Denmark Newspapers

Denmark newspapers available both online and offline.

Most of the Denmark newspapers are written in Danish, but that can easily be overcome even if you do not understand Danish. If you go to the online page for that Danish newspaper and copy the link. You can now paste that link into google translate and tranlsate it from Danish to English.

Generally, the translation is pretty good, but there will be times when you get some odd bits of information.

There is only one newspaper in Denmark that is completely in English and that is the Copenhagen Post, which is a free weekly paper. It can be picked up around Copenhagen at many of the tourist spots, library, tourist office. You can also subscribe and have it mailed to your home each week. Great way to keep up with what is happening in Denmark.

Below are the top Denmark newspapers. They all have webpages with their main stories and lots of other sections, like job ads, housing and local news. You can also buy these papers at the local kiosk, grocery stores, train stations and bookshops.

Every weekday, there are two free Danish newspapers, that you will find handed out at the bus stops, train stations and along busy thoroughfares. These are "24 Timer" and "MetroXpress". If you don't see a stand nearby, I can assure you, that will be dozens discarded copies on the train seats, floors and littered around the stations. If you do pick up a copy of this free "rag", be so kind as to either recycle it properly, put it back in a stand for reuse or at least dispose of it properly in a trash can.

There are also dozens of local newspapers that are delivered to your home address each week for free. These are too numerous to list, since each area will get various editions. In my area I get 4 local newspapers each week. When living in the Aarhus area, I got 5 local newspapers, since I was living on the outskirts and got from 2 kommunes. Depending on where you live, you will get the newspapers that serve up local information and they are well worth looking through for entertainment, special local events, official government notices, planning information, local crime reports and much more that will affect you locally.

Reading Denmark newspapers is a great way to learn more about your new country and work on your Danish comprehension! The major Denmark newspapers are:

Other Denmark Newspapers

Below are a list of some other popular Denmark newspapers that may cater more to specialized niches, such as auctions, politcial, social causes, religous, etc.. They may not be for everyone, but you may just find something that suits your needs.

ErhvervsBladet Business Newspaper

Ingeniøren A newpaper for those interested in the engineering field including a job site.

Kristeligt Dagblad writes mostly articles about religion and faith issues. is a paper dealing with the job market, unemployment and work issues.

Den Blå Avis is a free weekly auction newspaper. Great place to source goods, sell your own stuff and search for bargains. Has an online auction site owned by eBay.

Gul og Gratis is another FREE auction newspaper competing directly with Den Blå Avis. Has an online site.

URBAN is another FREE paper that you find right along with MetroXpress and 24 Timer. See above blurb.

Weekendavisen is a once a week paper put out by Berlingske Tidende and gives you a good overview of the week that was!

Dagbladet Arbejderen is Denmark's only "red" or socialist newspaper and is a political newspaper. Loosely translated it is the "working mans newspaper".

The Danish Pioneer is the oldest Danish/English newspaper and is not based in Denmark, but comes from Nebraska. They only send their paper within the US (as far as I know?)