FYI Denmark - Expat in Denmark

So you are going to be the newest expat in Denmark!
Have a lot of questions?

The first time I was living in Denmark, I had a lot of questions too. Even now, I am still learning new things about living in this tiny part of Scandinavia. My name is Charlie and this is my 3rd time living in Denmark. This time it is probably permanent. (That is what I said last time, too!)

I decided to create this website in order to pass along my experience and knowledge to new expats in Denmark.

Hopefully, FYI Denmark will help you and other expatriates, who will be living abroad in Denmark!

If you are already here, you will find lots of advice and plenty of tips that will make the culture shock a bit easier.

I do NOT profess to know everything, but I have traveled all over Denmark, lived in both Sjælland and Jylland, and speak the language.

Each time I and my family return, we have to relearn many things, since things are always changing. The learning curve is a little easier each time, but there have been many times, when we wished we had access to the type of information provided here.

I will confess, that FYI Denmark does not have all the answers, since people come from so many different parts of the world: Africa, India, Spain, France, America, Brazil, Sweden, Belgium, Greece, Canada and Iceland. We all have our own unique situations and reasons for coming to Denmark, but I am sure that you will find lots of information to help you. If you do not find the answers here, there are plenty of other sites and bloggers, which you can read and learn from too. Everyone has there own perspective of being an expat in Denmark.

On FYI Denmark, you will find lots of general information on Denmark, including the public transportation systems, which is one of the great hurdles for many expats. There is information about getting jobs and acquiring housing and even help to learn about the Danish language. If I do not have the information, there are links to many other sources to guide you.

There is also lots of information for the tourist, so do not disregard this site if you are coming here on vacation or holiday. The tips on transportation will not only save you lots of money but make getting around SO MUCH EASIER.

Whether you are an expat in Denmark, a tourist, immigrant or just curious about Denmark, there should be something of interest to you within these pages. If you do not find the answer here, there is a strong international expat community plus plenty of forums and meet-up groups that can also assist you with many of your questions.

I would suggest you start with either the Everyday Life overview page or the Getting Started in Denmark guide. Both pages are jammed packed with vital information and links. Or you can just browse and use the search boxes to find the things you are must in need of knowing or looking for. Please give a thumbs up if you enjoy the site and found something valuable or useful.

Welcome to Denmark!



P.S. If you have any helpful advice, please contact us and share your tips and ideas. Every expat in Denmark has something to offer, and by helping each other we can make life here so much better. Expat life is difficult, but others have done it and so can YOU!