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Aalborg: Learn more about Aalborg, one of the Denmark's largest cities located in Northern Jutland
Arhus: Learn more about Aarhus, Denmark second largest city, located on the east coast of Jutland.
Accommodations: If you are looking for temporary accomodations in Denmark, than check out this list of possible choices before deciding on where to stay.
Banking: Important information on the banking system in Denmark, including how to open a Danish account.
Major Banks in Denmark: List of Danish banks, which you can trust to service your needs properly.
Bicycling: Before jumping on that bicycle learn a few rules you need to obey to avoid getting yourself in trouble.
Pets: Don't want to leave your beloved pet behind when you relocate to Denmark. Learn what you need to do!
Budget Tips: Here are some of my favorite budget tips to help you combat the high prices of living and visiting Denmark.
Budget Eating: Looking for places to eat cheaply and extend your travel budget a little longer. Check out some of these tips.
Bus: . Afraid to jump on a bus in Denmark, because you do not know how. You are not alone. Learn to master the Danish bus system.
Changing Address: Before you move in Denmark, make sure to do these things. If not, you are going to be receiving a large FINE!
Christmas Traditions: Want to celebrate Christmas the Danish way? Learn about a Danish Christmas.
North Jutland Churches: Want to explore some of the oldest churches in Denmark, than check out this list of historic churches in North Jutland.
Cities: Denmark may be a small country, but there are a lot of cities to visit and explore. Learn more about each city here.
Contact: : Have a question or want to make a comment, you can reach us here.
Copenhagen: Coming to Denmark, chances are that your first stop will be Copenhagen. Learn a bit more about Copenhagen here.
Christmas in Copenhagen: One of the great joys of Denmark is having a Copenhagen Christmas. There is a lot to see and do.
Restaurants in Copenhagen: Looking for a place to eat in Copenhagen. Well here is a comprehensive list of restaurants in Copenhagen.
Copenhagen Tourist Sights: So you have a few days or hours to spend in Copenhagen. What do you want to see other than the bottom of a beer glass. See my list here.
CPR: If you plan to work or live in Denmark, you better have a CPR number and card. What is it? How do you get one? Read more.
Alphabet: Yes, the Danish alphabet is a bit different than the English one, so learn what you need to know.
Bicycle Traffic Signs: Whenever you take off on a bicycle you are liable for following certain traffic laws. Learn what all these signs mean to the bicyclist. Not knowing can land you a hefty fine. Even as a tourist.
Culture: What makes Denmark the way it is. The tradional culture is deeply embedded and it would do you good to understand it if you plan to stay in Denmark for a while.
Currency: Denmark using the Danish kroner and here you can learn what the exchange rate is and what type of coins and paper money you will be exposed to. It aint the EURO!
Flag: Do you know the story of the Danish Flag? It did not come from Denmark, but was first seen in Estonia! Read the story.
Government: The country is not ruled by the Queen, but by the Folkeregister. Learn what that this!
Kommunes: If you plan to live in Denmark, you will be living in a kommune. No it is not a commune.
Language: The Danish language is very difficult to learn, but it can be mastered. Let me show you how.
Language Schools: Want to learn Danish, than your best bet is to enroll in a language school. See how here.
National Anthem: Learn the Danish National Anthem ... words and music ... impress your friends (especially the Danes who think no foreigner knows the anthem)
Number System: We may use the Arabic number system just like the USA and Britain, but we sure don't say them the same way. Wait for this ... it takes some getting used to.
Common Danish Phrases: I have put together some common words and phrases that you can easily master and help you during your visit.
Religion: Denmark may not be the most religious country in the world, but the Danes still hold on to many religious traditions.
Rental Terms: Oh boy, renting can be a nightmare in Denmark. But to make it easier, you should learn these rental terms which will give you a big leg up.
Telephone: A telephone is an essential part of life and Denmark is no different. Learn about the Danish telephone system here.
Time: What time is it in Denmark and how do you express it. Almost as complicated as the number system!
Danish Vocabulary: Here are a couple of helpful vocabulary lists that will help you in your daily life, whether you are moving here or just visiting. Print them out and keep them handy. What is an apotek?
Danish Christmas Carols: Want to sing along with your Danish friends at Christmas time. Learn some of the popular Christmas Carols.
Denmark on a Budget: Here is a list of tips that can help you manage Denmark on a budget.
Bus Types: Have you seen the plethora of buses in Copenhagen. How do know which one to take. Learn how to distinguish one from the other.
General Information about Denmark: Some general informaton about Denmark.
Denmark Information: Some general information about Denmark.
Job Sites: Looking for a job in Denmark, than this list of job sites will get you going.
Newspapers: What newspapers are available in Denmark. See our list of the most popular papers in Denmark.
Radio Stations: Want to listen to the radio in Denmark? You need a license. Yeah you do. Not as a tourist, but if you live here. Plus here are some stations to listen to.
Rental Information: Before renting anyplace in Denmark, please read this information so you do not make a mistake that can cause you lots of problems. Do it right and relax.
Rental Websites: Ready to rent a place, but do not where to start. I got what you need here.
Souvenir Shop: Looking for a fun souvenir of your Denmark visit. Check out our webshop.
Necessary Documents: Visiting or moving to Denmark, please have your documents in order. Not having them can cause long delays and problems.
Driving and Automobiles: Driving in Denmark is not a necessity, but if you want to, than learn more about it here. It can be nerve racking especially in the city with 1000s of bicycles.
Education: Are your children planing to continue their education in Denmark, than get them started right. Read our guide here.
