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Denmark is not considered an international transportation hub; however, there are plenty of major connections to most European cities, so it is not hard getting to Denmark. The major airport is Kastrup, which is located just outside Copenhagen. The next largest airport is Billund located in central Jutland.

And once you are in Denmark, you have an assortment of options for getting around Denmark. You can choose between private and the public sector transport.

For most people their first experience with the Danish Public Transportation System will be at the airport. All the major airports provide some sort of public transport: bus, train or metro.

At the Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup) you will have the option of the train, metro, bus, taxi or limo service. Before buying your train ticket from Copenhagen airport, you will want to read this money saving tip on airport transfers.

In Denmark the most popular method of getting about is the bicycle, which is also the easiest, quickest and cheapest way for most people to get around Denmark. There are several bicycle rental places in Copenhagen, so if you feel up to cycling - rent a bike in Copenhagen.

Walking is also popular and you will be amazed (especially if you come from America) how much pedestrian traffic there is in Denmark. Walking is a way of life and the pedestrian has rights over any motorized vehicle. So remember, if you are driving, you must watch out for pedestrians at all times.

Eventually, you will have to take some form of public transportation (or at least you should try it) and the options are the bus, train or metro. And in Copenhagen you can also take the harbor bus, which is a water bus service. Learn more about each of these below.

Another way to get around is by taxi, which there are plenty of in most cities. The only time you can't find a taxi is when the bars close in the early morning hours. Then they are all busy and you can wait hours trying to find one.  Please do not resort to stealing a bicycle to get home. It is a quite common practice, but how would you feel if someone stole your bicycle? Plus it is a crime!

There is also the novelty option of taking one of the new bicycle taxis similar to the rickshaw. Available in Copenhagen and also at the harbour in Arhus. Other people are trying to initiate this service in other cities too, so keep an eye out for them.

Important Transportation Warning

Remember when you are taking public transport, you will need a ticket or you will get a fine if caught. Taking the risk is not worth it. Learn more about buying tickets.

The final option to get around is by car and there are lots of car rental agencies at the airports and city centers.

Let me warn you that it takes some nerve to drive in the city with all the pedestrian and bicycle traffic. You have to watch out for them and they do NOT have to watch out for you, which most cyclists do not do. Think twice about it if you are a tourist. You can also learn about car ownership .

Below you will find links to more information about using various methods of getting around Denmark. As Dale Evans liked to say, "Happy Trails"!

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