Klippekort Update 2015

The klippekort system has been phased out with a new system " REJSEKORT", which is anything but secure and workable. It has had so many problems over the past few years of development and these problems still exist as of 2015. Not sure when they will the kinks worked out - if EVER! Unfortunately, the klippekort will no longer be available for sale in Copenhagen after February 8, 2015 and will only be good for travel until June 30, 2015.

This page is still up since many other parts of Denmark still use the klippekort system and even in Copenhagen, DSB has a klippekort system in place for their regional trains, so this page still has value to many people new to Denmark. 

Sorry to see them go, they were the simplest and easiest way to travel. Rejsekort is dependant upon being very aware of where you travel, checking in and out constantly and being very diligent about checking your credit balance. Yikes what a CRAPPY system.  Nothing like being charged several 100 kroner for a trip that costs only 20kr! And no you won't get your money back.  I am hoping that people will boycott DSB and not travel on public transport until they get rid of this lousy system!

Lots of kommunes, especially in Jutland are boycotting the system because it is too expensive and full of problems. Yes - hope more kommunes agree.  Join the boycott here.

Personally, still not a fan of the rejsekort and it will take some time for me to be a fan of a system that is so full of problems and where people have so little control over their fares, fees and subject to ridiculous fines because the system does not work properly.

Understanding a Danish Klippekort

Reading a klippekort is easy when you understand a few things. To the right is an enlarged photo of a such a ticket. I will use that as an example to explain how you make sense out of it. 

First a klippekort is a multiple ticket card. Instead of buying a single ticket for each trip you take, you can purchase these multiple tickets, which each have 10 klips per card. Each klip represents a single trip for the number of zones on the card or can be combined for longer trips. More about that below. You will save money when buying these discount cards as long as you are going to use all the klips. You can NOT get a refund on unused klips.

reading a klippekort

Let's get started - use card on right to follow along.

On the bottom of the card you will see where the cards have been stamped in the machine, When you place your card into the ticket machine it takes a small klip out of the card and places a time stamp on the card. The first stamp will at the bottom and each new klip will be furthur up the card to the right of each new klip.

Let's look at my first klip on this card. The "1745" on the klippekort represents the time the card was stamped in the machine. The time will always be in 24-hour (or military) time. So this would be 5:45 PM.

The "01" is the day of the month: the 1st

The "XI" is the 11th month or November. Roman numerals are used. I,II, III, IV, etc.

"0004" is the zone in which the card was stamped. This one was stamped at the airport, which is in Zone 4.

"666" is the machine that it was stamped in.

So from the above ticket you can see that I traveled from Zone 4 on November 1st at 5:45 in the evening and again used my ticket at 5:00 AM to travel from Zone 4 on the 2nd of November.

Notice that when the card is clipped that a small piece of card is removed from the left side of the card. The next time I clip this card, it will remove the portion of card that has the number "8" printed on it.

This also helps tell you how many "klips" you have left on the card without having to count the number of stamps.

You can also now tell when you have used your card. The time stamped on the card is usually a little earlier than the actual time, so dont set your clocks by the time stamp. Clocks are set a bit later, so you can often get 15 - 30 minutes of travel time.

back of a klippekort

On the back of your klippekort is information about how long you can travel.

1 Klip lets you ride in 2 zones for up to 1 hour

2 Klips let you ride in up to 4 zones for up to 1.5 hours

...and so forth.

That means you don't have to have a 6-zone klippekort if you are going to be going through 6 zones. You can use your 2-zone card by clipping it 3 times.

Note: One of the most common misconceptions on using these discount travel cards is the amount of time you can travel on them. If you klip a 2 zone card that says you can travel for 1 hour on it and also klip a 4 zone kort that says you can travel for 1.5 hours, does not mean you can travel for 2.5 hours. You have to look at how long you are allowed to travel with a 5 zone ticket which is only 1.5 hours. The max time will never be more than 2 hours.

Also remember when you use a ticket, it is not just for a single trip from point A to point B. You can travel on the ticket for your allotted time as long as you travel within the same zones. So you can make several trips on the same ticket if time allows. Remember your trip must be OVER before the time expires. If the train arrives at your final stop 5 minutes after the allowed time, you might get a fine. Watch your time.

See the chart below to help you determine what type of klippekort you need. What is most economical?

klippekort travel chart

"Voksen" is adult

"Barn" is child

The * shows you what is the cheapest to use when traveling. For example, if you were going through 6 zones, it would be cheaper to use one clip on a 6-zone card than 3 clips on a 2-zone or 2 clips on a 3-zone.

This only applies if you already have one of those cards. If you are only going to travel through 6-zones once or twice, it is not cost-effective to buy a card and have 8 unused clips.

Personal note: When I lived in Copenhagen, I used to have one or two of each type of multiple ticket cards on me. My business took me all over and I never knew how many zones I would need from day to day. Since you can use different cards to make a single trip it is quite handy and cheaper.

For example if your trip involves 5 zones, you can use a 2 zone and 3 zone card. Klip each one once and you can now travel in 5 zones. Must klip at the same time (one after the other).

There is also a 24-hour kort, which you punch once and you can then travel anywhere within the zonemap for 24 hours. These are handy if going through many of zones.

Here are the prices of the various types of tickets and klippekort . You will need to scroll to the bottom of the page for current prices.

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