Aarhus Attractions

Aarhus Attractions

The number of Aarhus attractions may not be as big as Copenhagen, but there is still a lot to see and do in this Danish city. Take the time to explore and you will soon discover its historical charm. I hope you find something that tickles your fancy.

I used to tell visitors to stop by the Tourist Office in Aarhus, but it has been closed and replaced with touch screens around town. If you need to visit one, check out the following locations listed below.

In 2017 Aarhus has been nominated as the European Capital of Culture along with Pafos, Cyprus, so I expect that there will be additional attractions popping up during 2017.

  1. The Rutebilstation (where blue buses stop)
  2. Rema 1000 on Frederiksgade 82 across from the Radhus
  3. The Radhus
  4. The Gamle By
  5. These hotels: Radisson Blu Scandinavia, Cabinn Hotel, Marselis Hotel, Scandic Plaza, Hotel Oasia, Hotel Faber, Hotel Royal, Comfort Atlantic. Sabro Montra Hotel
  6. Tivoli Friheden
  7. Bog & Idé on Sønder Allé 4

Or just keep your eye out for them at tourist hot spots - more are coming online. You can find resources online

Jimmy J Antonsen has been very nice and given his permission to showcase some of his photos of Aarhus on our website. Enjoy the slideshow below.

Aarhus Attractions Aros Museum

ARoS Museum of Art

Aros Alle 2. Tlf: 87 30 66 00 Admission 120 kroner.

ARos is one the most popular of the Aarhus attractions. This is one of the largest modern art museums in Europe, which was opened in 2004. It has 9 floors of exhibits, including a Golden Age, Modern Art and Contemporary Art gallery, as well as a gallery especially for children. Also houses a history of arts library and restaurant. Got to see the large boy! (see pic)

P.S. You can actually see him from the outside or the mezzanine level for FREE. But it is worth the entrance fee to experience this unique building and it's works.

Aarhus Attractions Gamle By

The Old Town

(Den Gamle By) Viborgvej 2, Aarhus Tlf: 86 12 31 88 Admission 75 - 135 kroner. (Some discounts available – see website.)

Of all the wonderful Aarhus attractions, this is must do. It would be like visiting Copenhagen and not seeing the Mermaid or Nyhavn.

The Old City is living museum which you really have to experience to appreciate. The museum depicts the lives of the Danes living in the old days. Includes 75 historical buildings, shops, workshops, poster museum, toy museum, clock museum, tea rooms, bakery, restaurants and much more.

Make sure you do the row boat across the lake.

As you wander about, you can talk to people portraying characters who would have lived in this typical market town. Have a chat with a housewife or the local blacksmith. Try out the traditional children’s games – sorry, no Nintendo or X Box here. This is a truly awesome attraction, which everyone should see.

Also open during Christmas, so you can experience Christmas by “gas light” – wonderful! Highly recommended!

Aarhus Attractions Tivoli

Tivoli Friheden

Skovbrynet 5, Aarhus Tlf: 86 14 73 00

Admission costs 120 kroner (not including rides tickets)

Tivoli is located south of the city in Marselis Park, a few minutes by bus from the city center. (Take bus 4, 18 or 24 from City Hall.) This is a large amusement park that has lots of exciting rides and amusements. Entrance ticket does not include costs of rides. You can get a ticket pass to ride all the rides or purchase individual tickets. Also has theaters, clown shows and other amusements. Open April thru October, but only on certain days. See website for more details. This is a fun Aarhus attractions for the children as well as adults.

Aarhus Attractions Women's Museum

The Women's Museum

(Kvindemuseet) Domkirkepladsen 5 Tlf: 86 18 64 70 Admission costs 65 kroner

This is a museum dedicated to exploring the lives of women through history. Open year round.

The Botanical Gardens, Eugen Warmings Vej Tlf: 89 40 26 87 Free admission.

This is not as much of an Aarhus attractions as it is a beautiful park located just a bit north of the city center. It is divided into several different types of areas, each featuring different types of plants and flowers. The park is free to use and is a popular place to get away and relax. Popular also for picnics, runners, children playing and, of course, for garden lovers.

Aarhus Attractions Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum

Wilhelm Meyers Alle 210, Universistetsparken Tlf: 86 12 97 77 Admission is 75 kroner

A museum filled with animals (not live) from all over the world, including many native to Denmark. Exhibits change so check the website for more details.

Aarhus Attractions Steno

The Steno Museum

C F Møllers Alle 1100 Tlf: 89 42 39 75 Admission is 30 kroner  

This is the Danish Museum of Science and Medicine, which also includes a planetarium and medicinal herb garden.

Aarhus Attractions  Occupation Museum

The Occupation Museum

(Besaettelsesmuseet) Mathilde Fibigers Have 2 Tlf: 86 18 42 77 Admission is 30 kroner

This museum has a collection of photographs and artefacts describing the events of the Nazi occupation of Denmark during the war from 1940 to 1945.

