Train Didnt stop at my station

by Tourist

Hi there, I am a tourist I was going from Aalborg to Korsor on a train with a ticket. One moment I asked the inspector to tell me when we will reach Korsor, as a result I was fined with 750DKK. Turns out that apparently this is an express train it does not stop at Korsor and we have passed it already, so my ticked was no longer valid for this journey.

I mean, really??? WTF??? I am siting in a train, my ticket was inspected more than 3 times during this journey and none of the inspectors tell me that this train does not stop in Korsor. And then I get fined for the fact that the train didnt even stop at my station.

So I had to go all the way to Hoje Tastrup becaue , exit there, get another ticket back to Korsor.

So my question: do you think it is worth to contact DSB and dispute this fine???

I think they will still insist on the fine because they do not care what happened. How do you think?

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Feb 07, 2019
Mistaken fine?
by: Charlie

If your ticket says Aalborg to Korsør and you made it all the way to Sjælland, than I would suggest you contact DSB and talk with them. The conductor did not do his job correctly. He should have advised you that the train did not stop there and that you had to change trains. How did you buy the ticket? Online? Did you buy a ticket on a specific train or was it a klippekort type ticket? More information is really needed for me to be sure, but you definitely contest the fine if you had a ticket that said Aalborg-Korsør and you were on the correct train which corresponded to your ticket. Sorry this happened, but DSB is not very friendly when it comes to helping tourists or any traveler for that matter.


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