Bicycle Rental in Copenhagen

You can use on of the many bicycle rental in Copenhagen to rent a bike and explore the city in a fun and relaxed way.  Most of the downtown bicycle shops have a rental program or there are also the city bikes, though they are not as comfortable and can not be locked.

Before you decide to rent a bicycle, you should be aware of the rules of cycling and understand a bit about getting around the city.  There is more information about cycling rules here and also some of the cycling traffic signs. Remember you can get a traffic fine on a bicycle just as easily as you can in a car. Not knowing the rules of the road will not get you out a ticket, so learn the rules before heading out.

Bicycle Rental in Copenhagen Shops

Baisikeli Bike Rental, Ingerslevsgade 80, 1368 København K  Tlf: 2670 0229

Opening Hours are Mon-Fri 10-18 Sat /Sun 10-16

Probably the cheapest bike rental place in Copenhagen, located close to Dybbølsbro train station, within walking distance of Main Station. See website for rental prices starting as low as 50 kroner for 6 hours. Can rent from 6 hours to several months. What is nice about this bike shop is that it supports a program which sends bicycle to children in Africa, who can not afford bicycles.

Pedalatleten, Oslo Plads 9, 2100 København Ø (Track 13) Tlf: 33338513

Pedalatleten, Gråbrødretorv 16, 1154, Kbh K  Tlf:  33112865

Opening Hours are Mon-Fri 8-18 Sat  10-15 Sun - closed

Rentals are 100kr for 24 hours.

Copenhagen Bicycles - Nyhavn 44, 1058 Copenhagen - Tlf: 33930404

Opening Hours are 0830 – 1730 every day - Take Metro to Nyhavn

This bicycle rental in Copenhagen is located centrally at Nyhavn and has a good assortment of bicycles, even electric bikes and racing bikes and all for a very reasonable price. They also offer bicycle tours from April to October - check with the shop for more details.

Københavns Cykelbørs, Gothersgade 157, 1123 København K  Tlf: 33140717

Opening Hours are Mon - Fri 0830-1730 Sat/Sun 1000-1400 Sun

One of Copenhagen's oldest bicycle shops, where they rent by the day. Starting at 75 kr.  They also offer a GPS tour guide option so you can navigate Copenhagen easier. Located close to Nørreport Station.

Bycykel, Fredericiagade 15A, 1310 København K   Tlf: 88826498

This is smart concept for bicycle rental in Copenhagen. It is based on similar car rental schemes found in many countries. What you do is reserve a bicycle on the Bycykel website and you rent for an hour at a time. The cost is 25kr per hour (plus credit card fees) or you if you live in Denmark, you can set up a monthly fee for only 70kr and only pay 6 kr per hour. If your trip is under 30 minutes, there is no charge with the subscription. You have to register on their website and than you can see where a bike is available and collect it there. Best part is that the bikes are electric, so it makes cycling so much easier. You can also connect with Bikify /Nova Fairy Tours and take one of several city tours which include the bike rental.

City BikesFree to use Bicycles

City Bikes, Copenhagen. This is probably the cheapest way to get around Copenhagen on a bicycle. But there are pros and cons to this rental. The City Bikes are basically free bikes that are placed around Copenhagen in bike racks to be by tourists and visitors. There is a slot to deposit a 20kr coin. When the coin is inserted the lock is disengaged and the bike can be ridden around town for as long as you need it. When you are finished, you return it to one of the many bike racks, insert the lock and your 20kr is returned to you. The cons to this enterprise is that it is often hard to find a bicycle available, since many citizens use them instead of their own bicycles. The bicycles are often mishandled and you will find many bikes that are not rideable. (broken chains, missing seats, etc.). Plus these bikes are not the most comfortable to ride. Okay for a short trip, but after an hour or so you will probably not want more.

Viking City Cykler, H C Andersens Blvd 15, 1553 Copenhagen V Tlf: 32505222

Opening hours are 0930 - 1800 weekdays ad 0930 - 1500 on Saturday

Rentals start at 90kr for 6 hours. Located a few minutes from Radhuspladsen/Town Center Square. They do not have a web site, so you will have to call to get more details.

MS Cykelcenter, Vester Farimagsgade 4, 1606 CopenhagenV   Tlf: 61655315

Opening hours are 0800 - 1800 daily and Sat/Sun 0900-1600. Located close to the Central Train Station. They have no web site, so you will have to call for rates.

Rent Your Bike Here, Nørregade 30, 1165 København K  Tlf: 3393 6200

Located close to Nørreport Station, this is a convenient bicycle rental in Copenhagen. You have to order online and pay a deposit to hold your bicycle. Min. rental is 1 day at 100kr per day.  The store provides some interesting cycling routes throughout the city plus has the option of  some various guided tours.

If you do not wish to use one of the above bicycle rental in copenhagen shops, you can also check with your hotel. Many hotels do offer bicycle rentals right at their hotel's front door. The rates are usually much higher than the above mentioned places, yet you get the convenience of having the bicycles at your front door and not having the hassle of finding your way to the shop and the transportation fee. 

For those of you who are looking for a more adventurous rental, check out MTB Tours, which rent mountain bikes and touring bikes. They have a couple of off road tours, a few through Denmark and even one to Berlin. They are located at  Klampenborg Station and at Hareskov Station.

 BikeCPH, Holmbladsgade 27, 2300 Copenhagen S   Tlf: 32 57 89 79 

 is another bicycle rental in Copenhagen, yet located on Amager, (which is a bit outside the city center) They offer a daily rate of 99kr.

Opening hours are Mon-Thu 0700-1800, Fri 0700-1900 and Sat 1000-1500 Sun: By appt only.

Student Semester Bikes. If you are going to school in Copenhagen, you may wish to check out Student Bikes. This is an idea set up by Global Student to provide bicycles for students for 1 semester or even the whole year. Rates start at 750-900 per semester.

You can return to main bicycles page to learn more about cycling in Denmark.

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