Science Fiction Books 

Below is a collection of Science Fiction books available for sale in Denmark. These come from a collector, who loved science, space, travel, math and much much more. I am selling his collection for his widow in order to help her move into a smaller place. Most of the books are collector items, but I have priced them at a reasonable price. They are all in very good condition unless otherwise mentioned in the description. Price does not include postage, but I will combine books and send them as economically as possible. We can discuss your preferences.

I have given the book weight for each book, so you can calculate the postage costs yourself. There are no additional costs for packing and shipping the science fiction books. You pay only the actual postage costs plus cost of book or books.  Payment is via Mobilepay or contact me for other arrangements.

*Postage Prices will increase in January 2019

0kg to 1kg                  Price kr. 38,-  with GLS Pakkeshops

1kg to 5kg                  Price kr. 45,-

5kg to 10kg               Price kr. 55,-

 10kg to 20kg            Price kr. 79,-

Paperback Science Fiction Books

Nr. 1

Blue Adept by Peirs Anthony

1983 used paperback editon, good clean, tight, browning on edges,383 pages, weight 213g,   30 kr

Overview:  Careening between two-worlds--Proton, the world of science, and Phaze, the       world of magic--Stiles must earn his life in the annual games on Proton and become a Blue Adept, a master of magic, on Phaz

Nr. 2

Dark Forces by Kirby McCauley

1981 paperback, good condtion, 538 pages,        300g, 50 kr

Overview: Collection of short stories including Stephen King, Ray Bradbury,Russell Kirk,    Dennis Etchison and many more classic science fiction stories.

Nr. 3

Destinies Fall 1980 2.4 by James Baen

1980 paperback, good condtion, 320 pages,        220g, 50 kr

Overview: Collection of 11 stories including Charles Sheffield, Robert heinlein, Harry Stine Fred Saberhagen and many more classic science fiction stories.

Nr. 4

Sleepers of Mars by John Beynon

1974 Paperback Edition, good used, 155 pages, 105g, 30 kr

Overview: Five Science Fiction Books / stories from the fertile mind of John Wyndham

Nr. 5

Syzygy by Frederik Pohl

1982 First Edition Paperback, good, used, 249 pages, 135g, 30 kr

Overview: Scientists and psychics are predicting eruptions and earthquakes that could devastate half the earth, caused by a rare conjunction of the planets. It's called SYZYGY.

Nr. 6

Cloned Lives by Pamela Sargent

1981 Fontana Paperback Edition, good clean with some browning of pages, used, but quite readable 319 pages, 200g, 30 kr

Overview: 2000 A. D. - 2037 A. D. The biological time bomb has exploded and a brand new breed of human has taken shape...The Clones...

Nr. 7

The Night Land by William Hope Hodgeson

1979 Sphere Edition Paperback, good, used,      419 pages, 230g, 50 kr

Overview: this fantasy of a night-black, dead planet, with the remains of the human race concentrated in a stupendously vast metal    pyramid & besieged by monstrous, hybrid & altogether unknown forces of darkness, is something that no reader can ever forget"

Nr. 8

Thuvia, Maid of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

1980 Edition Paperback, good, used, 152 pages, 91g, 30 kr

Overview: Mars has become divided by love.    Not one, but two princes and a Jeddak are vying for the love of Thuvia of Ptarth. When she is mysteriously kidnapped, treachery threatens to throw Barsoom into bloody war. .

Nr. 9

A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

1980 Edition Paperback, good, used, 159 pages, 90g, 30 kr

Overview: 1866 Arizona, Confederate officer John Carter, Gentleman of Virginia, forever aged 30, wakes naked on Mars. Low gravity increases his speed and strength exponentially, so he impresses green alien Thark captors with fighting, wins high rank. He frees Dejah Thoris, Princess of red men in Helium, only to lose her to the Prince of opposing red Zodanga.

Nr. 10

Alien Sex by Ellen Datlow

1990 Edition Paperback, very good, used, 251  pages,3 90g, 80 kr

Overview: 19 Tales of Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction from authors like Harlan Ellison, Lisa Tuttle, Larry Niven and many more.

Nr. 11

Encyclopedia of Science Fiction by Peter Nichols

1981 Edition Paperback, very good, used, 672 pages, 990g, 150 kr

Overview:  This book may not include everything you ever wanted to know about science fiction books and other related material, but it definitely comes closer than any other work in existence. Long-time fans will enjoy the extensive analytical and bibliographical material. Beginners looking for a useful introduction to the genre are sure to find it here.

Nr. 12

World Treasury of Science Fiction by David Hartwell

1989 First Edition Hardrback, brand new condition, 1083 pages, 1500g, 300 kr

Overview:  This collection of fifty stories stretches from 1989 back to the 1930's. It includes stories from great names in science fiction and lesser-known authors from non-English markets.  Dated, but highly recommended.

Please check out more of the other science fiction books on the next page we have for sale. There are lots of other interesting english language books available through FYI Denmark. All of available books are listed below.  You can also go back the main book page for a complete list of categories to search. Books are being added daily as I try to get everything online as quickly as possible, but be patient and come back and visit and see what is new.

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