Denmark Rental Websites

I have gathered together 20 of the most popular denmark rental websites and places for you to use in finding rentals in Denmark. Some of the rental websites cater only to apartment rentals, others to house rentals and some only for students or expats. Some of the sites will require you to sign up and/or pay a fee to access many of the features, like contact information. Others are completely free to use.

Each one has its pros and cons. I have tried to give you a little help in navigating each site and any other information that I think you should know. Some points that are made in the first few Denmark rental websites are applicable for other sites, but the information is not repeated for each site. I suggest you read through all the early descriptions.

The denmark rental websites are not listed in any particular order, so don't assume that the sites at position 1 are better than those at 18. Each site is different and caters to various groups and types of rentals. Find one or two that work for you.

I suggest you check out each denmark rental websites, before deciding on which one(s) will work best for your needs.

If you do not understand some of the ads, check out the translation of the rental terms here and also read the general information

Rental Websites

1. Bolig Portal: The most popular Denmark rental website is probably Bolig Portal. When you get on this page you want to click on the Find Lejebolig and that will take you to a page where you can decide what area and what type of place you are looking for. Remember you can check out any terms you don't know at the above link.

In order to get all the contact details for a particular place, you will need to buy a Bolig Pakke which costs 350 kroner for 2 months of access.

2. Bolig Basen: The next rental website is also very popular and it is Bolig Basen Here again you can search for various types of rentals, but as soon as you want to contact the renter, you will need to register and that costs 499 kroner for 6 months.

Here you can place your own ad under the "boligsøgende" tab or search for apartments under lejeboliger.

3. Expatriates: The next denmark rental website is a free site and is geared toward expats. Site is in English, so it is easy to navigate. Does not have as many rentals as the above two and caters alot towards students and not families. Alot of them are rooms in houses and there are some house shares. Explore expatriates for more details.

4. Casa Swap: Another site for student is called Casa Swap

CasaSwap is a free international housing network, where you can rent, sublet & swap accommodation with other members from all over the world. You can find a place to stay, get a roommate, and exchange your own room, apartment or house. Furthermore you can sublet your own room/housing, and at the same time you can get in contact with like-minded people from all over the world! (the above is straight from their website). If you are a student, give this a look.

5. Den Blå Avis: In Denmark this is a weekly auction paper called the Den Bla Avis. When you get to the site click on Bolig & Have - Lejeboliger - than enter you parameters: type of place, room numbers, size, sublet or rent,price range and also when ad was placed. It is usually best to check on the newest listings first. Many of the ones that are 14 days old will usually be gone and the ad may not have been removed yet.

This is a weekly paper so check back often, the paper usually comes out on Wednesdays.

6. Copenhagen Post: The Copenhagen Post is the only all English paper and has some listing and can also be good to place an ad if looking for a place. Most of the Danish papers have listing for rentals, so if you are outside the major cities of Copenhagen, Arhus or Aalborg, you should check out the local and even national papers.

The next four websites are real estate sites, which mostly sell homes, but over the years have begun to include rentals and their selection if pretty varied. Due to the slump in house sales, many people are putting their homes up for rent and also the real estate are handling many sites for home developers who are just building homes for rent and not sale.

These sites are worth checking out, since they are all free to use and you contact the estate agents for viewings and details. There is also a great sense of security, when you deal with them versus an individual person renting their own place.

7. Dan Bolig: When you enter the Dan Bolig website, you will want to click on Søg Bolig located in the upper left corner of the site, than click on Udlejning, which takes you to the rental pages. Now you can put in the area that you are searching for and there are several tabs for each type of bolig: villa, fritidshus, ejerlejlighed, etc. Make sure you check them all.

8. EDC: When you enter the EDC site, you click on the Leje button and it takes you to a new page, click Jeg ønsker at søge efter en lejebolig (I wish to search for a rental), which takes you to a map of Denmark. Here you can click on the area that you want to search. There is also a list of parameters you can search for, like the rental costs, size of the place, number of rooms, rental period, etc.. You can also search by kommune (communities) or postdistrikter (post districts).

Many of the rentals available though EDC are new builds which have been designed especially for the rental market.

9. HOME: When searching the HOME site, it is much more difficult to find their rental section, but it is there. First click on the Køb Bolig and than look at the table on the left side and click on home lejebolig , click on Se boliger til leje, where you will see their list of rentals.

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