Aarhus Attractions Arts Building

Aarhus Art Building

(Kunstbygning) J M Mørks Gade 13 Tlf: 86 20 60 50 Admission: Free

This is an art museum featuring comtemporary art and is regarded as one of the most beautiful exhibition venues in Denmark due to its spacious halls.

Aarhus Attractions Marselisborg

Marselisborg Palace and The Memorial Park

(Mindeparken) Aarhus Admission FREE

This is the summer home of the Royal Family, and it is located in the middle of Mindeparken. When the Queen is in residence, which is usually during the summer and at Christmas time, it becomes a popular Aarhus attractions, since you can then see the changing of the guards at noon daily. You cannot tour the Palace, but you can tour Mindeparken when the Queen is not in residence. The park is closed when the Queen is in residence.

The Memorial Park (Mindeparken) is a popular area during the summer and is usually packed with families enjoying a day out.

Aarhus Attractions Viking Museum

The Viking Museum

(Moesgård Museum, Moesgård Allé 15, 8270 Højbjerg Tlf: 89 42 11 00

Admission 120 kroner.

This museum includes the manor and two permanent exhibits: The Grauballe Man, which is the only completely preserved bog body from the Iron Age, and an impressive array of weapons from Illerup Ådal. There are Viking houses and special Viking reenactsments and events during the summer months.

Aarhus Attractions Riverwalk

Vadestedet, Strøget, Aarhus

In Copenhagen, you have Nyhavn as the place to sit and enjoy the outdoor atmosphere. In Århus that area is Vadestedet, which is located at the bottom of the strøget across from Magasin. All along the river, there are cafes, bars, and bistros. People either sit there or along the steps towards the river. On a warm summer night this area is packed with people enjoying LIFE! Since this is not an official Aarhus attractions, but more of an experience. Be part of the culture here and you will find it relaxing and fun.

Aarhus Attractions Cathedral

Aarhus Cathedral

(Århus Domkirk) Domkirkepladsen 2 Tlf: 86 20 54 00 Admission: Free to enter, but for a tour the cost varies - see website for more details

Marvel at this unique Aarhus attractions- This is Denmark's tallest and longest church, seating up to 1200 people. The tower rises 95 meters into the air and is a marker to one of the earliest Viking settlements in the 8th century. You can get a guided tour by contacting the church office, and it is also possible to go to the top of tower for a great city view for only 20 kroner.  Church is centrally located in Aarhus near the harbour, near the end of the walking street.

Aarhus Attractions Cocnert Hall

Aarhus Concert Hall

(Musikhuset), Thomas Jensens Allé, Tlf: 89 40 90 00

Admission: Free to walk around the main foyer area and halls. Tickets to shows/concerts vary – see website.

This is Århus’s very modern concert hall which plays host to over 1000 events each year. Something for everyone can be found here. Includes a children’s theatre.

Århus City Hall (Rådhus), Rådhuspladsen 2, Tlf: 89 40 20 00

This is the old city hall, where most people come to take care of business with the city. The building has now been vacated and tours are not at present available. Waiting to see what happens with the building.

Other places and things you may wish to explore:

Marselisborg Skov (Marselisborg Forest) has many things other than just the Queen's summer residence. There is the Botanical Garden, The Deer Park with live deer, the Horse Race Track (see JVB for a schedule of racing events), The Cycling Race Track, a very nice beach and, of course, lots of forest trails to wander through.

Off the grid Aarhus Attractions

Aarhus Attractions Racetrack

There are lots of places to see that you may never hear about except from someone who has been around Aarhus.

First exploring the various parts of the city is quite enjoyable. Get a walking guide from the tourist office and wander the streets and learn what some the historic buildings are. There are some facinating stories behind these structures.

If you do not have a lot of time to wander about, at least head down to Møllestein, which is directly east of the public library. This is a quaint (very short street -may be the smallest Aarhus attraction) that so encapsulates the old Denmark. Very charming with bicycles under the windows, cobbled street, very picturesque. MUST SEE!

You can also go a bit north of the city and visit Risskov (The Forest of Riis), which is a very nice forest and even has several workout stations along the paths for those who enjoy running and working out.

How about a Aarhus attraction located underground! When you are downtown, stop by the bank and visit a Viking. No it is not one of the tellers. At Nordea bank down by the DomKirke (see above), there is a Nordea Bank. If you go into the bank you will discover that it is sitting on top of a Viking Museum. Directly below the bank building was uncovered an actual Viking settlement which is open to the public. A new entrance is being created across the square, but at present is still via the bank on Bispetorv.

Other options for things to do in Aarhus are to walk a bit north of town where you can see the University complex.

You can also spend a day shopping, eating and drinking along the Strøget, the walking street, which goes from the main train station down to Domkirken.

By the way there is a large mall in the main train station, so if it is wet outside and you wish to stay dry, you can browse the shops there too.

Hopefully this list of Aarhus attractions has given you some ideas for things to do in Aarhus. Remember get a free map at the tourist office and spend the day wandering Aarhus - it is a safe and fun place to visit.

If you are finished discovering all the Aarhus attractions, check out Randers for some other exciting attractions not far from Aarhus or return to the main Aarhus page.

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