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The Post Office in Denmark is run by Post Danmark, which has recently changed it's name to Post Nord. Their official website is, where you can get more information on specific services such as business mail, prices for sending packages, locations of local postal services, etc.. Before using Post Nord, let me help you along with some useful information about the Post Office in Denmark. 

This page is dedicated to give you an overview of how the system works from the view of an expat living in Denmark.

The average rate of posting a letter is probably the highest in the world. At least I have not found any other country with higher rates. Right now you can send it for 8 kroner in 2017 for a average letter! and that is if it is under 50g and only in Denmark.  If you want next day delivery it is 27kr for the same letter. Up to 100g it goes to 16 kr, up to 500g it is 32kr, and than 50kr or up to 1KG.

FYI: It is actually cheaper to send packages from overseas than it is to send a package across town in Denmark! Like that makes any sense? You can view the postal rates in Denmark at Post Nord. In 2017, the cost of a regular stamp is 8 kr  for a letter no heavier than 50g.  There is a much higher fee for letters to be delivered quicker than the normal 2-3 days. The reason for this big discrepancy is that Post Nord wants to get rid of the A post service which forces them to deliver in 1-2 days. This is a big strain on the their shrinking business. They can not eliminate the A service, but they can make it less inviting by making it unaffordable to the general public.

P.S. I often drive to Germany (200km) to mail packages to the UK and US, since it is still cheaper to pay for the trip to Germany and pay the German postal fees, which are substantially lower. Saved 900kr just on a couple of packages to the UK.

Post  Nord uses lots of bicycle couriers to deliver much of their mail in the city and yellow trucks in the outlying areas and country. You will often see bicycles like the one below around town loaded down with packages and letters.  They are beginning to switch over to the blue Post Nord vans now, so the yellow ones may be a thing of the past  within a year or 2.

post danmark cykle

When you mail a letter to Denmark, you will need to include a postal code (same as a zip code) which is always 4 digits long. These are listed before the city name. For example: 2500 Valby. The postal code is 2500 and the city is Valby.

The codes run from 1000 to 9999. Sjælland / Zealand uses the numbers 1000 to 4999, while 5000 to 5999 is for Fyn /Funen and 6000 to 9999 is Jylland / Jutland. Bornholm has 3700 to 3799.

These can be divided into more subcatgories of Copenhagen area, north and south Zealand, North, South and Mid Jutland, etc.

Exceptions: If you are given a 3 number postal code, it will be a post office box and not a physical address. Double check you get the right postal code.  You can see all the postal codes here.  When addressing a letter you will write it like this:

George Jensen (name)

123 Vesterbrogade (street address)

2500 Valby (4 digit postal code followed by City)


post danmark bil

Postal Rates

There are two types of postal rates in Denmark. You can send it first class  which is known as A post or you can choose economy class which is B post.  Have sent letters using both services and the B delivery time is maybe a day slower and often reaches the same day as a A letter. I never send anything A class anymore - due to the high rates.  My local postal carrier has told me that the delivery time between A and B are usually the same, so do not bother paying more.

Rates are based on the size and weight of the item being sent. Post Office in Denmark divides into letter or package. Often you can send it either way, so choose wisely. A letter can be a max of 90 cm (length x width x height). Length can not be longer than 60cm. Any bigger it will be sent as a package. Max weight for a letter is 2kg.

A postal rate chart is found on the Post Nord website. Just choose the weight and correct category based on the above information. When the results come up, you can choose A or B post and there is your rate. Post Office in Denmark Stamp Chart.  

Post Office in Denmark are being closed down and it is only in the major cities that you will actually find a post office building. For example in Copenhagen, Arhus, etc.. 

Outside of the major city centers, you will find the post office is located in a grocery store, boutique or other type store. You need to look for the Post Office in Denmark sign. There opening hours will vary from place to place. Some are only open in the morning, while others in the afternoon and some all day from 10am to 6pm (Monday to Friday) and 10 am to 2 pm on Saturdays. Do not be surprised that the smaller post offices have limited opening hours.  Many times these postal places are not manned and you just drop off your package on a counter. I perfer not to use those places, since you have no control if your package actually gets picked up and if it does, by whom. The area is not secure or watched, so anyone can come by pick up your package and walk out with it. Thanks but I will find another place where it is better secure.  Post at your own risk at these places.

