Home Furnishing Shops in Denmark

There are many home furnishing shops in Denmark, yet not all have physical stores nor are they well known. To find the best  prices and quality, check out some of these shops. Some have physical stores, while others only have online shops.  Below I have divided them into several categories, yet many will fit into more than just one area, so take some time to browse and compare. There are many great items that add extra bit of Denmark into your new home.

Home Furnishing Shops

Home Decor - Decorative items

The shops below sell all sorts of home furnishing items. Everything from knick knacks to furniture, so it is easier for you to visit their websites and take a browse.


DesignGaragen.dk - home design and furniture

Dubuy.dk - interior, children and storage

Egesgaves Brugskunst

Emanuels Design Shop

Hvalsøe Design - wooden items

Hw-homeware.dk - interior design

Illux.dk - wall decorations, prints, painting and art

Kitchen Living Dining - products for the home and kitchen


Magnolia Living


ModernRoom.dk - interior decoratives

Mostersskur.dk - interior design

Nordlyhome.dk - interior design


Recreation Styling - interior design

Sille & Sylvester


Ziito - clothes racks

White Goods, Kitchen

Clinicawater - danish design faucets

DomoTech.dk - kitchen equipment and gadgets

HvidevareShoppen.dk- white goods including frig, stove, washer, dryer, etc.

SousVide.dk - kitchen

Super indeklima - humidifier and dehumidifiers

Vaskebutikken - Kitchen sinks

Heating, Stoves and Ovens

Below are some companies that sell various types of fireplaces, ovens and heating options for your home.






Building Supplies , Windows, Doors

The stores here are not necessarily home furnising shops, since they cater more to home remolding and repairs. I hope you will remember them when you need home repairs.

Bango A/S - doors and windows

FC Beton - paving stones

Frishop.dk - Online building supply, hardware store

Nem-Ejendomsmægler.dk - fixed price real estate agent

Textiles, Curtains, Pillows

Boligindretningsshoppen.dk - curtains and blinds

By Fogstrup - elegant leather pillows

Flagshoppen.dk - flags, flags and more flags

Gardinshoppen.dk - curtains and blinds for your home

HowToSleepBetter - dark out curtains, sleep masks, sleeping aids

LuxNordica - bedding, towels and pillows

RumRum.dk - lambskin rugs

Årstidens Dug - table clothes

Furniture : Couches, Beds, etc.

Boboonline.dk - Quality Danish furniture.

By Tika - Popular Danish Furniture maker

BY DYB - design metal shelves

Dinseng.dk - beds including sofa and elevation

Drømdesign.dk - beds and bedding

ES furniture - sofas, chairs, storage

Entremøbler - furniture for your entry hall

Freshfurn.dk - Design Furniture

ILVA - popular Danish furniture retailer

Kriben.dk - unusual Danish design shelves

Lepong.dk - Furniture and Design

Livingshop - furniture, lighting and design

MøbelNord - Furniture and Lighting

Rentefriseng - beds

Roon & Rahn - Danish modern furniture

Sengefabriksudsalg.dk - beds and mattresses

Sengetid - elevation beds

Skabssengen.dk - cabinet beds/murphy beds

Sofabord-online.dk - Coffee and side tables

Spisebordsstol.dk - dining chairs

Sønderborg Bad Prestige - bathroom furniture and fixtures

TVBORD.DK - furniture for your TV

Tvstand.dk - TV stands

Wood To You - Coffee Tables

Lamps,  Bulbs, Candles

AndLight DK - lighting

Dioder-Online - led light bulbs and diodes

Everything-glows.dk - LED lighting/ Smart phones

Luxlight.dk - modern design lighting

Lampemesteren.dk - Designer lamps

LED Solutions - LED lamps

Lyshygge.dk - LED candles

Ledpaerer.dk - led lightbulbs

Mrperfect.dk - LED bulbs

Soys Ecologist Candles - candles

Garden Supplies

Blomsterverden - flowers, flowers, flowers

Havemøbelland.dk - Garden Furniture

HuskHaven.dk - mowers, compost and statues

Luxury-Outdoor.dk - spas, pizza ovens, terrace items

MoreLand.dk - garden furniture, games and warmers

PlanteCenterFyn.dk - garden center located on Fyn

Texas.dk - garden equipment inkl. mowers, tillers and more

Vandfontæne-shop - garden fountains

Zinkbakken - steel garden planters

Misc and the Unusual

The shops below do not fit into the home furnishing categories above, yet do not overlook them since there are some fun and unusual shops that may just meet your home criteria.
BOXdeLUX - storage solutions

ByMagnet.com - magnetic solutions

CleanXpert - cleaning equipment and supplies

Fyr-selv.dk - firewood and wood fuel for your various furnance types

Gloove.dk - moving help

Kongstad Prints - unusual prints and posters

MIRACA - home security

NiceWall.dk - Wallstickers

PlakatPlaza - quality good priced posters

PROPAGANDAshop.dk - interior design gift shop

Radimet - Radon testing

Radonshop.dk - Radon testing equipment

Satana.dk - all purpose shop from design to toys

Save your values - fire safety and first aid kits

Smart.dk - create a smart home

Wallstickerland.dk - Wallstickers

WiStore.dk - lifestyle products for the home

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    There are many home furnishing shops in Denmark, yet not all have physical stores nor are they well known. To find the best prices ind quality, check out some of these shops

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