English Books: Looking for a good english book to read, but don't want to pay bookstore prices or just can not find any english books in your local bookshop. Check out our list.
Environment: Is Denmark really such an environmental frontrunner? See my views.
Etiquette: Like any country, there are different rules of etiquette and here are some of the Danish ones you want to learn.
Dental Care: The dental care system in Denmark is different from the health care system. Learn more about it.
Denmark by Bike: Exploring Denmark by bike is fun, easy and relaxing, if you know how.
Fastelavn: The Danish version of Halloween with sugar buns, cats and children beating the "'&#" out of wooden barrels.
Ferries in Denmark: If you travel around Denmark, you will eventually have or want to take a ferry. They are fun, convenient and time savers.
Ferries to Denmark: If you are coming to Denmark and prefer not to fly, check out some of the ferries that can get you to Denmark.
Frederikshavn: . Where is Frederikshavn and why should you visit.
Frederikshavn Restaurants: Where to eat out in Frederikshavn.
Frederikssund: Where is Frederikssund and why should you visit.
Getting Started in Denmark: As an expat, starting out right will make your life so much easier. Follow these steps and be assured that you have everything covered.
Golfing: Looking for a bit of "Tiger Woods" time, check out some of the Fantastic golfing opportunities provided in Denmark.
Green Card Scheme: Want to work in Denmark, than check out the Green Card Scheme.
Helsingor: Where is Helsingor and why should you visit.
History: Know nothing about the history of Denmark, well now you can!
Holidays: Learn what holidays are being held in Denmark this year.
Importing a car: Wait, please, before you import you car read this article.
International Schools: Do not want your children to attend a Danish school, than you should check out this list of international schools available to you.
International Train Travel: Planning to come to Denmark and want to travel by train! Got you covered.
Christmas Songs: Join in the Christmas fun by learning these popular Christmas Caroles.
Klippekort: If you are going to be using the Danish public transportation system, you better know about klippekort or you will be losing money daily.
Map: Don't know where Denmark is or how it is divided up! That is okay, it is all covered here.
Medical Treatment: The health care system in Denmark is free to use as a taxpayer. Learn about it.
Metro: The newest addition to the public transportation system is the metro in Copenhagen. Want to give it try?
Movie Theaters: It is a cold wet rainy day and feel like getting out. How about catching a movie at one the many theaters in Denmark. It is a different experience – you are in for a few surprises.
Moving to Denmark: That move to Denmark can be overwhelming and not much you can do to make it easier. Well, wrong, here are some helpful tips. Take them to heart.
Museums: Denmark has lots of museums and here are some of the most popular.
Music Festivals: Denmark loves their music festivals and here is a list of some of the most populaar ones. Book early ... tickets sell out quickly.
National Bird: What Denmark has a national bird?
National Registars Offices: One of the most important places to visit when you move here.
Planning Your Move: Planning your move to Denmark ... well than please read this article.
Post Office: Learn how to use the Danish postal system. If you can afford it!
Prescriptions: in Denmark are not part of the free health care system in Denmark. You are given an allowance and only pay a portion of your costs.
Randers: Where is Randers Denmark and why should you visit there.
Relocating Help: Relocating to Denmark is a process full of anxiety and problems, but this information can make your relocation easier.
Rentals: Learn about how to go about renting a place to live in Denmark. Important tips that can really help you find the right place at the right price.
Samsø: Where is Samsø and why you should visit.
Sculptures by the Sea: Sculptures by the Sea is an art exhibit in Arhus.
Shops: Shopping is part of living in Denmark, but if you are new than this list of shops can really help you.
Silkeborg: Where is Silkeborg and why should you visit.
Sønderborg: Where is Sønderborg and why should you visit.
Taxes: Denmark is known for the high taxes we pay, but how is it broken down. Figure out how much you will be taking home each month.
Tax Offices: Got tax questions? Contact your local tax office. Contact information listed here.
Things to Bring From Home: If you are about to be an expat in Denmark, you might want to bring these things from home.
Things to do in Arhus: Made it to Arhus, but now you want to know what to do. Here is my list of things to do other than looking at the bottom of another beer glass.
Things to do in Frederikshavn: A list of things to do in Frederikshavn.
Ticket Prices: What are the prices of tickets for the bus, train, metro and harbour bus. Here is a updated price list on a various assortment of tickets.
Tickets: Learn about what type of ticket you need for the various transportation options and what is the most economical.
Train Routes within Denmark: Did you just have a good look at the train system map and your eyes bugged out. How do you figure this out? What train do you take? Do not PANIC. Read this page and you will be a master in no time.
Train Time Table: Reading a train schedule or bus schedule can be a puzzle to first timers. Read this guide and you will know everything to master reading time tables in Denmark.
Train Travel: Afraid to board one of those fancy trains in Denmark. Don't know what to do. Got you covered. Just read this guide and you will be a master of your destiny (well train destiny)
Transportation: There are lots of transportation options in Denmark. Learn which one you need and how to use it. Everything from bicycles to airplanes.
Transportation to Denmark: Want to go to Denmark, but not sure which way is best. Here is a list of travel options to help you get to Denmark.
TV: TV in Denmark is anything but great. But you probably still want one. But there are costs involved and it is not the TV. You need a license. Learn more about watching TV in Denmark and your options.
Weather: What is the weather in Denmark. Well you can see it here.
Working and Employment: Working in Denmark is probably our most popular page and is packed full of great advice and plenty of job opportunities.
Travel Zones: Part of traveling around Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark is knowing what zone you are in. Every major city in Denmark is divided into travel zones. Learn how to understand zones in Denmark.