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Here is a list of a few Denmark Job sites for job seekers, where you can either search for jobs in Denmark or place your CV or resume on file and see what the Danish work place has to offer. Good luck in your hunt for a job.

It is not always easy to secure the job YOU want, since most jobs garner 100s of applications, so persistence is a must. Working in Denmark has lots of good information about how to get a job in Denmark. Jobnet is probably one of the largest Denmark job sites and should be one of your first places to search and list your CV/resume. AF is the public employment service and JobNet is their job portal.

At Jobguide you will find links to journals, trade publications, newspapers and other publications listing jobs. It’s a good place to look if seeking a job in a certain trade. There are also some private business listing here, but you would be better off checking out the next site.

At Jobindex you will find mostly private companies and a very large database of companies all over Denmark. I would consider this to be the 2nd largest of the Denmark job sites.

Other Denmark job sites to check out are the following, which all contain large databases:

At JobZonen you will find listings that are similar to those found in the large newspapers like Jyllands-Posten, Politiken and Berlingske Tidende and other papers.

I know a few expats who have gotten jobs through a site called CareerJet. Know very little about them, but it worked for 2 expats, so might work for you too.

A couple of other Denmark job sites that you may wish to check out are listed below. Each site has something worthwhile, but you will soon discover the one that suits your neeeds best.

Other Denmark Job Sites

To find other Denmark job sites listing jobs in Denmark, log into google and put “job i danmark” without the quotes and click the button that says “sider fra Danmark” (pages from Denmark); click Search (Google-søgning).

Since most of the sites are in Danish, you may run into a problem trying to read them.

Here’s how to solve that:

  • Open a new tab or window in your browser,
  • Go to  Google Translate.
  • Now copy and past the web address of the Danish site you were looking at into the window of Google Translator
  • Change the translate settings to “Danish to English”.
  • Click “Translate” and the page will come up in English;

You can click on the links on that page and they will still be in English. (If it still comes up in Danish, just copy and paste the Danish text you’re trying to read into the Google Translate window and click “Translate”.

Note: Some adverts for jobs in Denmark will be listed in English, especially by companies such as Novo Nordisk, Siemens and other international companies who are searching worldwide for employees.

Other places to look for jobs are in the local papers. If you live in Denmark, you will be bombarded with free papers each week in your mailbox, and many contain job listings, especially in the local area.

Also, you should check out the regional papers below. You’ll find more listings in the Wednesday and Sunday editions.

Newspapers Listing Jobs



Berlingske Tidende

Århus Stiftstidende

Fyens Stiftstidende

Jyske Vestkysten

Copenhagen Post - Danish news in English

Download their job app here.

Special Jobs in Specific Fields of Interest

If you are looking for job in a specific field such as education, medicine , IT, etc., than you may wish to check out this list of job sites which can make your search a bit more fruitful and a bit less time consuming.  Check out these Denmark Job Sites.

Temp Agencies / Vikar Bureaus

There are many temp agencies (vikar bureaus) around Denmark, and you can register with as many as you like. They will contact you if they have something that suits you. Some of the largest ones are Manpower, Adecco, JKS, Team Vikaren, Temp Team and Kelly Services. You will also find many local ones just by walking around town and looking at signs. Many will advertise on billboards.

I suggest you go to Gulex, which is the Danish version of the Yellow Pages. Put in “vikarbureau” and the name of the city where you are looking for an agency. If you want to work in Copenhagen, put in “vikarbureau københavn”. Again, you can use Google Translate if you have problems reading the text.

The benefit of working for a vikarbureau is that many specialize in certain fields and you can work at many different companies, where your interests lie and possibly find the right job that way. Other agencies cater to non-skilled workers and are not as picky about your danish language skills. This will give you time to learn Danish and search for better jobs requiring some Danish language.

I know many expats who started with vikar bureaus to get jobs and found good solid jobs. My wife is a perfect example. She started as a vikar and was later offered fulltime work and has transferred several times within the company.

This should get you started in finding jobs in Denmark.

Learn more about securing employment in Denmark using Denmark job sites.

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