Postal ettiquette. When you write your return address it should be crossed out. Just put a light "x" through the address. It is also usually on the back side versus the upper left corner as it is common in the states and UK.

The return address should still be legible, but makes sure the post office knows which address to deliver to and which one to return to if necessary. You can also use Til: , which means "to" and Fra:, which means from.

FYI: If a letter is sent with too little postage, it will incur a fee. I have twice received letters delivered to me and when asked to pay for the extra postage and surcharge, I refused. You should too and this is why.

The letter will be returned to the sender if you do not pay the extra postage and they will have to pay the fee. Don't be forced to pay, since it can often be a junk letter. The surcharge can easily run up to 50 kroner or more! If you mobile porto and the fee is too little, Post Nord will still deliver the letter, charge you the extra missing postage and add a 60 kr handling fee. 

For example: If you send a letter that weighs 52g, the postage should be 16 kr, but you might have weighed it at 49g and put only 8 kr on it. The letter gets delivered, you get an additional charge of 68kr - 8 kr for stamp and 60 kr handling fee. Now that letter has cost a total of 76 kr to mail. What a bargain.

Post offices Denmark boxes are located around the city centers and can easily be spotted since they are bright red.


If you receive a lot of letters / packages and it is difficult to get in your building or there is no one home to sign for packages, you may wish to sign up for "døgnposten", which is an offsite station where the post office delivers your packages and letters. You get a code to use to collect them there at your convenience. You can read more about it at "døgnposten".

If you plan to use the Danish Postal System, I suggest you either get a folder from the post office in Denmark or familiarize yourself with their website. You can read more about the various options in postal rates at Post Office Danmark. Remember to click the English icon (located to left of search box) to see the pages in English.

Another option is have your packages sent "uden omdeling", which means without distribution. This way your package is sent to a local shop in your area, that accepts the package for you. You than collect it from them.  The postage is less and it is a more secure way to receive your package if you are not home to collect it in person.

There are other options for sending your mail instead of using Post Office in Denmark, try places like Fed Ex, GLS, UPS, Bring and there are many private couriers springing up that are trying to fill the vacuum that Post Nord is leaving. I am not going to recommend any couriers, since I do not know of their reliability yet, but I am trying a few of them with my local packages. They are cheaper, the delivery time is often a few days later - not a problem for me. 

2016 Update: For the past year I have been working closely with GLS for all my package delivery and the service has been 100% problem free. There are a couple of drawbacks. GLS uses their pakkeshop system mostly, which means that a package is sent to the nearest store /pakkeshop to your customer's delivery address. They pick up the package there instead of getting it at home. You can get home delivery but it is at a higher cost.  You also have to deliver it to a pakkeshop.

Helpful Post Office in Denmark Tips

There are a few things to be aware of in order to keep getting mail and only the mail you want.

1. The name of people residing in your house, apartment, etc. should be listed on your mailbox or door. If not,the post office may not deliver the mail to you.

2. If you do not want junk mail, flyers, free newspapers, etc. you go to this website.  Here you can get a sticker to put on postbox, plus also sign up for only those advertisements you want delivered to your house.

3. New post office in Denmark rules requiring the placement of your mailboxes went into effect on January 1, 2012. If you are responsible for your own mailbox, make sure it complies to the new rules. All apartments must have a central postboxes in the lobby. Stand alone properties must have a post box out near the entrance to their house and not on the porch or by the front door.

4. The last piece of advice is that you can not leave outgoing mail in your box, on top of your box for pick up. The post people do not like collecting the mail. There is someone else for that job. If you know your postperson, you can sometimes ask them if you see them, but they are not obligated to do so.

5. You can buy stamps from your local grocery store, where many small post office in Denmark  are located, at the post office and via SMS. Most people now use mobileporto, a simple app for your phone that lets you print your own stamps.

You may want to learn more about everyday life in Denmark here.

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