by Mr.William
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We had metro tickets that were valid for the day but had gone past a time so we got given fines of 750 DKK which we disputed and they wont accept any excuses. They emailed us with an invoice and if late another 1000 DKK will be added and again. I have heard they can then sell this on to a debt collector in our country England UK can get to collect the fine and all late charges. Is there any truth in this? Also I heard Metro is a private firm and its a civil offence not a criminal offense yet the guard told us if you dont pay you will get a criminal record. Is there any truth to that? I understand you dont have hard facts but wondered if you had ever heard of this?

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Jun 08, 2019
Paying metro fine....
by: Charlie

The police will not get involved in the recovery of fines since this is a civil matter and not criminal, yet in Denmark the Tax Authority is getting involved in some cases as is RKI, a debt recovery agency.

As for them selling it on to a debt collection in the UK, it would seem that they have no jurisdiction there and I would tell any UK agency to F... Off. Especially if Britain is no longer going to be part of the EU. If I was living in Britain, I would probably disregard this fine, if the information you posted is correct. Not sure when you activated your ticket and how much you went over, but some maybe some leeway was in order. Ticket conductors in Denmark are not known for their leniency or apt to listen to honest mistakes.

I am not advocating for you to disregard your fine, but if it was me I would not be too concerned and would probably avoid paying it if I thought I was in the right.

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