Ticket Prices

Here is a list of current ticket prices for klippekort and single tickers in the Copenhagen area. These are not the prices for other cities like Aalborg and Aarhus. Please check out that information on our city pages.

Note: This page was updated January 2015.

Also, if you are going to be living in Denmark and using public transport alot, you may want to check out some of the special passes available.

Remember a klippekort has 10 trips per card, so you can divide the price by 10 to see what it is compared to buying a regular ticket.

Now here are your klippekort prices:

  • A regular 2-zone ticket bought from a machine will cost 24.00 kroner. Klippekort will cost 150 kroner.
  • A regular 3-zone ticket bought from a machine will cost 36.00 kroner. Klippekort will cost 200 kroner.
  • A regular 4-zone ticket bought from a machine will cost 48.00 kroner. Klippekort will cost 250 kroner.
  • A regular 5-zone ticket bought from a machine will cost 60.00 kroner. Klippekort will cost 305 kroner.
  • A regular 6-zone ticket bought from a machine will cost 72.00 kroner. Klippekort will cost 365 kroner.
  • A regular 7-zone ticket bought from a machine will cost 84.00 kroner. Klippekort will cost 415 kroner.
  • A regular 8-zone ticket bought from a machine will cost 96.00 kroner. Klippekort will cost 470 kroner.
  • An all-zone ticket bought from a machine will cost 108.00 kroner. Klippekort will cost 490 kroner.
  • A regular 2-zone ticket for a child under 16 bought from a machine will cost 12.00 kroner. Klippekort will cost 75 kroner.
  • A regular 3-zone ticket for a child under 16 bought from a machine will cost 18.00 kroner. Klippekort will cost 100 kroner.

A 24 hour adult ticket for all zones is 130.00 kroner. This ticket allows you unlimited travel in all zones for 24 continuous hours. Time starts when you klip the card. Can only be klipped once.

You can also buy a city pass which is good for 24 hours and includes zones 1,2,3 and 4 which covers all of Copenhagen and the outlying suburbs.

You can also check for any updated prices at DSB Priser or check out the chart below.

Here are few translations to make easier to follow.

Voksen = Adult

Top Line of Numbers represents the zones 2 thru all (alle) and than 24t (24 hour card) and 72t (72 hour card).

Remember to divide the price of the klippekort by 10 to get your per ticket price. On the 2 zone ticket, you pay 24 kroner for a single ticket, while using a klippekort you will get it for 15 kroner (150/10 = 15.0). The 15 kroner price is what each ticket costs when using a klippekort. If you bought a single ticket it would cost 24 kroner, so you are saving 9 kroner.

Below is the ticket price chart for 2015 public train prices.

Ticket Prices Chart 2015

For more up-to-date prices and variations of tickets check out www.dsb.dk.  I try to keep the information up to date, but DSB loves to raise their prices. They want more people to take public transport, but they keep making it more expensive, so many people are back to their cars or bicycles. Plus they have now introduced a travel system that is so full of problems for users that people are paying fines and huge ticket prices. Help boycott rejsekort.  More information can be found at:

Movia ...... www.moviatrafik.dk

Metro ...... www.m.dk

DSB ..... DSB Ticket Prices

If you want to plan or look for the best route from point A to point B, try www.rejseplanen.dk. It is in Danish, but has an English version too.

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