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copenhagen card

The Copenhagen Card is a great card to have if visiting Copenhagen for the first time. The cost of the card will pay off in great dividends in both money, time and frustration.  What is it? Well, it is a discount card that gives you access to 72 museums and attractions throughout the greater Copenhagen area including free tickets on the metro, bus and train system. You can also get 10% - 20% off meals at certain restaurants.

Some of the biggest attractions like Tivoli (99kr), Tycho Planetarium(145kr), Zoologisk Have(160kr) and Carlsberg Brewery(80kr), Canal tour (75kr) are all included.  These 5 in themselves will cost you 559kr in entrance fees and the bus and train tickets will add another 72 kr. And there is much much more. A 24 hour pass will cost you 339kr.

With the Copenhagen Card you just show your card on any of the buses, trains or metro and on you go. No need to punch the ticket or be aware of what zone you are in, since it is all covered. Once you have purchased the ticket it is good for either 24, 48 or 72 hours from the time you first use it.

Where to purchase the Copenhagen Card

The card can be purchased either online and you get a voucher, which you will turn it at the airport when you arrive or at the Tourist Board in Central Copenhagen. You can also have the card sent to you in the post if you would rather have it on hand when you get here.

The card can also be bought at many of the hotels, tourist offices and hostels around Denmark. Visit the Copenhagen Card  main site for sales offices.

You also get a very comprehensive guide on all the attractions and a city map. There is now also an app that you can get for your smart phone, so that you can have the information at your fingertips.

Price for the card is as follows:

24 hour     Adult     339kr  Children     179

48 hour     Adult     469kr  Children    239

72 hour     Adult     559kr  Children    289

120 hour    Adult     779kr  Children    379

Get Your Copenhagen Card Below

The card can only be used 1 time at each attraction per day. That means you can not visit the same place twice in one day. Can not go to Tivoli during the day and return that evening. But if you have a multiday ticket you can get entry again the next day. So a 3 day ticket will allow you to visit the same place 3 times just not on the same day.

If you have children under the age of 10, two of them can be included on the adult ticket for free.

Travel Allowance

The card allows you to travel all over the Copenhagen region as far north as Helsingør and Gilleleje and west to Roskilde and south to Køge, so you have access to a lot of the atrractions outside of the city of Copenhagen. You can use it on the bus, train, metro and even the harbor bus. That includes your airport transfers too. 

What Attractions are included?

Amager Museum (60)

Amalienborg Museum (70)

Amber Museum (25)

Arbejdermuseet / The Workers Museum (65)

Arken - Modern Art Museum (95)

Ballerup Museum (30)

Blue Planet Aquarium (160)

Brede Værk / Brede Works (0)

Bådfarten / Boat Tours (110)

Canal Tours (75)

Casino Copenhagen (95)

Castle Lake Ferry (30)

Circus Museum (50)

Danish Museum of Science (65)

Danish Architecture Center (40)

Danish Hunting Museum (70)

Danish Jewish Museum (50)

Design Museum (90)

Drågør Museum (30)

Esrum Kloster (50)

Falkonergården (90)

Flynderupgård Museum (20)

Frederiksborg Castle (75)

Gammel Holtegaard (20)

Gammel Strand Art Exhibit (65)

Geological Museum (40)

H C Andersen Museum (85)

Helsingør Museum (30)

Hirschsprungske Art Collection (95)

Independent Art Exhibit (60)

J F Willumsen Museum (50)

Jægerpris Castle ( 55)

Karen Blixen Museum (60)

Klunkehjem Victorian Home (50)

Kronborg Castle (75)

Kunsthal Charlottelund Museum (60)

KØS Art Museum (50)

Land of Legends (130)

Louisiana Art Museum (110)

Maritine Museum (110)

Museum of Contemporary Art (40)

Museum of Copenhagen (40)

National Museum (0)

Netto Canal Boats (40)

Nordatlantens Brygge Exhibit (40)

Ny Carlsberg Glypotek (75)

Open Air Museum (50)

Ordrupgaard Art Exhibit (110)

Post and Telegraph Museum (0)

Revymuseet / Light Theater  (35)

Rosenborg Castle (90)

Roskilde Burial Chapel (60)

Roskilde Museum (25)

Royal Reception Rooms (80)

Royal Stables  (40)

Rudolph Tegners Museum (50)

Ruins of Absalon (40)

Rundetaarn / Round Tower (25)

SMK National Gallery (110)

Storm P Museum (45)

Tadre Mill (25)

Theater Museum (40)

Thorvaldsens Museum (40)

Tivoli (99)

Tycho Brahes Planetarium (145)

Tøjhusmuseet Arsenal Museum (60)

Vedbæk Finds (20)

Visit Carlsberg Brewery (80)

Vor Frelsers Church (40)

Zoologisk Copenhagen Zoo (160)

Zoologisk Natural Museum (75)

Øresunds Aquarium (65)

Discounts with Copenhagen Card


Biscaya Tapasbar (10%)

Burger Corner (10%)

Café Dan Turell (10%)

Café Daniels Kilde (10%)

Café Danner (10%)

Café Emma (10%)

Café Frederiks (10%)

Café Karen Blixen (10%)

Café Petersborg (10%)

Café Sari (10%)

Café Sommersko (10%)

Café Stella (10%)

Heidi's Bierbar (20%) not Fri/Sat

Hereford Village (10%)

Il Pecatto (10%)

Martini's Restaurant Amalfi (15%)

XO Burgers and Steaks (10%)

Attractions and Services

Avis Car Rental    (20%)

Bike Copenhagen with Mike    (15%)

Copenhagen Tours (20%)

Copenhagen Bicycles (20%)

Danish Arts and Christmas Shops   (10%)

Det Royal Library   (37,5%)

Europcar / Pitzner Auto   (20%)

Guiness World Records   (25%)

Hop On Hop Off Tours   (10%)

Linda Escursioni   (25%)

Nordisk Korthandel   (10%)

Ripley's Museum   (25%)

Scandlines Helsingør   (25%)

The Mystic Exploratorie   (25%)

ToursCPH   (10%)

Swim Center   (20%)

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