zone mistake on my first days


I came to Denmark for 3 months. On the first days i bought a transport pass including the city center. On the next day I went to Orestad area thinking it was included.
I got fined and let's say the officer was very unpolite (rude you might say) even when explained i was new and I had the pass only for one day and offered to pay the thicket for that zone or the fine.
The question is since I had no CPR in denmark I gave my adress back home and I will return in two months. Will the send me the fine to my home (in another EU county)?
Also, I need to buy transportation pass for two more months, can they prevent me for buy it if I haven't pay the fine?


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Feb 26, 2018
zone mistake on my first days
by: Anonymous


Thanks for the reply.
I tried to gave them my danish adress but since I had no CPR (it was my 4th day in denmark and I won't get one since in leaving in early may), they did not accept it and told to write my adress back home (Portugal).
Instead of my CPR, they got my personal identification number (from Portugal).
Do you think they will send me the letter back home?
If so, will it include like interest for the late payment?

Feb 23, 2018
Avoiding paying a fine?
by: Charlie

Depending on where your home country is, they might send it there but if they can enforce it is another queston. If they do not have your Denmark address or CPR number or other identifying information, it is doubtful they will enforce the fine. They have to be able to track you down if you do not pay the fine. Too much missing information in your question to give a full answer.

Bottom line is if you want to risk getting caught not paying the fine, that is up to you. Or you can accept it as a learning experience, pay the fine and live without having to look over your shoulder.

Doubt they will notice your name when getting a new pass since they only ask for photo and name. May want to provide a new photo if they have a copy of your old pass.

Good luck,

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