - buidling supplies and tools

Bango A/S - New and Used Doors and Windows

Beslagsmanden - great assortment of screws, bolts and brackets

BNFarver.dk - paint and paint supplies

BoligDK - Find your new rental here

ByggeBilligt.dk - all types of new and used doors

Byghjemme - hardware building supplies

Carls.nu - sandpaper, polishing supplies

Davidsenshop.dk - building center, hardware store

DecoFarver.dk - paint and rollers

Din-Bolighandel ApS - mortage advice and legal assistance

Dorch & Danola A/S - professional tools, drills, saws, etc.

El & VVS - electrical and plumbing supplies

Evapolar personlig aircondition - air condition supplier

Frishop - online hardware and building center

FC Beton - paving stones and tiles

Findroomie.dk - site to search for roommates

Gloove.dk - movers and moving company

Homeshop.dk - online hardware store

HomeTomato - bathroom fixtures including showers and bathtubs

Malgodt - paint and supplies

Miraca - home security

Nettotag - steel roof panels

Profilmetal - metal roof panels

Radimet - know if your house has a radon problem

Radonshop.dk - learn how to check your home's radon rating

Selvmægler - real estate services

Stigefabrikken.dk - ladders and staircases

Thamus.dk - safety tape - non skid

Valuea.dk - free evaluation of home

VVS.DK - plumbing supplies

VVSproffen.dk - plumbing supplies

WATTOO.DK - electrical, plumbing and lighting

Textiles, Curtains, Pillows

Curtains, towels, bedding and much much more can be found below.

Bohobeach.shop - Beach and home towels

Boligindretningsshoppen.dk - Curtains for your home

By Fogstrup - an assortment of pillows and chair pads

Flagshoppen.dk - great when shopping for flags

Gardinshoppen.dk - supplies curtains for homes

HowToSleepBetter - black out curtains for better sleeping

Juledug.dk - Christmas table cloths

Kilands - carpets and rugs

LuxNordica - luxury bedding

Mahoo - home textiles

VoksdugGiganten - table cloths

Furniture : Couches, Beds, etc.

Denmark is well known for their Scandinavian furniture designs, which is sought worldwide. Most of he shops below either make their own furniture or carry popular Danish designs. You can everything from sofas to dining tables, chairs and beds. Happy shopping.

Billigskabe.dk - Closets and storage

boboonline.dk - Design Furniture

By Tika - Danish Design Furniture

byhornsleth.dk - furniture and more for your home

dinseng.dk - beds and sleeping aids

Drømmeland - large assortment of beds

Entremøbler - furniture for your home

Erling Christensen Møbler - Danish design furniture

ES furniture - home furniture and accessories

Hoejgaardbrugskunst.dk - furniture and home products

HUMA.dk - cleaning supplies

ILVA - large furniture chain, good variety of quality items

Kriben.dk - shelves and bureaus

Lammeuld.dk - home furniture

Lepong.dk - furniture and interior products

Likehome.dk - furniture for the home

MøbelNord - variety of home furniture

Roon & Rahn -handmade foyer furniture

SACKitAPS - sack chairs and barstools

Sakeenah.dk - ottoman, pouf and rugs

ScandinavianDesigns.net - designer bamboo furniture

Sengefabriksudsalg.dk -beds and bedding

Sengetid.dk - beds and bedding supplies

Skabssengen.dk - hideaway beds or closet beds

Sofabord-online.dk -

Spisebordsstol.dk - dining room chairs

Sønderborg Bad Prestige - bathroom furniture and fixtures

TVBORD.DK - tv stands

TVSTAND.DK - furniture for displaying Tvs

Unishop.nu - barstools, sofas, dining tables

Wood To You - unique wood products

World of Comfort - massage chairs

XL-Møbler - furniture for your home

Lamps,  Bulbs, Candles

In Denmark, lighting is very important in design and purpose. Danes love to hygge and part of that ambiance comes from proper lighting and candles. Below you can find unqiue, quality lighting and the proper bulbs to save you money while looking good in the right light

AndLight DK - Designer lamps and accessories

Designhome.dk - designer lamps for your home >br>
Dioder-Online - lighting solutions

everything-glows.dk - LED light products

LampeGuru.dk - table and floor lamps

Lampemesteren.dk - lamps for the home

Lamper.dk - lamps and lighting supplies

Ledpaerer.dk - light bulbs

LEDproff.dk - LED prodcuts

Luxlight.dk - lamps and lighting supplies

Lyshygge.dk - cozy home lighting

Mrperfect.dk - lamps, light bulbs and even face masks

Nuura - lamps in many styles

WUM (woodumix) - designer wooden lamps

Garden Supplies

The gardening months are not long in Denmark, yet the Danes do love their yards and spend lots of time in them, whenever possible. Below you can find all sorts of help to make the most of your outside spaces.

Blomsterverden - Flowers and seeds for your gardening needs

EasyMow.dk - replacement blades for robot mowers

FoodFreaks.dk - sell an assortment of pizza ovens

Havehandel.dk - garden products

Havemøbelland.dk - garden furniture

Hjemmets.dk - equipment for your home and garden

luksusleg.dk - trampoliens and go karts

Luxury-Outdoor.dk - spas, outdoor furniture

Mattersshop - garden furniture

MoreLand.dk - large variety of furniture for home and garden

PlanteCenter Fyn - large garden on Fyn

Plæne-robot.dk -robotic mowers

Scandinavia Heatscope ApS - stylish outdoor heaters

Shopunika - garden basins, vases and pots

SolsejlSpecialisten - quality awning

Texas.dk - mowers and garden machines

Zinkbakken - products for your garden

Økohaven IVS - ecological plants and seeds

Posters and Wall Stickers

A very popular design feature in Danish homes are framed posters and prints and also wall stickers. These shops sell a variety of this type of art for your home.

Aurea rammer & plakatskinner - Design Posters and Prints

bySampedro! - posters and prints

Citatplakat.dk - posters and prints for the home

desaGraf - design posters

Design dyret - motivational posters and frames

Dialægt - fun and personal posters

Engkjær Nordisk - unique posters

HiDoggie - make your own personal poster

NiceWall.dk - assorted styles of wall decorations

PAPAPAPA - designer posters and wall hangings

Tapetforum - wallpaper and stucco

wallstickers.dk - wall decorations

Misc and the Unusual

The shops below do not fit into the home furnishing categories above, yet do not overlook them since there are some fun and unusual shops that may just meet your home criteria.

CleanXpert - cleaning supplies and equipment rental

Easy-Pix.eu - trampolines, shopping trolleys, yard recliners

GoodBrands.dk - organic products for the home

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