Aarhus Waterfront

Please note that the Aarhus Tourist Office is closed and you can now find tourist information on screens located throughout the city.

Århus or Aarhus (originally named Aros) is located in central Jutland and, as the second largest city in Denmark and has a lot to boast about. The city is much smaller than Copenhagen, yet it has a more modern and younger feel about it. This is mostly due to the large university community and other educational facilities in the area.

Below is a slide of some images of Århus taken by Jimmy J Antonsen, a native of the city. He has kindly given permission to showcase these photos on our website. They are beautifully taken and give a real feel for the city.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

The city is constantly evolving and working to become a more progressive and hip city.

Much like Copenhagen, it is very easy to get around. You can walk most places and explore most of the local attractions. Those not within walking distance can be accessed easily by public transportation.

Home to over 300,000 people. It is nestled next to the sea and is surrounded by forests like Marselis, Moesgaard and Risskov, as well as many smaller areas of woodland.

Your first stop when visiting, should be the local tourist board, but they closed their shopfront last year? Now there are touch screens at these following locations in the city.

REMA 1000

Raddison Blu Scandinavia Hotel Arhus

Hotel Cabinn

Helnan Marselis Hotel

Scandic Hotel Plaza

Scandic Hotel Vest

City Hotel Oasia

Hotel Royal

First Hotel Atlantic

Hotel Faber

Montra Hotel Sabro Kro

Aarhus Camping

Blommehaven Camping

and Aarhus Airport

You can sometimes obtain city maps and some guide material from the bus and train stations, but you may have to wait awhile in ticket lines in order to acquire them.

Tip: If you plan to sightsee and visit some of the attractions, think about picking up an Aarhus Card.  

The Aarhus Card will get you free access to 20 attractions, discounts to restaurants and free transportation within the 4 major transport zones.

A 24-hour card costs 119 kroner and a 48-hour card costs 149 kroner. This will pay off very quickly. A bus ticket is presently 20 kroner in 2012. Entrance to Aros is 90 kroner; Tivoli is 60 kroner. Right there you have saved money and there is so much more on offer. Avoid paying high entrance fees – GET A CARD! Pick it up at the train station, bus station, some hotels and hostels or order online at Aarhus Card.

Getting to Aarhus

Here are some more photos of Aarhus from Jimmy J Antonsen. They are really nice.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR

Getting to Arhus by train, car, plane or ferry is simple. The E20 motorway from Copenhagen runs across Funen and into Jutland at Fredericia and you follow the E45 north to Arhus.

There are daily flights from Kastrup Airport to Arhus Airport, which is located northeast of the city in Djursland (near Ebeltoft. There is a bus that goes into Arhus, but it is pretty far out.

The best way to get to Arhus from Copenhagen is to either take the ferry over (if driving)from Zealand. The ferry goes directly to Arhus from either Kalundborg (on the west coast of Zealand) or from Nykøbing S (a little farther north on the same west coast).

Considering the cost of fuel and the bridge toll it is quicker, cheaper to take the ferry.

Another way is by train. There are trains running nearly every hour from Copenhagen to Arhus and you can get there in under 3 hours.

There are also bus lines that run between the two cities. Check out Abildskou Bus line, which is the cheapest way between the 2 cities if you book in advance.

Check out our list of Aarhus attractions, which you will want to visit while visiting or living in Arhus or go back to main cities page for more information on other cities in Denmark.

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